UNDER ATTACK: now we’re all in the firing line

It’s always a bad idea for the news commentator to become part of the news. But it’s not ‘just me’: the sheer scale (and accelerating pace) at which free speech and the rue of Law in the West are being abandoned is shocking.

While following people to get @IABATO2’s new Twitter career off the ground over the weekend, I observed that 24% of all my followers there have had their accounts suspended.

The Covidisinfectant.com site has been up for just three weeks, and already anti-Malware combine McAfee has blacklisted it.

Much of yesterday was spent trying to rebuild what’s left of my HP laptop after Microsoft decided to force an update Sunday evening. The laptop wouldn’t open anything Monday morning. HP Recovery discovered that all my files, settings and browser connections had been wiped. It is still in intensive care. Remember: if the OS system’s owners can drive pc updates without you, they can do anything. It’s the second time in 18 months this has happened.

It has now emerged (unofficially) that despite overdosing patients by a factor of four during the UK Government’s ‘trial’ of HCQ as a Covid19 management drug, no action has been taken against Horby and HCQ is still on the NHS blacklist. If that continues, thousands will die needlessly. Peter Horby stands accused of potential manslaughter against 38 patients; and also of malpractice in ignoring the correct dosage and cocktail for the drug.

Over 50,000 attended the Trafalgar Square demo last Saturday. The media either blanked it or damned it with ludicrous headlines.

With the exception of the Guardian, the BoJo “consultation” document I examined at length here yesterday was ignored by the British media.

The PHE overcounting fraud was investigated in secret and put down to incompetence.

The victories of Might over Right have been myriad in the last five years. In May 2016, I posted as follows:

this [Bourse globalism] is the mechanism upon which the future of the United Kingdom is at present massively overdependent. By contrast, rejecting it is the basis upon which I campaign for more devolution to communal mutualism, reduction of our dependence on globalism, a greater variety of capital support models beyond bourses, justice for the Waspi Campaign and our secession from the European Union within two years of a Brexit vote on June 23rd.

Centrally controlled socialist command economies are not the answer. They have failed to avoid massive corruption or produce widespread wealth in society, be that in China, the USSR, North Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela, Zimbabwe or Cuba.

Above all, any Big Central State one-size-fits-all mentality intrinsically threatens the liberty of the Sovereign Citizen, and removes their sense of communal responsibility.

The Waspi/Backto60 women have continued to be ignored, and we have yet to secure a clean-break Brexit. The NHS is being strangled by Big Pharma, whose determination to vaccinate the entire human race is beaten only by that of Bill Gates to track, trace and jab.

At each stage, good men and women have done nothing to stop it.

In December 2016, I posted to observe that no state can be delusional and civilised at the same time

At least half the adults in the UK either don’t give a damn about Britain’s creeping Corporatocracy, or deny its existence.

Over 75% of them are in denial about the ridiculous piffle that makes up the Covid19/Vaccination narrative.

Over 90% of the media openly encourage that denial.

Britain is in a delusional state, and that’s why every element of civilisation is being dumped in favour of technocratic power and the creation of a Patsy behind which The Great Reset can hide.

What makes this a perfect storm in which the SS Liberty will be lost with all hands is that the Oppositions in the US, the UK, Germany and France have all either gone pc delusional or remain hopelessly divided – and in the UK’s case, both.

Their serial ineptitude is making it a cinch for the psychos to take over.

We’ve had the bank bailouts, the bourse QE scam, the paedophile cover-up, the phone-hacking whitewash, the Brexit underminers, and now the Deadly Killer virus inventors.

The gold price is being capped, Zirp remains, QE is being carried out under other names, cash is being phased out, the economy has been sabotaged by Lockdown, and now C19 obsession is destroying the public health infrastructure.

Stopping Big Pharma is the last chance saloon, because stopping the Covid nonsense will back the bankers into a corner from which they can’t escape.

New Parties for our legislatures are, until such are cleaned up, a total waste of time.


At this point, frankly, there’s not a lot I can add.