EXPLOSIVE: Market collapse, the Gold Rush & Android Man

End of the year or not, this is a time to be looking forward, not back. The few opportunities to preserve such wealth as we have are almost upon us….before the inevitable crash removes any chance of so doing. After Crash comes reset (which looks increasingly likely to be botched), but what comes after that? The answer, sadly, is The Unthinkable; but the élites in the UK and Germany are thinking very hard about transhuman solutions. The Slog offers hard evidence of this from the Government’s own website.

A precious metals site I visited yesterday explained that Gold bullion has ‘been fluctuating in a tortuous horizontal range during the year’, but ‘Longer-term, there’s no question that the Gold price is in an intact uptrend’ and ‘the most recent rally – though muted – has begun breaching the top of the downward-sloping consolidation channel’.

Hysterically, the author then began the next paragraph, ‘So, to be clear….’ which I must confess evoked an outburst of the giggles from me. As Wednesday’s Slogpost I hope demonstrated, I am severely allergic to jargonised prose, being the owner of a fully-operational Starship quality anti-bullshit shield system. That said, the writer has a point, so right here and now I must fess up to a conflict of interest and state that I am very long in Gold….to the tune of £45,000. This is of course very small beer compared to MoUs who spend that sort of small change on designer sandwiches most days, but either way it’s also important everyone recognises that I am not a professional financial adviser – and thus there is just the hint of a chance I might have something interesting to say.

I don’t see the current situation as in any way reliant on the ‘technicals’; rather, I see the Gold rush to come as a very limited opportunity involving an extremely limited supply of real bullion alongside a mad rush by millions to get at it once the market collapses take hold. Thus the window of opportunity will be small but (I suspect) potentially very lucrative. However, as I’ve stressed, this represents an opinion rather than investment advice.

‘Market collapses’ can begin in a thousand different ways. Sometimes there is a loss of confidence in an entire sector (like the housing market), on other occasions a collapsing property-lender giant can bring about fear leading to arid liquidity (Evergrande), often unwise bank lending threatens the entire financial system (the US Fed is expected some time soon to announce which three Biggies got massive Repo bailouts in late 2019), and occasionally the stability of a major currency (like the Turkish lira now) can have people rushing for safe havens. Comparatively rarely, madness about the South Seas and Tulips – empty vessels floated by con artists – can in turn produce a loss of confidence…albeit on a limited scale.

Perhaps once a century, loose cheap money to pump liquidity can produce asset bubbles off-market, while causing widespread over-valuation of stocks. 1929 remains the historic disaster-story. At some point during 2022, the World is going to suffer bourse calamity on a scale to dwarf ’29. Unless something even more massive arrives first. Hold that thought.

The problem faced by the markets when the New Year starts properly next Monday is that all the potential plunge factors are apparent at the same time: unwise lending, empty treasuries, an unstable eurozone, fragile banks, electric car valuations, contricks like Quantumscape, roaring commodity/energy inflation, ludicrously low borrowing rates…..but this time, everything linked by globalist bunk into a genuinely worldwide system much bigger than a hundred years ago: so many dominoes, in fact, just waiting for the fickle finger of fate to push the nearest wobbler.

What staggers me more than any of the other staggering denials in operation is the naive belief that Biden-style Keynesian State splurging will suffice to get people consuming. The long-term decline in real wage values must now accelerate as borrowing rates rise and consumers face massive increases in energy and loan costs. Central bankers, senior unelected bureaucrats and multinational fat cats know perfectly well what lies dead ahead, viz: an existential meltdown in fiscal and banking systems across the globe.

The even bigger events that could serve to muddy these waters are, I think twofold: first, the Great Reset as expressed by the grand larceny of digitalised money; and second, a war.

Whatever the MoUs think the situation is in cash at ground level, my firm belief remains that they simply don’t grasp how far behind schedule full digitalisation really is.

As for large-scale conflict, the Anglospheric pact in Asia is doing its damnedest to put China in a pair of pincers, while the EUNATO alliance is pumping up tensions in the Ukraine.

We’re about to enter the Conspiracy Zone here, where questions can be raised as follows:

  1. If millions die at the hands of the mandatory jabbers, will this dilute and distract a mass revolt against the abolition of cash?
  2. Full-on wartime jingoism has an excellent track record when it comes to both uniting the proles against bogey men and disguising economic collapse.

Ahaah I hear you ask, but surely those at The Top know full scale war is unthinkable?

Here’s a little nugget I just stumbled upon that might well persuade you to rethink that assumption. It’s been out there in the public domain since May this year, so it isn’t really new news; I just wonder how many unsuspecting citizens have seen it, let alone read it.

We hear much talk from Slaphead Schwab von Davos about transhumanism – this sinister idea of 21st century minotaurs being created from human/robotic android Frankenstein “technology”. Well, I have news for you: the ‘positioning’ of this madness has been euphemistically re-engineered as Human Augmentation….and now involves a scoping-out project at the highest level of Anglo-German military planning.

If that sounds like deep rabbit-hole stuff, follow this link to the official Ministry of Defence section of Gov.uk. There you will find an introduction to ‘The Dawn of a New Paradigm…A Strategic Implications Project’. From this you can download all 110 pages of the Big Idea to prepare for Permanent War Dystopia ‘in partnership with the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning’.

I’m going to spend a few days drilling down into all this Surveillance State paranoia…but here’s a few gems to be going on with:

‘The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) has worked in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning to understand the future implications of human augmentation (HA) setting the foundation for more detailed Defence research and development…to understand how emerging technologies such as genetic engineering, bioinformatics and the possibility of brain-computer interfaces could affect the future of society, security and Defence.’

So it appears we now have a Doctrine Centre looking into the possibility of brain-computer interfaces. George Orwell eat your heart out.

The ethical, moral and legal implications of HA are hard to foresee but early and regular engagement with these issues lie at the heart of success.The winners of future wars will not be those with the most advanced technology, but those who can most effectively integrate the unique skills of both human and machine‘.

Between the lines of this obscene euphemism, we read that – while it might be tricky dealing with philosophical nitpickers and civil rights nuisances – the future lies in permanent war waged by inhuman killing machines…not the peace under which we will all be happy because there’s nothing to fear if you have nothing.

The intro concludes:

‘The growing significance of human-machine teaming is already widely acknowledged, but this has so far been discussed from a technology-centric perspective. This HA project represents the missing part of the puzzle’

I really don’t know what to do with that dangerous piffle….other than look out Dad’s RAF service revolver, check there is still ammunition that fits the barrel, and then join the nearest barricade.

What I will say is this: Superspook Mark Sedwill made his defiant return to the UK Secret/Banking axis in January 2021…and by May, his alma mater the MoD had published the dystopian paper above. The bloke no longer cares who knows what he’s up to. But Boris Johnson lacks any of the levers required to park him into a siding.

I sincerely hope the overconfident optimists are paying attention. Mainly, however, this official document just might, once and for all, put an end to those dismissing Davos-associated plans as “wild conspiracy theory”.

And on that note, may I wish you all a Happy New Year.