Impeachment, Brexit and belief in Father Christmas

DSCN0256 In the nearest thing you’re going to get to holly on this site, today’s Slogpost asks why we don’t believe in Santa Claus, but many are quite happy to see communism as successful, wealth as something that trickles down, cultural appropriation as a vital consideration, No Deal Brexit as the new Krakatoa, political Islam as peaceful, and Trump’s election victory as a triumph for Russian interference.


Only six days to go now before old St Nick gets on his celestial laptop, and downloads a sack of Christmas presents to every Christian house in the world. Sooner or later during childhood, every kid’s cynical awareness synapse blinks into action and says, “How the blue blazing blithering wotnot can one old guy and four weirdo reindeer get round to every chimney pot in the world?”

This is, sadly, the way of all things: kids have doubts, and then grownups give up and say oh alright then, it was me in a false beard. I had a black friend from Washington DC many years ago whose son expressed his doubts as follows: “Listen poppa, no way dere can be no Sanna Cloze, ‘cos no white man in his right mind gonna hang around in dis naybohood after dark”. There was real wisdom in that conclusion.

But now we have digital and virtual downloading, in theory you could keep a firm believer in the dark almost indefinitely: that is, until the curious child suddenly says, “So tell me Dad, where does Amazon fit into all this?”

Sooner or later, the half-socialised infant mind starts to doubt. Then they go to “proper” school, and all the doubts gradually fade away in the light of progressive teachers telling them about correctness, hate speech and thought crime.

If only that was a fairy tale. But right across the soi-disant Western democracies now, it is becoming terrifyingly obvious that adults are persuaded by teachers, the media and other alleged role-models that there is One True Way. Might be a Muslim cleric, Nancy Pelosi, John McDonnell, Jess Phillips or Emmanuel Macron….it makes no substantive difference – Truth goes out of the window in favour of a catechism: Allah Aqbar, Trump is guilty, Communism will save us, all men are stupid, and the Gilets Jaunes are far Right fascists.

If and when those voters still in possession of a discerning brain decide there’s a flaw or seven in the Party Line, then the end objective of defending one’s Bible becomes the justification of the means used. In war, “We must fight violence with violence”. In peace, “we must defeat those who do not recognise the law by breaking it until we break them”.

 The minute ideologues start using the law to break the law, then civilisation dies 

In this respect, the similarities between the US and the UK over the last year or more have been particularly striking.

  • The Democrats never accepted the election of Donald Trump, and the Remainers never accepted their defeat in the EU referendum
  • The unelected State in the US regards the President as too independent of their neocon line, and that same Alt State in Britain sees Leavers who want sovereign independence in the same light.
  • The CIA has fitted up Donald Trump, just as MI6 (working with the Brussels Commission) fitted up those MPs and negotiators happy to leave the EU with no deal
  • The liberal, Establishment media in both countries have ignored any and all evidence to show that both the Russian interference and No Deal fear campaigns were BS from end to end
  • With both countries facing the dire need to grapple with a growing financial and fiscal crisis, the US and UK legislatures have engaged in devious distraction –  stretching the laws controlling Executive power until they were able to impeach the People’s President in Washington, and block the People’s Prime Minister in Westminster
  • Little or no serious business has been done while Congress and Parliament rejoiced in their irresponsible power, lacking only the foggiest idea as to what they were going to do with it
  • Both crises have been entirely caused by a pernicious ideological unwillingness to abide by an important democratic outcome.
  • We have the truly bizarre situation now on both sides of the Pond wherein the ‘liberal’ Parties in politics are every bit as intolerant of, and disdainful about, the electorate as the corporacratic surveillance State.

The ruthlessly mendacious actions of people like Hillary Benn, Yvette Cooper, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton have been fully supported by the usual nexus of unelected élites.

In the UK, however, a time-wasting and expensive election has resulted in a thumping rejection of the Progressives. Given that the best idea the DNC Establishment has come up with is Joe Biden, I don’t imagine Trump is that worried: I don’t like the guy, but it is important he wins again. Economic winds will blow hard against him next year, and the usual braindead celebrity blow-hards will all be wheeled out to condemn him. We shall see.

Dumping childish belief systems in favour of pragmatic reality is no longer just an option in the West; it is a must-have. Rigid ideology has left not just the UK and US divided, it has set north and south Europe at each other’s throats (as well as East v West in the Union). Collectivists, neoliberals, monetarists, globalists, misandrists, blocists, Jihadists and EU federalists blunder on with their steel-tipped boots stuck in the mud of empiricism, oblivious to the open minded creators, dissenters, scientists and social anthropologists shaking their heads in frustration and disbelief.

Last week I put up a poll on Twitter which didn’t get much engagement, and asked, “Do you think ideology and democracy can co-exist?” 49% said yes, 51% said no. Now there’s a serious need for apolitical education nobody’s in a hurry to install. But many of those with a genuine wish to nurture accountable freedom really do need to go back to school….and have a second go at growing up. Systemics suck, people come first.

Oh alright, if I must:


Bah humbug….