GREAT RESET: Time factors & deadlines

Who would defy his Master’s voice?

As the NWO gets a hurried launch in the Establishment media, the vaccine safety lie is being challenged on several fronts. Meanwhile, insane spending on Covid19 is driving up rates. Seat belts are obligatory.

1. Is it a mess?

Yes, it is. The NWO ‘solidarity’ agenda being at last out of the closet, within 48 hours Geli Merkel read the danger-data on the Astrazeneca vaccine-that-isn’t-a-vaccine, and decided that blood clots sind nicht uns. She is, after all, a qualified chemical scientist.

Here is one of a number of medical documents she consulted to reach her decision.

This raises the question of how ‘negotiable’ a certificate based on that “vaccine” is going to be. Australia, for example, is already expressing doubts.

2. Is the State Covid narrative holding up?

No, it isn’t. Tune into this logically and calmly expressed deconstruction from Reiner Fullmich:

3. How serious are the doubts about the econo-financial global economy?

Very serious indeed. The world’s bourses and banking firms have painted themselves into a corner from which they cannot escape without (a) a major-league excuse detaching them from blame and (b) a debt and revaluation Reset.

The excuse will have to be “the global slump inflicted by Covid19 – a bioweapon developed by the Chinese”. In reality, the slump has been caused by lockdown and virus hype – both of which were self-inflicted to exacerbate a pre-existing set of problems. Nobody has, to date, produced conclusive evidence of how SarsCov2 originated.

The debt and revaluation Reset is a matter of urgency. With Sovereign States increasingly in hock to dumb election promises and Covid spending, Bond Yields are rising….and other forms of Bond are following the leader. Meanwhile, despite a global slump, easy money has pumped up the Dow to an obscene 33.15K.

That above paragraph shows rising costs of borrowing plus bourses fuelled by debt. Unless managed, the magma of pressure being corked by manipulation will sooner rather than later produce an explosion to dwarf Krakatoa. 1929 will seem a damp firework by comparison. Without credible excuses permitting draconian controls (and a gigantic fiddle) everything will collapse around everyone’s ears.

The Great Reset is being sold in advance as a win-win. In fact of course, it will be win for them and lose for us. Face it: the Fed, the banking system, the IMF and the WEF have had fourteen years to make the playing field more level. They’ve used that time to turn our uphill climb into the North Face of the Eiger….while they arrive by executive jet to puff out hot air at Davos.

Every move they make now – every proposal they come up with – must be viewed with that realistic expectation in mind.

Most people are too scared to face what’s coming. Others are convinced they can keep their heads low and wait for it to pass….meanwhile committing suicide in return for one last hoolee at the pub.

They’re delusional and infantile. The SS Behemoth must be steered towards the rocks, and then the senior officers left to eke out some kind of existence on a remote island.

And so – following that farrago of volcanoes, mountains, fireworks and shipwrecks – I bid you all a good day. I wish those with the will to grasp reality a safe journey through it all. The rest will have my sympathy, but not a lot else.