Big Baby is Watching You

The astonishing article below appeared two days ago (in concert) in The Daily Telegraph, Le Monde, El Pais, Algemeiner Zeitung and eighteen other mass market papers around the world. Twenty-one other world leaders signed up to it along with the World Health Organisation. No doubt Klaus Schwab has been pleasuring himelf ever since. This was a fully coordinated action: the New World Order infant is here. Who will strangle it now?

Guaranteed Zero April Fool content

Oh dear…..just read some of the drivel: “a stark and painful reminder that nobody is safe until everyone is safe”. Simply not possible with a virus like this – never was, never will be. But it’s a sales message preparing us all to be “made safe”…..through permanent vaccination, with all the paraphernalia of vaccination passports. A “new era of solidarity”….God help us: global government hiding behind the diaphanous veil of a health threat involving 0.024% of humanity, some 75% of whom will be over eighty years of age. There’s obviously a human right to live until at least 110….I was probably on holiday when it was passed.

So it must have been a long time ago. I didn’t get a holiday in 2019 (busy failing to sell a house), nor last year (obviously, there was a “pandemic” on) and not this year because although Boris said we’d all be able to do that after being vaccinated, I don’t want this vaccine, and he’s already broken that promise anyway. You see, BoJo immunity promises dissipate after four weeks. In fact, all BoJo promises do that. Now he wants us to have a vax cert to go to a pub or bar.

“I want to be absolutely clear about mandatory vaccination,” he will say any time now, “nobody repeat nobody will be forced to have a vaccination, but without one there will be minor inconveniences, for example staying at home with a mask on indefinitely, never buying food ever again, never being allowed to see your family, and never going to a bar”.

But the main thing I’d like you to take out of this article – which, it seems to me, drew hardly any comment anywhere at all – is not the unscientific hype of the content, but a realisation of how quickly three leaders were able to literally buy sponsored content around the Globe in mainstream influential media, using them very overtly call for an end to nationalism and joint global action.

It may have slipped your mind Prime Minister, but you just extricated us from a federalist continental bloc. Now you want us to join a global hegemony doing the work of neocon foreign policy as dictated by the US.

Because of one piss-willy virus that doesn’t even add any new deaths to the global seasonal total.

In the light of yesterday’s Slogpost, I see this ‘declaration’ as entirely predictable, hypocritical excuse-making, and – all in all – just another brick in the wall.

This is a brief opener today. More will follow later.