EXCLUSIVE: low blows in high places leave BoJo & Macron punch-drunk

There is not even the lightest shadow of doubt any more that the global narrative on virus and vaccine has been reversed using full wingflaps and retro-jets. In their own inimitably obedient way, both the British and French figureheads appear not so much lockstepped as wrong-footed. The Resetters will punish them ruthlessly. The Slog continues to argue that The People should drive the political marionettes from power, not the Puppeteers.

The last paragraph of yesterday’s Slogpost ran as follows:

This morning in the Daily Telegraph, we read this disturbingly amoral headline:

Shortly after the Slog posted on Wednesday morning, there was a no-show by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak….Parliamentary code (given this was Question Time with BoJo defending his dishonour) for “the PM does not have my support”. According to the Torygraph’s Camilla Tominey, this is the stuff of which ‘future PMs’ are made. I don’t know Ms Tominey and thus can’t comment on whether the depravity she assumes is ironic or simply unconscious. What I can say is that our culture is irreversibly doomed if “political nous” in 2022 is the correct term for running 225 miles away from gunfire like an atomic-powered jackrabbit.

One is always in danger nowadays of being filed under “naive” when suggesting that certain attitudes and behaviours fall below what one should be entitled to expect in a culture that prides itself on being civilised. The standard response from the self-styled worldly cynic is usually, “what do you expect, they’re …………..” << insert public office or nationality of choice here eg, politicians, police, civil servants, NHS Big Hair ladies, spin doctors, image consultants, Islamists, priests, hacks, Slavs or bankers. All I can say is that “culture” isn’t some kind of alchemic phlogiston that can be harvested as and when required: a culture is the sum of human behavioural ethics, period. Cynicism today is the new naivety.

I am also more encouraged when journalists are right as opposed to wrong when they make cynical judgements: I mentioned Rishi’s name two days ago (albeit misspelt) because – in a rare bit of luck for me in this, my eighth decade – I learned that Sunak does not have political nous: he is being groomed to look like Mr Squeaky-Clean, and was advised by others in Whiteminster to get with some other activity on PMQs day….even to the point of which dinky little biotech company in Devon he should be seen at, looking jolly cutting-edge and white coaty.

Cute hairnet

Rishi Sunak is already the preferred chosen one of the movers and shakers….or as I prefer to call them, the shovers and makers. Only time will tell – as Reset Stage III unfolds or unravels – what sort of Government (political or national) he will be running, but I will also stick my neck out and say that another chosen one, Jeremy *unt, will almost certainly play a part in it, probably at Health.

Across the Channel, the destruction of Didier Raoult (the original HCQ drug cocktail hero) piles lie upon smear upon historical airbrushing, primarily because the Boy King Macron is so unhealthily close to the depraved vaccine peddlers at Sanoffi…and they were the leading the charge against Didier in the first place. Lest anyone should forget Raoult’s original claims, he always stressed that his drug combinations were for early stages management of mild covid symptoms. HCQ’s reputation was harmed quite deliberately by Peter ‘Cheat’ Horby, who managed to kill 22 people by overdosing them and leaving out the zinc element, and then promptly went onto Twitter to denounce the drug as “useless”. It simply isn’t true, which is why Raoult himself has become the target of Stage II bile from Big Pharma, and not the drug combos he pioneered.

Now his medic daughter has disowned him too; but then, half the Kennedy Clan have disowned RFK Jr….so no doubt Didier Raoult (who can be, fair enough, an objectionably rude gentleman) will wear the familial bullying as a badge of honour. He will only be experiencing the same cruel alienation that lockstep psychosis has caused among almost all 1in8s with a broad family to suffer…alongside the arrogance of ignorance. Lockstep has been achieved….but there has been no evidence of any lockjaw involved in the process: CNN devotees remain liberal only in their use of patronising demonisation. Some of it is irreparably hurtful, and horribly Orwellian.

