State actions on Covid19 totally contradict its lachrymose virtue signalling

I came across yet another NHS hard-sell persuasion document during the course of my travels the day before yesterday. It directed the vaccine marketeers to say to older people, “Do you realise you are three times more likely to die from Covid than the under-40’s?”

Not only is that an understatement (they are 20 times more likely to die from it) it is also very obviously alarmist. The risk context has been left out: oldies have a 6% chance of dying from Covid infection….whereas forty-somethings and below have a 0.03% chance of so doing. In short, very little and almost nothing respectively.

But of course, the Government’s policy there was plain for all to see: better to terrify the wrinklies without letting Thatcher’s children realise how miniscule the threat is to them.

Our élites tell us we are facing a deadly virus and combating it with benign vaccines.

But the facts suggest they are hyping a benign virus and selling potentially deadly vaccines.

Why would any truly independent elected Government with Benthamite apirations want to follow such a devious strategy in relation to a health threat? Why would they indemnify the makers of such vaccines from all legal claims made by their citizens? Why would they grant an unprecedented level of “emergency” use of those vaccines when tests are woefully unfinished – and the techniques used so experimentally in doubt?

Why is the British Government relaxed about using its citizens as guinea pigs in the development of vaccines that can’t guarantee immunity from infection or even inability to infect others? Why is it driving this programme against a virus whose best efforts to date (according to Worldometer stats) have taken just forty-two lives out of a hundred thousand….75% of whom were aged over eighty five?

Why is it happy to ruin the economy to do it? If it was done to “save” the NHS, why did they rack up 26 times its budgetary worth in expenditures? Why did they blow £200 million on pop-up hospitals when there were no staff to run them? Why are 40% of all UK Covid cases a direct result of being admitted to hospital for something else?

Why are the Cabinet, Hancock, Johnson and SAGE unwilling to even consider bringing Ivermectin and HCQ+Zinc into the mix as proven infection management drugs? Why did Horby falsely smear HCQ….along with Fauci? Why did they have “high hopes” for Remdesivir, when it has no track record of efficacy and never did? Why did Ferguson deny that Covid19 is ‘a sort of flu-like virus’ after having based his entire flakey model on flu virus behaviour? Why are he and Horby still in positions of influence on Covid policy?

And perhaps most important of all, why is the Opposition not hammering this shifty Government about all these basic questions day in, day out? After all, wherever you look, all roads lead to Big Pharma when it comes to “follow the money”. Billionaire Bill Gates has spent the last twelve years investing in low altitude tracking satellites, vaccine developers and the medical research sector; our Opposition are supposed to be socialists….why aren’t they calling out all of it as smelly beyond belief?

Just attempt for a few seconds to wipe the memory of the last fourteen months out, and consider these facts….not allegations, verifiable facts.

  • It is possible to suggest, based on the oddly configured side effect/death vaccination stats put out by PHE about Astrazeneca’s product, that it is borderline dangerous for people over 55 to take it. Both Oxford and the Government know that in the trials the drug was never tested on over 55s. But they still seem relaxed. With Covid deaths now tumbling, there is a real possibility that it will kill more than it might have cured.
  • Far from saving the NHS, Covidaphobia has strangled it. Cancer attacks all ages and kills 170,000 Britons a year. No less than seven distinguished British oncologists have published articles and papers lamenting avoidable cancer deaths since Covidmania began. Whereas C19 kills four (that’s 4) people per hundred thousand, cancer kills 313 men and 218 women – a death rate over 150 times higher than SarsCov2.
  • From very early on in the Covid19 saga, it was glaringly obvious that over 80s in care homes were by far the most vulnerable. In the First Wave, the Government took Covid-infected NHS patients and dumped them in care homes. There were abject apologies. In the Second Wave, they did it again. Security in care homes was absolutely risible for at least the first four months of the outbreak. Thousands more died than was necessary.
  • Nobody seems to want to talk about the Hairy Mammoth in the understairs lavatory – this astonishing figure of 40% of all infections taking place in hospital. Why hasn’t this been addressed? Why are 2 in 5 more than necessary dying because of nothing more than poor hospital hygiene…or is there some darker reason nobody wants to talk about?
  • I refer you all back to the Elmhurst hospital nurse who revealed last year that Covid-free black and hispanic patients were being admitted to the New York hospital where she worked, and sprinkled merrily onto the existing wards even though the entire hospital was devoted to managing infected Covid19 patients. See for yourself – in medical background and personality, she is a highly credible witness. Thousands died because of this and other unexplained incidents in Ohio, Ireland and England.
  • Eleven months of 2020 went by with only sporadic use of ameliorating management drugs, despite the fact that cheap and effective drugs were available with proven track records of cutting the Covid death rate following infection by 80-90%. News of their existence was persistently spiked – and their efficacy rejected by Fauci, Macron and Hancock. Those in favour of their use were deplatformed or otherwise silenced online. None of these palliatives had anything like the risks and unknowns of the “vaccines” now available….but rather than being falsely rejected as useless (thank you, Professor Horby) the Pfizer and Astrazeneca products were rushed to market – and declared by the political élite to be safe. They don’t know any more than we do whether they’re safe or not. At the bottom line, tens of thousands are dead because of Fauci’s inexcusable rejections of the palliatives, and many millions may die (like the rhesus monkeys under test) from later reactions caused by acute Cytokine response.

