At the End of the Tether

I am still posting, but many of you are not receiving


me9719Apologies for once again wasting a post explaining administration “problems” folks, but several trees are being felled across my route to blogging at the minute.

As you probably know, I’m being shadow banned by Twatter. I have posted twice to ask you to join The Slog as a site rather than just rely on my tweets, but the response to that plea hasn’t been great. The reason – only now coming to light – is that, having changed to a personal wordpress domain, there are still (literally) thousands of followers  who don’t realise this, because the ‘auto-switch’ system Google employs “takes a month to catch up” allegedly. Neither Google nor WordPress tell you this before you make the move. Personally, I’m not sure I believe the rationale anyway but heh, this is 2020 WTF do you expect the answer’s a lie now what’s the question blah blah *yawns profoundly*.

When I make the move to a Swedish domain soon, I can only assume the same thing will happen.

My suggestion if you want to be up-to-date on The Slog’s output over the next six weeks or so is that you put into your favourites cache for now, and then switch the entry to the Scandinavian address when its live and being hosted. Once it’s established, your email or browser alerts should gradually reappear.

I’ll be posting this and similar bulletins at Twitter, Facebook, Gab et al (usually including the bold paragraph above as a photofile as much as possible) over the next few days: but if you could email lots of Slogger friends as well, that’d be very much appreciated.

Matters aren’t being helped by WordPress cockups in other areas (the saving function fails up to ten times per post, and a column often has to be stripped out and started again) but good usually comes from bad….I probably should’ve done this years ago.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated: I am not going anywhere.