ANALYSIS: Zuckerberg & America’s Nazi-Soviet Pact

Somewhere, Hitler is wetting his Unterkleidern

In the twelve years of The Slog’s existence, that pictorial headline has to be by far the most controversial I’ve ever used. The target, however, thoroughly deserves it…as I illustrate in this post.

The Second World War ended in Europe 76 years ago today. Today is a national holiday across Europe. It no longer seems to me that there is anything at all to celebrate in that victory, because the war was fought primarily to protect the British and American empires against an expansionist Third Reich run by the greatest mass-murdering antisemite after Stalin. What stays in every mind aged over 70, however, is Adolf Hitler’s attempt at total genocide against Judaen culture.

A little throat-clearing before the massed hordes of accusers start the smear machine. Anyone trying to brand me as an antisemite is bowling on an impossibly sticky wicket: I was brought up amongst Mancunian Jews, I went to school with them, and they were my neighbours. They have a genius for business, a talent for music, an hilarious humour shtick, and a stable culture that is, in my view, unsurpassed. I speak better Yiddish than most Jewish youngsters, and (while it is of course profoundly unfashionable) I am pro-Israel and its achievements: not pro Netanyahu – but then, neither are 40% of Israelis.

The sole point of today’s post is yet another exercise in educating the politically ignorant, and asserting every person’s right to tell the Truth.

An asshole is an asshole. I don’t give a tinker’s cuss about Zuckerberg’s cultural backgound: I am merely hammering home the cruel irony of an illiberal Jewish megalomaniac espousing the repression, potential genocidal instincts and scientific claptrap that directly resulted in the wicked Nazi death-fury against millions of his co-religionists.

It’s probably true to say that Mark Zuckerberg runs the largest media force for totalitarian rigidity and censorship in the world. The way he allows it to smother factual truth, debate and every opposing opinion is foul spittle in the face of every brave American, Asian and European combattant that lost his life fighting real fascism….and a stain upon the diluted conscience of all who go on FB to lap up the brainless ‘Build Back Better’ agitprop….and talk about themselves rather a lot.

But to the point – why do I compare him to the Nazis?

Well first and foremost, he’s a totalitarian: he invades privacy and collects personal information about citizens, which he then shares with the powerful – for their advantage….which is rarely the same as the citizen’s best interests. In an intolerant epoch where information and money buy power, Zuckerberg is running a Gestapo.

Secondly, his “service” removes the right to free speech from millions of erudite and compassionate commentators every year. No judiciary or regulated process is involved in these actions, and they are overwhelmingly anti-conservative. He is helping the State to shut up everyone with entirely valid doubts about politicised vendettas; specifically in relation to so-called Covid19 “vaccines”, he marginalises everyone who opposes the greed of Big Pharma and its allies. His organisation is a latter-day digital Sturm Abteilung.

Third, he has a very high IQ (152), and mixes with the Davos wackies. The idea that some of them harbouring bizarre ideas about depopulation and transhumanism has never occurred to him is just silly. The idea that he believes Covid is a deadly pandemic is sillier still. By working with and for these lunatics, he is opting for a front-line role in the 2021 version of the Waffen SS.

The latest example of his sociopathic collaboration with the pinched gargoyles is, however, something of a lulu.

Further to yesterday’s post, I’m indebted to Slogger qt-pro for alerting me to an astonishing example of censorship by Facebook in the last ten days. Even by today’s free-speech-smashing standards, it represents a quite staggering example of suppression – for motives which have to be at best misguided – as some action on Twitter yesterday confirmed:

A Slog threader from California was typical of many who contacted me:

‘Facebook post certainly not’: ask yourselves – twenty years ago, did you ever imagine that Sovyet style censorship would be rife in the Western world….and effectively privatised along to a bunch of unregulated cowboys? Basefuck is now the leader in its field for brazen alteration of information.

This is the story: until just over a week ago, there was a Facebook group dedicated to UK deaths and severe adverse reactions following vaccination. It got to well over 135,000 detailed reports when, without warning or yellow cards, FB deplatformed the group for ‘not conforming to their user policies’. The group’s output contained not just testimonials from family members, but also scanned death certificates, videos, and photos.

Clearly, investigative journalism questioning State lies is breaking Suckaturd’s user policies. Perhaps FB should simply add an ‘I’ to the abbreviation, and have done with it.

Irate members formed a new group: it lasted 5 days – and had already amassed 4,200 members – before FB shut it down.

My late in the day conversion to pacifism has been well-recorded here. Three quarters of a century after the last dust-up, the way our world is going does, I think, illustrate why killing people to get your way is always wrong. Daft as it sounds, I am against violence because the human race is addicted to it.

The ‘New post-war World’ of elective democracy lauded by the UN never got off the ground. Within ten years, the Franco-German coal agreement effectively regularised the idea of a federal Europe run by unelected autocrats. Eighteen years after the war, a US President who had fought against Japanese militarism was blown away in broad daylight by surveillance operatives and Pentagon rogues. These same people conspired with Iranian religious fanatics to deprive Jimmy Carter of a second term. Their favoured choice Ronald Reagan was a fine man in many ways, but too easily manipulated by neocon hegemonists and neoliberal ideas adopted cynically by bourse finacialisers. By 1988, the CIA had one of their own in the Oval Office; his son later served a further two terms. Barack Obama was a sold-out stooge from Day 1. Donald Trump outsmarted the Unelected State for just one election: too dangerous to kill, his reputation was assassinated and his votes stolen by the same wised-up State. Fifty-eight years after Dallas, the thugs have a demented, corrupt hologram in the White House. I do not doubt that they see their victory as final.

Ed Murrow once famously remarked in 1940 that, “the lights are going out all over Europe”. Today, a former German communist is the most powerful person in the EU, and all over the United States of America and the United Kingdom, the lights have gone out in the heads of those who fell victim to ideological education systems rewarding only obedience.

Sixty-seven million people died beween 1939 and 1945. Trying to construct any kind of cost/benefit analysis from that strikes me as obscenely delusional. The enemies of freedom are stronger than ever, and Homo sapiens is still looking up to those who look down on them.