Back-writing the virus/vaccine tosh and dumping Boris are just more False Dawns

Little Blond Rooster’s on the prowl?

Horrific as the thought might seem, there may well come a time later this year when we will look back and see mere jab avoidance as something of a golden age. Riots in Kazackstan, Austria and Italy plus ongoing demos in France are too easily seen as a turning of the tide. And whether Boris Johnson resigns or not is irrelevant if real, ordinary people play no part in it. Stage I was a lab-created virus to rationalise the depopulation potential of mRNA junk at Stage II. Stage III – fiscal and economic meltdown – is about to get under way as a distraction from Stage II, and then Stage IV will see the Great Reset. The Bad Guys are winning this war hands-down.

From time to time in the life of a serious blogger (and by ‘serious’, I mean ‘seriously obsessed’) the nature of banal and tedious repetition in every human existence pokes one in the chest, asking “Why don’t you get your lazy backside down to Lidl/into the kitchen/out into the garden and do the shopping/dishes and lawns?”. Note the plural of ‘lawn’ in there to let you all know that I am a bloke of means who likes largin’ it.

So Monday and Tuesday of this week so far have been doey-doey days, and then yesterday afternoon was thinky-thinky time, followed by typey-typey in the evening. After this, one goes onto Twitter for some argey-bargey and then perhaps onto a dating site in search of some rumpy- pumpy. If any of this is getting too technical for you, do write and let me know.

Doey-doey stuff can involve anything from deciding between chopped chicken bits for Szechuan-style stir-fry and Turkey breast for Wiener-Schnitzel to finding low-chemical solutions for the pool in winter – this with a view to avoiding the Spring unveiling ceremony after which it becomes clear that there are many unpleasant (even hitherto undiscovered) creatures who thrive at water temperatures only slightly above zero. For an aspiring commentator on the vagaries of mankind, it may sound like utterly wasted time; but it isn’t – for two reasons.

First, as any creative person will tell you, ideas usually come when one is engaged in mundane activities. And second, some of the experiences involved not only keep one’s feet firmly on the muddy ground of a wet season in Aquitaine (a bit like a wet dream in a spanner factory), they also allow for the collection of data relevant to economic commentary. For example:

This is the screw water-basket tightener for a Hayward pool pump, a nifty little cove who increases the circulation pressure when properly tightened, but allows the owner to remove gunge from the system if unscrewed. The nature of materials involved and mode of manufacture are readily apparent from the photo (left) – viz, a bog-standard steel thread inserted into a plastic head. The likely cost of resourcing and making this less than miraculous article is probably subatomic, but let’s be fair and call it €0.55.

It cost me €28.80. That’s not so much an obscene profit as the most arousing porn film in history profit. It does not represent free-market capitalism: it is monopolist blackmail of exactly the kind favoured by the hunch-backed, boggle-eyed monsters trying as I write to steer the Sleeple-Sheeple into a pen wherein the only alternative to virus is death by forced vaccination.

That was yesterday. The day before I went to my local DIY store to replenish supplies for the paraffin heater. The price has gone up again to €26.90 a bottle….an item that cost €13.50 last Spring. That’s 100% inflation, and enough to justify the Europe Union changing its name to Eurgentina.

This is the sort of examination that molly-coddled MPs and pension saturated bureaucrats never undertake, for they have flunkeys or inflation quants prepared to make the retail visits…and then make the rest up.

And of course, one doesn’t just browse the media online….I often wander into the presse section of large supermarkets, and wonder at headlines like this one in yesterday’s Le Monde:

That headline confirms a very clear trend in the MSM over the last 36 hours. It asks ‘Herd Immunity: Is the Omicron wave changing the game?’…and adds ‘zero Covid may well be an unrealistic aim…waves to come may prove far less severe’.

Many observers are seeing this as something of a relief. I’m not one of them.