Now string those highlighted words together: kill more, higher death rate, more died, 2 in 5 more unecessary fatalities, thousands died, tens of thousands are dead, and millions may die. It doesn’t sit terribly well with the narrative image of a media set, health bureaucrats, Big Pharma and the political classes all desperate to save lives, does it?

But then, it wouldn’t, if you think about it. Our Bill Gates is enthusiastic about dramatic cuts in the global human population. But he has invested billions of dollars in vaccination against deadly diseases. Er…..right. Boris Johnson dismisses the claims of cheated UK State pensioners with one curt letter on his arrival in Downing Street….then blows trillions on a near-harmless virus. Matt Hancock sheds tears on announcing a vaccine “breakthrough”, then potters off to the Commons and lies his bare face off about its safety. The Brussels Commission declares Covid “a horrifying and tragic global threat”…but then von der Leyen starts playing politics with vaccine access. Fauci declares Trump to be a “crank” about existing palliatives, but after Biden’s election “success”, he takes Ivermectin off the naughty step.

This is a nothing virus, these are not nice people, and their motives have nothing to do with saving lives, public health provision or compassion in any shape or form.

As the sadly later but supremely great George Carlin once remarked, “I have one simple rule when it comes to folks from the the Government….I don’t believe a single fucking word they say – not one single, solitary fucking word”.

More people will die as a result of NHS cuts once the dust settles. More suicides will result from Lockdown mental illness. If vaccines cause fatal reactions down the line, they will be dismissed as non-causal and/or blamed on “new mutant variants”. Human loss of naturally gained resistance may well mark the end of all but the most privileged members of our species. Those running this psy-op understand the consequences perfectly. Look at their track records before and during this odd little virus: serial liars squashing public enquiries and perverting the Law, pushy oiks consumed with ruthless ambition, treasonous bureaucrats who spit on votes, tamperers with medical data, manslaughter of trial patients in an effort to discredit rival drugs and doctors, clear and intolerantly extreme ideologies, undeclared pharma interests, and ascetic lifestyles sadly devoid of any time or feeling for human stress.

Market research showed me many awkward realities, but it gave me one life rule above others: harken not unto what people say until you have confirmed that it matches their behaviour. I continue to apply that wisdom on a day to day basis – and am quickly running out of friends because of it.

I continue to point out the obvious signs; however, I no longer discuss the totalitarian Reset with any but the closest, brightest and best I’ve been fortunate enough to find. I’m sick to death of the gullible naifs, the bombastic infants straight out of Lord of the Flies, and the patronising Leftlib Remainoids secretly enjoying the misanthropy of the EU federalists.

This is not a good way to feel. There is anger at the denial, frustration about the compliance, and despair at the utter failure of self-styled political ideologues to discern a whole different level game in play.

Covid19 is at one and the same time a symptom and an excuse. The motive is power. The disease driving that pursuit is godless megalomania.

“There’s not many peepull know that,” observes Michael Caine – only now emerging as a world expert on vaccination.