GREAT RESET: Pandemic politics, hot gossip & cold hard facts

The Reset spin war continues, but the bottom line on Covid19 stays exactly the same: the global response to it has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with depraved seekers after money and power.

I’m sure many of you are already aware of the ‘furious row’ that is alleged to have taken place between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK’s chief medical officer two days ago. Pretty much everyone (myself included) assumed that Johnson was getting too hawkish on Lockdown Exit for Chris Whitty.

Yet the extract below is from a piece that appeared in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph: (my emphases)

‘The chief medical officer said that up to 25,000 people die in a bad flu year without anyone noticing and that accepting some Covid deaths would be the price of keeping schools and business open and allowing people to live a “whole life”. Prof Whitty, speaking on a Royal School of Medicine webinar, said the Government would only be forced to “pull the alarm cord” if a dangerous variant arrived, against which people had no immunity and which sparked exponential growth in cases.’

Cunning health bureaucrat avoids the hospital pass by suggesting he’s more hawkish than Boris, but adds careful caveat about ‘dangerous variant’ possibility. Spookily, last night the same paper reported that ‘The Pfizer vaccine produces an “off the scale” immune response that is likely to protect against the Brazilian variant of Covid-19′.

Astrazeneca’s dominant position in the SarsCov2 “vaccine” sector has suddenly become wobbly: we now know that 20 UK citizens have died from blood clots, and the Germans have banned its use among under-55s. I also revealed here last week that there is a Top Secret black hole in the Oxford Recovery AZ product trial timeline…and quite a lot of dead monkeys nobody wants to talk about in the period just before that hole.

Significantly, Boris Johnson has twice specifically named – in the Commons – the AZ product as “the vaccine formula I will definitely be taking”. This is the same man who, as London Mayor, used his power over the Met Police to dismiss Hackgate as “just a lot of left-wing poppycock”….48 hours after he had a private and unrecorded meeting with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks in his Mayoral suite.

Now Whitty steps forth with more “mutant variant” twaddle, and Pfizer announces spectacular results in coping with the “Brazilian” mutant. How convenient for Pfizer….and for Whitty – who isn’t corrupt but, I understand, does believe the double-dose Pfizer product is more efficacious.

There is a briefing-cum-information war going on here, and it’s no longer as simple as Hawk v Dove. Sedwill, most of Whitehall and over half of the Conservative Party will nail Johnson in the end. He is an incorrigible liar, serially corrupt and desperately short of money. It is likely that Whitty decided to get involved because he genuinely has suspicions about BoJo’s motives; his plan, I suspect was to spike the PM’s guns in the Lockdown Exit war, and to relegate AZ’s position as doubts about its side-effects start to emerge.

If you want further evidence of the State’s determination to purge the Borosite ranks, then look no further than today’s news about Carrie Symonds and the charity that, um, has quite a few awkward questions to answer. Lots of skeletons in lots of cupboards re this one, so do please pay attention.

Damian Aspinall, posh but from a casino owning and somewhat disreputable family, is a “Green” naturalist and all round society pretty-boy who created the Aspinall Foundation (it is now alleged) pretty much for the same reasons as Gates, Zuckerberg, Clinton and the usual suspects: tax avoidance scams plus a route to power. Celia Walden of the Torygraph interviewed him four years ago and was charmed; but it’s important to remember that she also married Piers Morgan, so there’s something of a discernment issue in there.

At some point in the odd accountancy history of the charity, Number 10’s resident Mme de Pompidour – she also being a Greenie – was brought in as an adviser. Damo’s best mate just happens to be Zac Goldsmith….he joined as a Trustee, shortly after which Our Carrie jumped ship…but became a political communications adviser to Zac. It’s an open secret in London that Zac did a bit of Carrie-ing on during that time. It is also a perhaps scurrilous rumour that the now Lord Goldsmith is very genetically connected to the baby inside Numero Dix known officially as Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson.

The true affiliations and motives of Ms Symonds remain something of an enigma. Dominic Cummings knows more about that than most. A sex scandal that eventually does for Boris is, however, only one of many routes open to the Reset State. Boris himself is, without question, a capo in that State….but widely regarded as a loose cannon “Double Agent” probably prepared to work with anyone able to make him a latter-day Il Duce. And above all, he is infinitely prone to bungs and blackmail.

In terms of digging a major hole for himself, BoJo seems unable to grasp the fact that sometimes, it really is better to do the right (rather than personally gratifying) thing. It is this dimension of socio-cum-psychopathy that I have argued, over the years, will prove the downfall of his ilk.

No better evidence of that could be presented than his decision overnight to start trialling vaccination certificates for everything almost up to permission to use the lavatory. New details of around a dozen “pilot” schemes for opening large events, it seems, are to be announced in the coming days, with plans to trial Covid certification checks. The FA Cup final, an FA Cup semi-final, the League Cup final and the World Snooker Championship are taking part, with the Brit Awards also in discussions.

Why is he piloting things that are supposed to be temporary? Sorry about the plonkey emphasis there – but doesn’t that strike you as intrinsically contradictory? Remember the R number as a measure of safety? We’re now well below that – as this new deaths red-column table shows:

Where is the brainless UK Left now our red-column fatalities put everyone to shame? Reduced to silence. Where are the MSM asking why more draconian rules are now necessary? I’ll tell you – spreading fear about stopping the lockdown.

Really? Let’s take a look at the deaths per million table, starting with Sweden, the country that eschewed the lockdown route:

Sweden 1330

Hungary 2177

Belgium 1979

UK 1860

Italy 1819

Portugal 1657

Spain 1615

France 1468

So….Sweden beat them all. Even post vaccination UK.

Tentative conclusion: the country that spent the least on “controlling the deadly pandemic” and has one of the lowest vaccination rates has emerged with more survivors and less debt.

Now then Reset deniers – how d’ya like them apples?