Once again, those with fully operating brains owe a debt of gratitude to Sherelle Jacobs at the Daily Telegraph. Like her colleague Allison Pearson, she flatly refuses to jump on bandwagons – and instead flays the self-styled experts and their endlessly Useful Idiots in the chatterati:

‘By rights, omicron ought to have humiliated the pro-lockdowners. Their apocalyptic narrative has spectacularly collapsed. Daily deaths remain relatively stable, at less than a sixth of the figure projected by some Sage modelling. Premonitions that the Johnson Government had “left it too late” to protect the NHS from the new wave have, so far, proved excessively doomy, with the number of Covid hospitalisations down roughly 33 per cent compared with this time last year….A courageous leader would seize this moment to scrap mass testing….yet I fear that none of this is going to happen….far from winding down, Project Fear is becoming institutionalised, as Public Health England’s replacement, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), is fashioned into a propaganda arm, pumping out worst-case scenario modelling to complement Sage.’

All that’s happening here is the recognition by a trussed-up, bought élite that their “vaccine” narrative has run out of road. This won’t bother them that much, because – even allowing for conflated levels of the jabbed and boosted – the vast majority of those unfortunates will fail to reproduce or live beyond the next two decades. Compare and contrast that outlook with the official global statistics (below right) on excess deaths in recent years, and how this relates to “a deadly virus”:

Dropping the death-mongering, vax life-saving nonsense is merely a signal that those running the NWO caper are ready to bring on the next stage: that is, hyperinflation and stock market collapse leading to citizen ruination. I hear people cry that in Kazakhstan, this was the point at which the State went too far.

But to be frank, the Great Reset will be on an entirely different scale – with global media piling on demonising guilt accusations against all those who dare to suggest that what looks for all the world like debt forgiveness could be anything other than a philanthropic idea.

Indeed, in a near future the lunatics will be able to feature page captures suggesting that hastily cobbled together “good” fact-checking showed the media remained objective:

Ordinarily, one might think that the majority of citizens would remember the objectionable rather than objective way in which Ministry of Truth whores attacked sound science as bad science, and vice versa. But recent terrifying experience has taught the 1in8 that the mob has a short memory, and all the discrimination skills of a wet rag. It’s a smug and ignorant mob, but the majority of it are quite obviously not proles.

Rather, it consists largely of the better-off with modern cars and smart phones far too addicted to tech that tells them when to change gear, where there’s an obstruction if reversing, how to get on a plane without being sucked into the jet engine, why the snack they’re eating contains no nuts but may have been produced in a factory knocking out nuts, and what to believe lies ahead.

The common sense among the brighter end of the less well-off tells them that self-orienteering is healthy, they don’t need to follow arrows, trees don’t jump out at them, piss-willy viruses are highly unlikely to kill them, and fucking always leads to consequences.

One fall-guy about to finally have all those realities catch up with him is our loveable Prime Minister, who – despite having the political morals of an alley cat with a sex kitten to match – has also drunk too deeply from the well of Green wokeism for the average Tory MP, while carrying out his trains-to-Dachau orders pretty much to the letter

Of late, however, he too has been signalling a change of heart (into what is not clear as yet, but probably a survival ego) as it becomes clear yet again that his corrupt and blinkered health Johnnies are busy expecting the Black Death rather than a snifflette of no consequence.

In the UK, it’s probably fair to say that the virus-doom narrative has been more than replaced by the Get BoJo insistence. The key issue remains naughty parties held by lockdowners – it seems 66% think the PM should now resign, even though he doesn’t appear to have attended any of them – but the papers are full of ‘pressure grows’, ‘Johnson in major political storm’, ‘losing Tory support’, and in The Times this morning, ‘Say sorry or doom us all, ministers tell Johnson – PM must “take his medicine” over No 10 gathering’.

There remains nevertheless no “must go” beyond the 66% poll number, the greater part of which would probably be soft Left or Labour voters. ‘Taking his medicine’ is asking for an apology, not a resignation. And throughout this Parliament, Tory rebels have displayed all the spine of a Spring daffodil.

The problem with all of this for me is that The People have had no involvement at all in any attempt to get Johnson out. If the 0.01% ditch him, then no member of the 1in8 can take credit for the scalp. Even though the PM himself isn’t one of the “illuminati”, riots, strikes and non-compliance seeing him off would, oddly, have been much better news for liberty.

Don’t write Doris off just yet*. As Stage III of the Greatest Fib Ever Told starts to reveal itself in the coming weeks, we should all remember that Boris the Spider is as well-connected to the bourse bankers as anyone….with the exception, perhaps, of Rushi Sunak. And therein lies another tale for another time.

*It is in the nature of all political prediction that anything could happen, and probably will.