EXPLOSIVE: the geopolitics of Brexit, and the odd recent history of Philip Hammond

DSCN0254 I have felt since July 2016 that what kind of Brexit we get (if any) will be determined by what the mad monetary neocon globalists want, rather than any other single factor. May and Hammond were clearly turned by that group after 2012, and one continues to suspect that Boris Johnson has always been an enthusiastic member of it. The wages of being globally aligned are numerous, but primarily eunuch.


We tend to think of Philip Hammond these days as the Arch Revoker, a member of the blocist élite who loves all things Big, especially the European Union. As Chancellor (it is quite clear) he conspired with senior officials to make life impossible for Brexit Minister David Davies to get either a proper budget or an office, let alone a genuine deal from the Bullies of Brussels. He has struck a departure deal with the EIB so outrageously bad for Britain, it is impossible to view his seeming immunity from prosecution without mourning the death of British Rule of Law….once feared and envied across the globe, and now the cause of snide laughter between Guy Verhofstadt and his équipe diabolique. 

But it wasn’t always so. In fact, five short years ago it wasn’t like that at all.

When Hammond was appointed Foreign Secretary in July 2014, the media were keen to stress his “Eurosceptic” credentials. His appointment was very much in line with Prime Minister David Cameron’s campaign to align his Government with democratic reform of the European Union.

Immediately after being appointed, Hammond forcibly expressed his confidence that Britain could “get a deal” on reforming the European Union.

Indeed, so hardline was he on the subject, Phillizboots said he would “vote in a putative referendum for a British exit from the European Union unless there were changes in the relationship”.

As we all know only too well, one European capital after another told Cameron to peess erf, and their arrogance caused the PM to wax exceeding angry.

As I’ve written many times previously, if the idiots like Letwin, Swinson, Thornberry and Blackford really want to know why Brexit as an idea then finally took off, they should reexamine this classic three-year history of obdurate Commission arrogance. Without it, the UK would never have held a referendum on EU membership at all.

But then a curious thing happened: as Foreign Secretary – rather than having his “eurosceptic” views hardened still further – Mr Hammond found himself drawn into the Alt State geopolitical circle. The process of ‘turning’ legislators involves the presentation of convincing “data” via NATO, the US State Department and of course the ever-present CIA-Soros-Energy axis. It also, I might add, includes certain provisions such as those that led Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson to become huge EU fans. But far be it from me to suggest that Our Phil was in any way influenced by filthy lucre.

Whether he was or not, however, Hammond emerged from some kind of Tarsus chrysalis and, in March 2015, announced that Britain would support the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen “in every practical way short of engaging in combat.”

He told Parliament from the Despatch Box that the Saudi-led coalition had complied with humanitarian law in all its actions, which was not true.

As a result of the discrepancy between the verité and complete bollocks, Labour MP Ann Clwyd asked the Commons Speaker John Bercow to refer the incident to the relevant parliamentary authorities. As a result, nothing happened

Mr Hammond then went from being a ‘Hard Brexiteer’ to being the Remain collaborationist we know today. His attitude to Putin’s Russia, for example, showed just how thorough his NATO “rebriefing” had been.

During the same period, Home Secretary Theresa May was being subjected to the same Unelected State mind education from Whitehall in general, and the MI6/Sedwill/Robbins troika in particular.

Mayhammonden Enterprises then formed a Double Act that helped remove David Cameron following the 2016 referendum, and heavily smeared Leave-voter Angela Leadsom to ensure that the Conservative Party leadership went to May without a vote. Philip Hammond’s reward was both hands on the purse strings of Brexit.


In the last twenty-four hours, there have been disturbing signs that the geopolitical interference in Brexit is being stepped up.

There has been a shift in mood in Brussels, and the diplomatic pressure is coming, this time, primarily from Berlin, not Paris. This usually points in turn to pressure from the US on the country it now regards as its best ally, Germany.

As a result, there is now a harder line on granting an extension to keep Britain IN the EU at all costs. I suspect the chances are that the US Fed and Wall St are beginning to panic about No Deal Brexit becoming a catalyst for stock market collapse. In a bid to stem lack of liquidity in the US system, the Fed’s balance sheet has leapt from very little to over $4trillion in just five weeks. The ECB under Draghi has, in turn, introduced the same thinly-disguised QE into the flagging eurozone economy.

In short, the pressure to do a deal – and preferably muddy the waters of that deal with an extension – has increased since Saturday. From the State Department to Frankfurt, paranoia reigns supreme.

As indeed it does inside Team Boris. It seems they suspect a mole in the Cabinet continuing to brief Brexit’s enemies on what BoJo might try next.

Stay tuned.