Doing what comes naturally is good science. Doing what you’re told is the pathway to slavery.

It was a near-perfect early-Autumn day here yesterday. Early splashes of drifting cirrus cloud gave way by 11 in the morning to a watercolour-wash blue sky. One could amble about and see seasonal death unfold in the yellow-to-rust leaves falling to ground like so many tiny dying swans. If that sounds dark, it shouldn’t: for next Spring, the stone will be rolled away from the Saviour’s cave, and vegetation will rise again. You only Live Twice wrote Ian Fleming of James Bond; but if you’re a tree, you’ve cracked the Cryogenic thing.

I love Autumn because of that very sense of eternity – and an assuredness I’ve had for over thirty years now that, for all his idiotic pretensions, Homo sapiens is highly unlikely to destroy planetary life. If I was to personify such demideitistic self-imagery, then I would turn to the pathetic aims of Jeff Bezos and his incredibly puerile search for physical immortality. The bloke is four-legged chimp evidence of the need for a minute number of our species to ignore every higher truth in the pursuit of their own megalomania. They simply cannot imagine any person or force that might be way above their pay-grade.

With or without medical intervention, we are all going to die. Until such time as we grasp a link from the Time/Space continuum of E = mc2 to the Buddhist “razor’s edge of Now”, denial of that simple fact will continue to drive the morbid fears of the 0.001% (or less) of humanity. For their very weird Godless psychosis is ruining Earthling existence for those of us who won’t take the Nutjob Shilling.

There are many levels of ‘natural science’ (as simple observation of animal, fish and plant life is so often called) but the key word is natural: the afternoon sun of late is stroking one’s skin rather than burning it, our shadows make unfeasibly long and skinny black fingers across the lawns by six in the evening, and the geese are flying south. Such is natural.

So indeed is defaecation. When a goose turd lands on your head from a height of two hundred feet, the immediate sense of fate’s cruelty is quickly overwhelmed by ensuing concussion. Geese are big mothers, and no mistake. But as I say, ditching waste product is natural.

We are far and away the most unnatural species on Earth, because we intervene. And once artificial species intervention reaches a certain point, everyone starts to distrust natural science as somehow wacky, eccentric or incompetently old fashioned. We call the fanatical end of it tree-hugging, fart-recycling, muesli-munching and so forth; but in fact, all of those things are equally unnatural reactions to nature put forth by television lifestyle programming, food marketing combines and useful Green idiots.

I choose one example of “good” natural science at random. Karma. Before going to India, I knew almost nothing about it. So I asked some ordinary Hindu locals to explain it to me. They did so. The Sun headline is, “Actions with bad intent in Now will come back to bite you in the Future”. It’s really just another social system designed to encourage good behaviour, with an over-arching belief in multiple lives and gradual improvement. It is very obviously a take on social anthropology as a science, and most of it seems logical to me.

Applied to food, it makes eminent sense, the accent being on picking an apple and eating it while ultra-fresh, or using mint for flavour and medicinal purposes only when it’s newly grown – crop it back when it starts to look tatty, and then use the new fresh leaves that grow back. I make nettle soup every Spring, but one learns the Karma rule by discovering that, if you choose older leaves, it really doesn’t taste nice at all. Every TV chef stresses exactly the same thing about ‘ingredients’, referring to it as nutritional science; but actually, it’s Karma.

I was married into a very horsey-doggie family for two decades, and they were all fans of homoaeopathic medicines. For years, mainstream doctors said that using the ‘diluting’ principle was a crazy idea. The investigation of the sub-atomic zone has proved them wrong. They also talked a lot about placebo effect: that doesn’t apply in pet treatment….and yet, such medications do work on dogs and cats much of the time.

I have had acupuncture three times for stress, and on each occasion it had a measurably positive effect. I meditate every day and am calmer now than I’ve ever been….the Covid19 global contrick notwithstanding.

Which is where this post is heading.

For years, the EU has been trying to wipe out natural medicine. It’s partly to do with their ‘human science as God’ shtick, but primarily due to enormous bungs chucked into public health by Global Pharma. What we’ve been watching unfold since February 2020 is the result of many decades during which both pharmaceutical companies, senior practitioners and health bureaucrats have encouraged the use of dangerous toxicity as the only answer to persistent viral and genetically derived disease.

The old adage of “Doctor knows best” has somehow survived decades of false dawns (antibiotics), dangerous drugs (thalidomide), dead-end technology (chemotherapy) and addiction (valium) that suggests medics have very little idea of what they’re about in most things. This is literally true: we do not know, for example, why anti-depressants work to stimulate the return to chemical balance inside the brain: the entire sector is based on trial and error.

What we are learning – via unnecessary trial and tragic error – is that the latest generation of medical demigods very probably don’t have a clue about the appalling consequences of protein spike messaging and the injection of mRNA into the human body.

Higher up that food chain, however, a great many health professionals and brainless celebs are happy to give their names to the idea of brutal experimentation….when all the evidence that takes a simple risk/benefit analysis view is making it clear – at last – that masks, lockdowns, social distancing and experimental booster drugs are ineffective against a virus that kills 42 people in every ten thousand…and is getting weaker all the time.

Further, the concept of natural immunity has not only been ignored…it has been rubbished, and its relevance back-written by the worst kind of anti-science dissembling.

Such means to ends have not (I think) been hatched by medics…but have, on the whole, been enthusiastically adopted by them. Free money concentrates the corrupt mindset wonderfully. Ignorant compliance freaks are very happy to believe nonsense – and the more unnatural, the better.

But such cod medical reinvention and disguise was designed beyond (and above) the medico-pharmaceutical axis. Why do I feel sure about this? Because no set of plotters, however barmy, would empty treasuries, increase sovereign debt and destroy whole economies purely to make Pharma even more obscenely profitable than it already is. Of course, yes – there are medium-term gains for those peddling toxic experimentation: but they aren’t the conspirators here…rather, they’re the facilitators.

There is only one profession with the control-freak megalomania and hidden power to conceive of such a global Psy Op…and – with Chinese help – deliver mass deception through psychosis: and that is the Sovereign Security Spook club.

Such people are naturally allied with the Pentagon, the State Department, NATO, the UK’s GCHQ, and social media censorship.

Equally, there is only one profession with a pressing need (and the financial resources) to pass its insolvency onto the unsuspecting citizenry: and that is the banking-to-bourse-financialisation nexus.

Such are in turn close to billionaire investors, Wall Street, and the City…as well as being virtual owners of the news media whose valuations they control.

I close this piece with the following suggestions:

*Rigged Bourse monopolism is the enemy of entrepreneurial capitalism

*Unaccountable bureaucracy is the enemy of free speech and civil rights

*It’s a bad idea to give emergency powers to health fanatics

*Digitalised money is a free gift to bankers and the Surveillance State – and an open invitation to steal your savings and privacy respectively

*Globalism is a dystopian perversion of our species pack origins and community localism

*We must relearn the elegant simplicity of what comes naturally.