Sedwill goes for a coffin break

He’s goink to be Monthtaaa….

When you’ve tried both the silver bullets and the stake through the heart, there’s only the holy water and crucifix treatment left. Given the kiddy-fiddling antics of the Catholic Church over the years, there is a world shortage of holy water – not to say saints to bless the bloody stuff – and so one-time Head of Everything Nasty in the UK Mark Sedwill has decided it’s safe to venture out into society again. You just can’t keep a New Normalist Vampire down.

It may have escaped your attention, but in recognition of his services to Unelected Power Coups and the attempted EU anti-Brexit Putsch of 2017-18, our gracious Monarch of the Mislaid Marbles made Mark Pigswill a Knight of Imperial Darkness in the 2020 Honours List. What you may have missed is that, not long afterwards, he was also created Baron Spook of Brussels….having been “banished” haha by Doris Jobsdone to a cushy advisory post at NATO HQ Europe. Unsurprisingly, this brought Marky-Mark into contact with Rothschild Bank – and thus a further post in the UK as Director of all Things prefixed with ‘de’ – like, for example, demonic, depopulation, debacle, depraved, defraud etc…up to and not including democratic.

But nothing is ever quite enough for Sedwill the Raubritter….because the title ‘Baron’ gives him a seat in the House of Lords. And the prestige of that role has brought him to the attention of an organisation called The Policy Exchange – a soi-disant brains trust billing itself with due modesty as ‘Britain’s leading Think Tank’. Think Tanks are units brought into the equation when people paid to think have failed to think Outside the Box, and so it becomes necessary to put the box inside a tank. They’re a bit like management consultants advising corporate managers on how to manage, even though the managers were hired in the first place to, um, manage. The only difference really is that senior civil servants and politicians use taxpayers’ money to hide their woeful inadequacy, whereas corporate suits use the shareholders’ money. (Other People’s Money – or OPM – doesn’t matter much, because you can always hide the cost under an obscure heading like ‘Miscellaneous Outgoings’)

In a truly pc manner, Baron Sedwill has joined the Re-engineering Regulation Project of the Policy Exchange as its Chair. This does not require him to morph into a lifeless wooden object; the title merely allows him to be The Boss without offending the Wimmin. To ensure that the whole exercise is given an air of important relevance, Mark has arranged for the Daily Telegraph to give him the entire Oped column to explain what he’ll be doing there. Be sure to have your sick-bags at the ready:

‘Brexit has seen large swathes of regulatory authority returned to the UK. How should we exercise it? Some favour a post-Brexit bonfire of controls and bureaucracy. Others want to preserve or enhance the existing regulatory regimes. There is a better approach, as a new Policy Exchange project will explore….The UK has the opportunity both to streamline regulation and modernise it to deliver the high environmental and social standards our citizens desire, plus the competitive edge the post-Brexit economy demands. As we enter the post-Brexit, post-Covid era, I hope we can grasp it.’

Cracking the Enigma Code of this paragraph, it suggests as follows: to meet the challenge, we are going to need even more civil servants, not less – so we can be sure to protect the environment, keep some half-arsed form of social care going, and have a competitive edge in the post-Covid & Brexit world.

As an example of the zero-bullshit, lean and mean cutting edge thinking we’re going to need, Baron Shedloads adds

Meanwhile, rapid technological change is bringing the challenges of how to regulate new sectors, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, while activist investors are moving beyond government regulation to insist that companies advance their environmental and social agenda. And the rise of huge tech companies which span jurisdictions means that international collaboration will be vital to regulate them effectively.

It reads, does it not, like the introductory convener’s speech at the AGM of the Global Cliché Supporters’ Club.

Let’s just take a step back and make a few simple observations about the Second Coming of Baron Dracula

  1. In case it escaped your intention, since being elbowed out of his unelected and unaccountable role as Whitehall Super-Humphrey, Sedwill has joined NATO, Rothschild Bank, the House of Lords, and the Policy Exchange. All of them unelected and unaccountable. Clearly, this is his specialist topic.
  2. This is the same Sedwill who conspired with his creature Olly Robbins to marginalise elected Brexit Secretary David Davies, and water down our departure from the EU to one in name only. Robbins, in case you’ve forgotten, then went to work for Goldman Sachs.
  3. The Baron gets a word in for every mad, greedy or gullible member of the NWO Alliance – environmentalists, socialists, hegemonists – you name it.
  4. This is the man who approved the appointments of Chis ‘Alien’ Whitty and Neil ‘Shagger’ Ferguson – ensuring that Downing Street never heard a single dissenting virology opinion.
  5. He works for the bank that got Emmanuel Macron elected. I rest my case.

Many a Chinese general suggested that “Know thine enemy” is an excellent rule of thumb in times of war. The 1in8 are at war. The apotheosis of Baron Sedwill of Sherborne reminds us that the Devil’s Children can also roll away the stone if necessary.

Harken not unto what they say, but instead observe what they do.