At the End of the Day

Ode to Covid19

I wandered lonely as a Google cloud
and pondered on the wisdom of the crowd
when all at once I saw
a host of liberal Daffydils
bending with the wind upon the hills
and furthermore
siding with the vaccinator shills.
Continuous as Marrs that shine
on early Sunday morning time
they stretch in never-ending line –
the better so to bitch and whine
about a virus more benign
than Starmer at the Question Time.
Many millions saw I at a glance
toss brainless heads in sprightly dance
and beg to be locked in at home
thus to avoid the deadly Gnome
that is the Covid 19 plague –
a virus so completely vague
it’s up and down and now and then
a killer to the power of ten
times nought point nought nought three percent.
It almost came before it went
and yet the scourge was heaven sent
for every fraudster, bourse and fiat
scoundrel, central bank or be it
Treasury and Fed Reserve
convinced that it must still preserve
the status quo of monied power
regardless of the darkest hour.