Orwellian is the only term that suits the dramatic turnaround in media balance about Covid19 that can now be discerned worldwide: herd immunity being touted in South Africa and France, Greece withdrawing (for the time being) forced vaccination of over 50s, Australian premiers calling Covid “just another virus”, and the inglorious stampede in England to declare lockdowns, masks, distancing and financial ruination as things owned only and entirely by Boris Johnson. This is yet another instance where the Resetters can’t lose, because BoJo’s shambolically unethical embrace of Zil laners and cash-bungers has extended his unpopularity way beyond the Looney Left. However, it is I think ironic that the very fat-buttocked backbench pondlife (who stood by with their balls missing and watched the man make a bid to become emperor) now can’t wait for him to be gone.

But as I posted yesterday, Boris is going to Hell in a handcart because the 0.01% don’t like him any more, and a financial whizz-kid makes more sense as the man to sell fiscal meltdown rather than deadly sniffles. We the People have still to break our duck in this war against The Microligarchy.

Well there is a very strong – I would say irrefutable – argument to repeal all the “emergency legislation” that the puppeteers foisted on us in the name of ‘fighting a deadly pandemic’.

A huge percentage of the Surveillance, Pharma and Central Banking grip on anti-social technology stems from that legislation. Now is our chance to get rid of it and reverse all of its evil works.

Can we the People rise above piss-ant political ideology, and join together as lovers of liberty to pull this off? The Germans under the Third Reich never got anywhere near doing it after the Reichstag Fire. So here’s the acid test – are we any better than they were?

The situation is both fascinatingly different and yet infuriatingly similar here in France, where as always the Establishment Enarcs and upper political circles are several hampers short of being ready for the Big Picnic. Last week I grudgingly accepted that in playing Mr Tough Guy, Emannuel Macron had played a clever card. Now it seems to have gone to his head somewhat; or rather – to be more precise – his megalomania has blinded him temporarily to the Rothschild Agenda having moved on to Stage III.

Adding to his desire to “emmerder” the unvaxed, he ploughed on yesterday to add that “we will piss them off until everyone is fully vaccinated….that’s our strategy, and we will not flinch from it”. Down that blind alley lies civil strife of the kind not seen in France since the late 1950s.

Twitter trends immediately leapt upon a hashtag calling him #MacronLeFou (Macron the Mad) under which NarbotTheAlien obligingly RT’d The Slog’s French translated post about 0.01% control of both the frontrunners throughout the day. Well done Narbot.

Now, suddenly, leaks have started about Macron’s sexual orientation, including stuff from the 2017 election about Manny having “a gay lover”*. Regular readers of this and other salacious blogs will not be surprised by such “allegations”. The question to ask is, why raise it in the MSM (including the UK’s Daily Mail) right now?

*The event (of which I’ve been aware – like many others – for some time) involved an anonymous call to the fragrant Brigitte during the 2017 election….a phone call which nevertheless had passed all the Sureté’s security, and must therefore have come from a very high-up State source. Since the gratuitous leak of this huge revelation, Macron has been lashing out in all directions, chiefly in the Establishment site POLITICO, saying “online platforms and foreign propaganda media are the main drivers behind the spread of disinformation in the country. Online platforms, influencers, and also citizens who sometimes take a considerable place in the public debate precisely through these new platforms must work within a framework of responsibility that is yet to be built”. Clearly by him: not the sort of message to offset accusations of being Macron the Mad.

But the question Manny must also be asking is, “Why now?”

The Slog’s ‘controlled election’ piece suggested very strongly that both the Boy King and his toughest rival Pécresse would be acceptable to the Bad Guys. I think there is some evidence here that the President’s Napoleon complex is beginning to worry the wannabe Resetters.

They may well have a point: in a poll late yesterday from Elabe, conducted for BFM TV and L’Express, Valerie Pécresse was predicted to wipe out Macron’s previous 2% lead in the second round runoff of the 2022 presidential election to one of a too-close-to-call tie.

Different circumstances or not, the People v the Puppeteers war remains the same. We are still not pulling any of the strings.

Forget Covid19 and move on: focus now on proving human systemic vaccination damage, and sabotaging Stage III by activist (rather than illegally violent) means. Take off your supporter’s scarf, and get on the field of play.