OPINION: Time for a Coalition of disenfranchised vulnerable Britannia

win_20190127_120025  We should all be grateful to the Establishment for their antics over the last two weeks, for they have made one thing crystal clear: they all want a superstate solution to their problems, and care not a fig whether this addresses our problems or not. Every tribal voter in the land must surely now recognise the blindingly obvious fact there is nothing to choose between the Tories or Labour: only their total destruction at the ballot box will do if basic British Civil Rights are to survive. The Slog has a second go at arguing the case for a broad coalition beyond just Brexit.


The Teacher’s Pet in the Elysée Palace – himself unable to visit any French city now without 40,000 Gilets Jaunes descending on his head – has been doing a pitiful De Gaulle impression in the run-up to tonight’s 967th Summit on Brexit. But a combination of the German motor business, Eastern EU exporters, French farmers and now somewhat alarmed Irish ministers have isolated Macrony, and are moving into line behind Donald Tusk in demanding a soft, long (rather than a short and hard) extension for Theresa May’s directionless Brexmain project.

Tusk may be just a bag carrier, but his masters are not letting him lose the plot. They favour the Andrex strategy – soft, strong and very long – when it comes to extension. Only that way, they reason, can more scare stories, dirty tricks and bungs along with pathetic demands for Second Referendums and Article 50 revocations be conjured up by the democracy deniers at Westminster.

This extension period is going to represent the Last Chance Saloon for sovereign Brexit.

But believe me, it won’t be just Brexit at stake. This is going to be the last chance for thinking British believers in free-speech democracy. 

It demands an active, planned, software-aided and united resistance banner in every last constituency.

We urgently need a coalition of the disenfranchised vulnerable classes in the United Kingdom.


Think of this opinion piece as a more focused continuation of last Saturday’s Slog Essay on the growing global trend towards PDC – Personal Destiny Control.

A message to all of you out there who voted to leave the EU, have had your pension embezzled by the State, have seen your disability aid reduced, or are still waiting for an operation to give you back a life worth living:

Parliament isn’t interested in you

The leaders of both main Parties talk a good game about being for the many not the few, delivering on Brexit, Labour spending plans, the inquity of female SPA “reforms”, a caring society and all the rest of it.

But they have promised little….and delivered even less.

Labour have yet to make a pledge to restore the pension rights of Waspi/2020 women, and the Tories persist in their infantile “no money tree” assertions….while giving an obscene €39 billion to the Brussels mafia.

It is no good trying to absolve Labour while heaping all the blame on the Tories: fully 61% of Labour constituences won in 2017 voted to Leave the EU, yet the Leaver MP minority in the Labour Party is minute compared to their brothers and sisters on the Right. The Labour manifesto promised to honour the electorate’s decision to leave the Customs Union, yet Corbynista policy is now to make staying in that Union a red line. To call the brainless behaviour of Yvetter Cooper and Hillary Benn ‘honourable’ in that context is despicable: Labour’s middle class ideologues and EU-paid whores have excreted all over their core voters, and it is time they relearned the employer/employee relationship involved here.

The Conservative Government defends the May EU Withdrawal Agreement by saying it is the best thing on offer, although even Remainers think it is the outcome of piss-poor negotiation. The profoundly unpleasant Brussels lackey Alastair Burt dismissed Kate Hoey’s criticisms of the WA on Sky yesterday with a smug “that simply wasn’t an option” followed by more drivel about unicorns and fantasies and all the rest of the mendacious cowardice that pours forth from the appeasers.

The same Labour Party that criticises that WA “deal” has an even more diluted Brexit in mind along the gullible lines of Keir Starmer. Meanwhile, a far better, straightforward zero-tariff trade deal offered by the EU was rejected by Theresa May last October because her grubby DUP friends didn’t like it. Now both major Parties are openly collaborating in a sociopathic plan to render Brexit homoaeopathic.

Ger real, people. They’re both frollicking in the same cess pit.

The Withdrawal Agreement the Prime Minister remains hell-bent on ramming up the backside of the British legislature has a history which can, at best, be described as feral – and is at worst revealed to be a diktat that emerged in English only after euphemistic German and French demands had been translated. Not one single elected UK official was involved in its preparation.

The continued insistence by Barnier that it was negotiated is a lie.

That agreement – not one word of which has been changed since November 2018 – is the Final Solution we are told. None of the following were allowed to pass judgement before its presentation as a fait accompli:

The The various Brexit Ministers who came and went

The Cabinet


The People


The time has come for all of us to face up to a simple reality I posited six weeks ago: there has been a silent but deadly coup d’état by forces more powerful than Parliament in the United Kingdom. And disgracefully, Parliament has largely acquiesced in it.

The Constitution has been sidelined by a diabolical alliance of CIA, NATO, MI6, EU Fifth Columnist, neocon, globalist, Whitehall and MSM elements – none of whom have any mandate from (or accountability to) the British People.

Slog readers keep on asking me (in thinly-veiled tones of doubt) how on earth ballot box action can release thinking Brits from the claws of this power grab. My response now is to opine that it is the only way left for us to stop them. Based on the illiberal tendencies of the Theresa Mays, Dianne Abbotts and Tom Watsons of this world – and the advancing censorship of social media and our surveillance-mad security services – the window of resistance on the original internet is being closed very rapidly. We either stop these totalitarians in or before 2022, or they will be unstoppable.

Violence and legal civil disobedience will have some effect for a while, but such things provide the Establishment with an excuse to clamp down….just as the mincing Macron is already doing in France.

Laughably, senior US NATO officials sought to reassure Europeans about Federica Mogherini’s Boadicea complex last week by saying that the Euroarmy would be “a paper tiger” in terms of international conflict. The army is designed for putting down internal conflict – not imperial expansion. The answer of our own UK politicised cops is simply to criminalise behaviour that isn’t criminal – for example, driving at 50 mph to slow down motorway traffic.

From now on, all voters should be clear about what’s at stake:







It is important for the doubters to grasp just how enormous the power of such an alliance would be. According to the  House of Commons briefing paper of February this year, there are an average of 5,500 1950s born women in every UK constituency adversely affected by SPA “reform”. In turn, there are an average 26,800 Leave voters in every constituency. Last but not least, an average 45,800 adults per constituency don’t vote at general elections.

If 50% of SPA victims, 60% of Leavers and 10% of the disillusioned abstainers voted PDC in those constituencies, around half of all Tory MPs and two in five Labour MPs would lose their seats, and the resultant PDC bloc at Westminster would be twice as big as the two nearest Parties: 297 PDC, 158 Tory and 156 Labour.

Neither Labour nor Tory would gain “by accident”. And the House of commons would, along with Brexiteer survivor MPs in other Parties, have a solid Brexit majority plus a mandate to force the reversal of austerity policies inflicted upon the vulnerable.

This is not a silly daydream: it requires nothing more than organisation and will to achieve it. The time has come to ram this message home far and wide…and reverse the coup that took over in late 2016.

I only very rarely ask for this, but I do now respectfully ask everyone who agrees with this post to give it as much publicity oxygen as possible. Thank you.