THE WEEKEND ESSAY: Why solidarity behind liberty is the only defence left against Blocist Brutalism

The Slogpost that’s been running for the last two days on the subject of Matt Hancock’s permanently pyromanic pants has attracted over 17,000 hits – in these days of constant varietal censorship, way above normal. But if you think about the feathers it was meant to ruffle in Westminster, Whitehall, the media, Downing Street, the medical profession and the Labour Opposition, it was something of a waste of time.

Consider the situation in total across this, our rapidly fracturing Western World. A cloud of doubt over the legality of the US Presidential election has been wafted away by media farts, and then blown offshore by a judiciary that treated the issue as an odd mix of childish petulance and highly infectious leprosy. Given a choice between an egotistical bombast and a Shadow State stooge, the American “system” has chosen a stooge….a stooge on the record as saying he will follow Pharmafia’s Covid instructions to the full (and to hell with the economy), try his best to block Brexit purely on the basis of his Catholic ancestry, happily appease BLM and Antifa, and put America “back into the game” geopolitically – as in, more demonised foreign leaders, more invented dangers, more CIA neocon cynicism, and more bombings.

In both the US and UK, news and social media censorship are out of control – or rather, under the control of Sedwillism in all its forms. The BBC and Channel 4 are run by arrogant and unrepresentative pc idiots who clearly never grasped that Bertolt Brecht’s ‘good lie’ of Szechuan was a dangerous naivety from the day it was written. In Britain too, braindead footballers are taking the knee, and no Judge anywhere has argued with a political régime (apart from one catastrophically silly Supreme Court Brexit ruling) during the last fifteen years. The judiciary has turned its face against the Waspi cause, NHS hospital staff deprivation, Hackgate guilt, the Brexit referendum and rule by decree under the manufactured “crisis” associated with Covid19.

Here (left) is a superbly crafted placard from the Socialist Workers’ Party – hiding behind ‘The Movement for Justice’ – baldly stating a logical impossibility, ‘Brexit is Racist’ and falsely accusing the white population of ‘scapegoating immigrants’.

Be careful to note that the SWP wants ‘Justice by any means necessary.’ Oh how proud Lenin, Stalin, Beria and Brecht would be….especially as it reflects the eschewing of peaceful means by Antifa from Day 1, BLM in both the US and UK, Momentum in the UK, and Islamic Jihadism around the planet.

There is, however, a terrible tragedy in all the unreality, fascism, fact-free assertion, propaganda and ideological belief systems we see around us: it’s not that these blundering, slogan-yelling thugs and harpies have forgotten the lessons of history – it’s that they never studied them in the first place. From Matthew Hancock all the way down the food chain to Piers Morgan, David Lammy and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, they simply don’t grasp the consequences of ends justifying means.

How did we slither down to this base cultural mire, in which huge sums are paid every year to variously employ, vote for, listen to, applaud – and then revere the bright ignorant, the celebrity airhead and the irredeemably mediocre? And – most surreal of all – why and how do we so easily pardon their crass behaviour?

Tony Blair and his Weapons of Mass Destruction

Alastair Campbell and his “I made it all up”

David Cameron’s leg up on the level playing field

Jennifer Flowers’ “Year off to fix our democracy”

Nick Clair’s Brexit-to-Goldman-Sachs Treachery

Diane Abbott’s idea of paying policemen 85p a day

Boris Johnson and his “this great plague, our greatest-ever peacetime threat”

It is important at this point to turn the searchlight on ourselves in the blamestorming process, because we tolerated these Dumbos, we voted for them, and now – rather than show our contempt for their analyses and motives – we adopt the oldest strategy on Earth:


But 2020 being so 24/7-multi-media – and the chances of being accidentally exposed to the Truth therefore so high – this is the metaphorical landscape that lies before us:

“Sand gets in your eyes….”

Bear with me, I really am getting to a major point….and it’s not far away. My metier in life – first as an advertising copywriter, then brand strategist, communications consultant, blogger and pro-am journalist – has always been the path of articulate persuasion. I don’t aim to hoodwink: rather, my passion is to amuse, engage, poke fun at the ridiculous, present the evidence and suggest a conclusion….not to batter heads with top-down assertion.

But probably, it’s now time for me and my ilk to accept that the fully educated open minds informed by a thirst for knowledge are becoming an increasingly threatened species; that the guys with the black headgear spotted this some years ago; that those too comfortable, lazy, busy, greedy, poor and disadvantaged are still far away from being ready to get uppity about the situation; that turkeys will never vote for Christmas; and that a new, better post trades union form of enlightened solidarity (and social disobedience by the circa 14-18% of peaceful dissidents) is the only viable route left now to those of us who want to reverse the decline of civic, common good thinking.

What we need is a front

To be more precise, a setting aside of egos – the Laurences, the Waspis, the anti-Pharmas, the Farages, the SDPs, the Backto60s et al – whose division (alongside Labour’s navel gazing) has produced a resistance vacuum that gives free rein to the The Bought élites.

We should join together, and leverage our power – making it clear to totalitarians that, via a search for alternative currencies, new internet platforms, encrypted mail systems and every form of pacifist “nuisance disobedience”, we will make it impossible for them to achieve whatever their Grand Plan really is.

The emphasis of persuasion here will henceforth focus on practical action plans and new types of virtual hub to protect the vulnerable, and promote an alternative cultural future.

The single unifying thought here is this:

The triumph of the responsible freedom-seeking human spirit over the ideological systemics that would imprison that spirit

To those who will inevitably ask what good this might do, I would point out the bad that happened when we did nothing: War in Iraq, chaos in Libya, fear about Skripal, illegally funded Whitehall pensions, endless lies to Parliament, Newscorp’s survival of Hackgate, unconstitutional attempts to scupper Brexit, banking bailouts, zero interest rates, unwanted loyalty to UN migration directives, Whitehall coups d’état, Covid19 as the battering ram with which to destroy our economy…..and wholesale rejection of State Pension embezzlement with one stroke of Boris Johnson’s pen beneath a hastily dictated and heartless letter.

Thank you for reading this. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.