George Floyd, looters, power & responsibility



Fake news, foul play and fire in the ghetto will never achieve lasting change.


Here’s some interesting bollocks-deconstruction on the so-called ‘George Floyd Uprising’ in the USA.

George Floyd, a black man, died after a white police officer kneeled on his neck during an arrest on May 25. In the days immediately following the incident, the officer concerned – Derek Chauvin – was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The three police officers helping Chauvin were all fired.

Although social media posts identified Chauvin as being in two photos – one showing a man wearing a red hat proclaiming “Make Whites Great Again,” and another showing a man at a rally for President Donald Trump, both were crude forgeries – neither picture showed Chauvin.

President Donald Trump tweeted to express shock over Floyd’s death, but called rioters “thugs and looters who dishonour Floyd’s death”. Vast numbers of cellphone videos then showed overwhelmingly black rioters walking out of sports and electronic stores heavily laden with booty.

As for Floyd himself, he had a history of five jail sentences dating back to 1998. These included ‘possession of a deadly weapon with intent’ (2005) and ‘Aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon’ (2007). In the latter case, he entered the home of a woman during the day while she was alone and followed her around the house, in a search for valuables, with a gun held variously to her back, stomach and head.

Various Minnesota sites have portrayed George Floyd as “a beautiful spirit” who “turned his life around” after being released in 2012. Actually, he turned his life around by becoming a bouncer. When Covid19 scare tactics – largely driven by corrupt “liberals” – left him without a job, Floyd rapidly returned to his roots, and tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a local store.

Please don’t write me off as a standard issue Redneck. I lived through two Brixton riots in the 1970s and witnessed many instances of police harassing negroes. But there has to come a point where African-origin black people take on board a simple reality: if you want the power to protest violently, trash your own environment and be taken seriously when you demonstrate State repression, then you have to take on the responsibility for facing the real facts of any given situation.

Anti-semitism has rarely been stronger than it is today. Regarding the Irish as somehow sub-standard is still a reflex action among many of my countrymen. India-derived British immigrants are often suspected of a lack of honesty. But ultimately, only West Indian negroid men and Pakistani Islamics in Britain display social and sexual violence. The likelihood of Jewish, Irish and Indian riots are up there with the concept of Old Etonians setting fire to Comprehensive schools.

Now, you may call that “discrimination”, and indeed that’s exactly what it is: if you don’t observe and reach conclusions on many levels after decades of contact with all ethnicities, cultures and demographics in your society, then the chances are you’ve undergone  a frontal lobotomy, or feel the need to suppress the truth. To discriminate is to notice the difference between behaviour patterns: it is central to how the sapiens ‘social’ brain functions, for it helps to decide whether you can trust one person or another.

The narcissism and self-victimisation of identity politics are by nature divisive and selfish. If I believe that all lives matter, I don’t need a black person to tell me that black lives matter, or a local politician to allege that white people “suffer from a brain virus that causes them to hate black people”. I am all out of guilt on the subject – especially when faced with such crudely Nazi Herrenvolk thinking.

The guy who killed George Floyd faces life imprisonment, and the three who were at the scene face life without a job. The President has condemned the police without reserve, and condemned looting. The character witnesses who came to praise Floyd not to bury him have been shown to be rather economical with the truth….and the pro-Antifa/Black Power social media have faked other news about the killer.

This may not be enough for the black community. Sadly, experience suggests that nothing ever will be. As for myself, I recognise that sector of Underclass that will use cultural anger to grab a new pair of sneakers or a replacement router for the android – both at a 100% discount.

Having working with both police and ethnic minorities in my youth, I also recognise the need to replace the gap left among many negro familial structures by ‘wandering’ and often utterly feckless fathers. Community leaders have a key role to play in finding role models for alienated kids – who too often join drug gangs and look to the Alpha criminals therein as father replacements.

But ultimately, if they don’t want to get pushed further and further into a stereotype of licentious idleness and casual violence, the responsibility for escaping from that image lies solely with the Black Community. This is the same awkward Truth that faces all of us regardless of social class, religion, ethnicity, gender and age: for all but the 3%, life is a tilted roulette wheel. If you don’t develop laudable (rather than anti-social) means of changing the injustice, then you have only yourselves to blame when they take the shirt off your back.

Moaning, rioting and uttering extreme stupidities of hate never solve anything.