From Covid to collapse: can you see the join?

Too many have been distracted by the obvious attempt to enrich health bureaucrats and Pharma as a result of Contrick19. Others still have been taken in by the negative hype of Coronvirus as a “killer” and the ludicrous over-estimation of half-baked “vaccines” as the cure. But there are still precious few who discern the bigger picture of totalitarian Reset. Their numbers are about to grow.

120 US doctors have signed a public letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) criticising the publication of a flawed study claiming to find ivermectin ineffective against COVID-19. It is, of course, highly effective – especially as a prophylactic; but then, regulars here will already know that “Professor” Peter Horby at Oxford-Astrazeneca pulled the same stunt last year in relation to HCQ. His findings also proved to be drivel. Donations from Pharmcos eager to rubbish cheap generic management drugs featured prominently in both instances.

CDC boss Dr Anthony Fauci kept both drugs firmly on the Naughty Step, ridiculing President Trump for using HCQ…and ignoring the fact that Trump (a 75 year old with obesity issues) recovered from infection within four days. Reluctantly – after intense medical frontline pressure – Fauci has given both drugs an emergency clearance.

Across the pond here in France, I’m all set to take the train tomorrow to a nearby département on an important mission. To do so, I need to have my temperature taken at the station, argue about the ‘worthiness’ of my journey, present my déplacement exemption, have an energy bill at my address to show them, and present my passport. If the cops say no, I have no form of appeal – I get no refund from SNCF. And I must find my own way home, as I have no driving licence thanks to Anglo-European liars not “getting Brexit done”.

This is Government working for the People in the 21st century European version of “democracy”….to protect me from a virus that kills four people in a hundred thousand. I can only repeat to those who smile at my rage, “Listen you smug idiots, if you believe the rationale behind this bullshit, allow me to show you my selection of London bridges available for quick sale at a price everyone can afford”.

In Federal Germany, the Infection Protection Act has been toughened to allow “particularly drastic” measures should any defined size of community rise above 100 C19 cases in any seven-day period. As many districts in the BundesRepublik are already above that number, it seems probable that German citizens will soon be living with all things sehr drastic. But nobody seems to know exactly why: over the last three days, Germany had deaths deaths going at 250 to 400 and then back to 250. So the toughening up is either a panic based on one day’s numbers…or a Special Powers bid based on not very much of anything. Hint: Germans are not renowned for their propensity to panic. Further hints: Germany currently has the second lowest deaths level in Europe…and 250 deaths out of 84 million – ie, roughly average.

But Germany has more than its fair share of brave opposition to Contrick19. Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a powerful German lawyer who is currently building the largest tort case in history, against the World Health Organisation (WHO) and others, for “crimes against humanity”. In turn, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is an international health scientist, and professor at the University of Applied Science at the University of Lausanne. Astrid was recently awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, and is an emeritus Professor at myriad different universities.

For many years funded by the WHO, she knows the organisation inside out. You can hear her being interviewed here, but if you’re short of time, her Sun headlines are:

As all of those opinions coincide 100% with mine, I couldn’t resist the temptation to include her sagesse in this post

Meanwhile, the UK is at the lowest European level with 30 deaths – just 12% of the German level. I doubt if this will shut UK Leftie Remoanoids up, although it ought to: the EU’s target of 80% “immunised” by today’s date is slightly off by a margin of 30%. Imagine that.

I think we have to accept some role for the Oxford-Astrazeneca product in that context, but the fact still remains that it isn’t a ‘vaccine’ in any shape or form, and there is building evidence of a veritable array of deadly side-effects that – at this stage in the Covid19 saga – continue to make a nonsense of any cost/benefit analysis.

But all this is as nothing compared to approaching (and carefully controled) stock market collapses that await us. Harry S. Dent Jr. is the man famous for calling Japan’s 1989 bubble bust and recession, the dot-com crash and the populist swell that made Donald Trump president. Obvious madness he cites in favour of his conclusion of imminent disaster includes fake earnings, fake GDP, fake interest rates and super-high valuations….to which I would add fake inflation rates and unemployment levels alongside thinly-disguised QE subsidised by money-printing.

What I find worrying tonight is the number of people whose experience I trust offering remarkably similar predictions: in a relatively narrow time range from mid-May to late June, they all see time finally running out for by far the most mendacious stock valuation bubble in bourse history.

The control, containment and citizen obedience being demanded by States around the globe is in near-zero relation to the homoaeopathic threat from SarsCov2. We are about to see the real reason for accustoming us to the idea of virtue-signalled, false necessity.

It’s time to start moving on from the persuasion of smug morons to the organisation of resistance to Reset serfdom.