ANALYSIS: Trump, Covid19, and the Alt State connection

It’s been one of those weeks where, at the end of it, it’s not that one doesn’t know what to write, but rather where to start: Assange, COVID19, SPA embezzlement, the US primaries, infantile EU trade negotiation tactics, Whitehall hatred of Priti Patel, whither the BBC, and trillions of dollars being wiped off bourse values around the world.

Before getting into my usual contrarian assessment about the hierarchy of news “importance”, I have to kick off with what for me is Poison of the Week – or POW, as in prisoner of the war on Truth. Unsurprisingly, it comes from the Democratic Party, and this is the resultant headline from a mainstream US website:


The New York Times Magazine, CNN and several others among the usual suspects have invented (there is no other verb I know to do this injustice justice) a scenario in which Trump thinks the election was rigged, and refuses to leave the White House.

I’m not making this up. But the DNC and its Unelected State lackeys are. This is a classic case sans pareil of a tyranny inventing a tyranny….and then saying it has no fear of the tyranny.

Biden says (in the classic style of UK comic Harry Enfield) “Oi! You – Trump: NO!! We ‘ave a democratic process ‘ere! You are ‘istory mate!”

Something else to be scared of, folks: vote Sanders and vote big, otherwise Trump is gonna make his family Royal in 2024….and rule by decree. There are many things I detest about The Donald, but his ability to do George III impressions is a new one on me.

Missing from this account, of course, is any mention of Nancy Pelosi, the CIA, Russian influence BS, and quite the most blatant leveraging (some would say perversion) of an anti-tyranny Impeachment weapon based on, um, nothing.

All of which puts into a proper perspective some of the hypotheses I expand upon below.

The mega-huge story of the week is not just COVID19, but rather its connection to several other “stories”.

Let’s start with the War on Trump, which has been the default US Establishment position since November 2016. I’m indebted to a veteran Slogger for reminding me that, in 2018, Donald Trump did away with the US pandemic diseases centre, opining that “we don’t need it”.

So if you want to get rid of a White House occupant – and even you know that this time, no hastily assembled LBJ cover-up would be enough – what better approach than a global virus scare to incriminate him as a mass condemner to Death?

You see, in the context of 21st century surreality, this isn’t quite as daft as it sounds.

From the evidence emerging about COVID19, it’s clear that it wasn’t developed in the Wuhan lab. However, equally clear is that it has been designed. Whether the design was the result of species evolution (still a real possibility, because the virus is a species like any other that must adapt) or the end result of germ warfare development is yet another unknown. But this much we do know:

  • It’s very, very easy to catch. And having established itself in a new host, it has a long incubation making it hard for virologists to either establish infection or symptomology. Thus, it spreads very rapidly – up to 15 times more so than its predecessors. Rapid spread produces panic. Panic produces roiled markets. Roiled markets look for things to blame. COVID19 is a terrific patsy.
  • The media alarmism involved in this outbreak has now been established as something close to five times the level of any other news story during February 2020. This is in turn exponentially higher than any coverage given to either SARS or MERS two decades go. I find this hard to explain beyond an element of orchestration.
  • Two studies I looked at yesterday tried for the first time to arrive at a fatality rate among those aged above 65. The results were very similar and suggested that somewhere between 1 in 8-11 people in that group do not recover. That is a 12% cull of people who are (largely) economically inactive….viz, “not much use” to the debt-driven neoliberal globalist narrative ( = human design) or indeed to our species ( = natural selection).

Is COVID19 an attempt to blame Trump? A ruse to weaken Chinese resistance to US hegemony? A good way to kill off the pro-Trump or anti-EU age demographic? Or just – as the Americans often remark – shit that happens?

The three word answer is We Don’t Know.

Nothing creates a panic more quickly than fear of the unknown. I leave you with this link to a piece sent to me by veteran Slogger Clive yesterday:

This is a longish but hugely engaging read. I like to think that it might help convince you I’m not just A N Other Conspiranoid.

Enjoy the weekend. Keep your mind and your options open. Try not to close off any avenues of discovery.

Footnote: in response to those asking for a post on the Assange trial, please be patient. This is a massive subject of huge complexity. In due course, I will have something to say about it.