ANALYSIS: why the British executive has a head with no eyes, ears or open mind

Boris Johnson, water-cannon Man

Down here among the fruit and nut cases, Autumn is making itself heard, seen and felt. Quixotic breezes act as the inevitable catalyst propelling yellow-splashed leaves towards the softening ground. No longer available to offer applause to creaky blokes dozing in hammocks, the leaves are propelled – now floating, now diving – onto every surface. The younger me would’ve piled them up, encased by scrap wood, to produce a mould rich enough to render every plant fecund. The today me opens another bottle of Corbières or Madiran, and simply plays the watcher while seated in a Habitat director’s chair dating from the last century.

One sees various swarming things moving on to new domiciles. The shadows are long enough by early evening to give off the sense of being a giant personality heading for the OK Corral. The nights are cooler, and by morning remind we wrinklies that it’s probably time to put duvet on bed.

All round me, en pleine campagne, all is as usual, everything seems seasonally normal. And as any meditator will tell you, such a feast to fully engage the primary senses is a wonderful way to even up the balance of mind.

And then, all this is almost instantly doubted by going into the nearest town, and watching masked people – their eyes wary, and their smiles invisible – walking about as if abnormal fear of nothing might be the New Normal.

Doubt turns to unease when the odd acquaintance assails you with cod sci-fi nonsense about second waves and self-isolation.

Then finally, mild anxiety becomes angry bewilderment as the laptop is opened and quickly confirms that the 3% takeover is under way….and rather too many of the 97% are going along with it like so many noddy-dog puppets on the back shelves of 1950s motor vehicles.

Every day as a blogger, I attempt a new way to highlight the vast difference between naturally occuring phenomena, and the supernatural spin of those who would gain power and make money from the distracted, the apathetic and the neurotic knee-jerkers in our midst.

You have just read another one. I hope it worked: the chances are that, with 84% of you, it didn’t. But then, it’s only the 16% I’m after.

Bringing this down first of all to a British context, allow me to employ other established facts about the top elected official in charge of dealing with Covid 19 in general, and how to minimise his deleterious effect on socio-economic endeavour in general.

This is and can only be (for who knows how long?) the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A man who was fired from his first journalistic job for fabricating the case against something he didn’t like.

A man who conspired with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks to derail the Met Police Inquiry into Newscorp phone-hacking.

A man who conspired with corrupt MP Tim Yeo to falsify the emissions data on the latter’s taxi output targeted at London.

A man whose capacious buttocks sat upon the inquiry into Elm House paedophile pimps on the Tory Richmond Council supplying child-meat to rapists – until the scandal died from disinterest.

A man who only jumped onto the Brexit bandwagon at the very last minute, and then appalled fellow-Leaver Michael Gove by going on to get pissed playing cricket with his mates rather than take the reins of responsibility for making our clean EU exit happen.

A man who, when finally – through summam desperationem – became Prime Minister – and then presented an EU withdrawal deal that had not changed in any substantive way from the Theresa May “deal” he had only six months earlier derided as “a turd”.

A man whose passion for power at any price forced him to opt for the best way of covering his political back on Covid19 by adopting what he saw as “safety-first” science….because he was too lazy and spineless to acquaint himself with the best medico-economic solution in favour of the National Interest.

A man who showed he is a fully paid up blocist EUNATO propagandist whore by telling lie after lie during the Skripal affair while Foreign Secretary.

A man who serially cheated on both his wives over many years and now finds himself open to blackmail as a result of the enormous child support costs involved in these escapades.

But perhaps most telling of all, a man who – when Mayor of London – spent more than any other other Mayor in history on riot control via crowd fencing, police equipment and water cannon purchases.

So let’s review what Boris Johnson is proposing now.

Unbelievably, the use of unlicensed vaccines to “immunise” against Covid19 with all misuse and malpractice suits against Pharmaceutical suppliers banned in perpetuity.

The use of the army to enforce restriction measures against the spread of Covid19.

Should we be surprised?

I am left posing these questions:

  • How can you have a proper Commons debate on abuse of Executive Power – with all the drama therein – under current social distancing rules?
  • Who is going to oversee the testing of half-baked “vaccines” on animals (aka, us) given majority medical science data dictates that no such vaccine is either probable or sustainable?
  • When is the electorate finally going to put pressure on the Commons to stop Cabinet Rule by decree, and demand that a Whitehall-to-Pharma-to-banking élite be made accountable for decisions focused on minority commercial rather than national interests?
  • Why did I ever encourage people to vote for Boris in 2019?

Well, the answer to the last question is simple: the only alternative was a Labour Party gone looney….and the one outcome we the majority craved was the realisation of a democratic vote to leave the EU in a manner that was Brexit rather than Brino.

OK, you can hit me with “Be careful what you wish for” and I’ll accept that with suitably broad shoulders. But the real culprit here is not one blogger or any other single commentator in either the MSM or the genuine online Resistance. No: the Bill Sykes with the club in the upstairs room upon Nancy’s head is a Parliamentary democracy degraded and perverted by Big Party control under the sociopathic eye of a corrupt Whitehall.

Boris Johnson is a water-cannon despot with a flibberty-gibert water melon mind.

The number one UK priority now is to steer us away from his Singaporean fantasies towards a new beginning that avoids the quick-fix solution of a corporacratic “national” Government where the likes of Jeremy Hunt and Keir Starmer enjoy influential roles under the influence of EUNATO in the shape of Sir Mark Sedwill.

This will not be easy.

If it was, everyone would be doing it.

John Ward lives in the Aquitaine region of France, where thus far he has managed to avoid death at the hands of the SAS. I beg you all – PLEASE don’t make me too famous.