At the End of the Day

Ancient fortress town Saint Pastour emerging from the winter morning mist last Tuesday

One tires very quickly of writing about the ugly things in life, but the world and a small minority of its human occupants are irreparably unpleasant. In order to remain realistic, one is forced to write about them, if only because they have so much power.

Not all the occupants are human. If it’s extremes of misogyny you’re looking for, then sex between big cats is a lulu: your male lion for example has a circle of spikes where humans have a foreskin, and if the lioness chooses to deny him (because no means no, right?) then the spikes exact excruciating pain upon the lady’s tender parts. The howls can be heard for miles around; indeed, your average safari guide in search of voyeuristic sex for the tourists just homes in on the screeches.

Misandry is equally common. After bonking the male praying mantis, in an act of deadly gratitude the female bites her partner’s head off and eats his brain. Marilyn Monroe’s third husband once confided to Laurence Olivier, “Larry, she consumes me”. O human race, Quo Vadis? Further up the food chain, those brazen hussy lady elephants tempt the bulls into camp, get themselves impregnated, and then cast the chaps out into the cold. No wonder rogue elephants turn into vandals tearing down trees willy-nilly: male sexual frustration is a terrible thing.

But being in possession of global media technology, the species Homo sapiens has by far the greatest capacity for broadcasting support for ugliness in the guise of philanthropy, patriotism, exemplary citizenship, social protection, planetary survival, material betterment and true love.

Each and every one of the practitioners of this Dark Art of deceit is severely damaged. They may be that way because their genes dictated that outcome, or twisted Secret State training (or occasionally their early childhood experiences) left them very badly bent out of shape. But what they all have in common is a pernicious ability to seem entirely plausible.

The most powerful argument against what they wind up with as a life is the concept of free will. It always was and always will be what separates the wheat from the chaff, and continues to baffle the Leftie Social Worker….viz, the idea that stubborn determination to triumph over natural or acquired hurdles calls time on the theory of predestination.

My father was born one of the lowest of the low. Kids he went to school with urinated on their bare feet to keep warm. Two boys in his street were hanged for murder. All of these things made him a difficult (albeit loving father) trying to live life vicariously through his kids. By the time I went to Uni, my own outlook and ambitions had put us at each other’s throat. But I remained very much my father’s son. I didn’t drop out, I just became more determined to plough my own furrow and make the most of what gifts I had. I was nearly forty before my Dad did what all Big People do: say, “I thought you’d come to nothing, but I was wrong”.

We are what we make of ourselves. I am still a Benthamite advocate (in the updated sense) in believing that the only possible worthwhile outcome of being governed is the fruition of a culture that wants every citizen to realise their maximum potential.

That is, I think, what sensibly devolved government, education at all levels, training schemes, civil service and political debate should be focused upon. The only ‘unit’ of social measurement worth a fig is how fulfilled the average citizen feels. The average is the best guide, because there will always be some folks determined to hit everyone else with the pain of their Stations of the Cross. To aspire to total achievement or eradication of anything is the road to perdition well trampled already by every form of fascist ideologue….all those Stalins and Hitlers and Moseleys and Perons and Merkels and Macrons and Van der Leyens who make the lives of millions a misery of control, evasion and mediocrity.

Systemics are for those who long ago lost or sold their souls.

Those who want to appreciate the beauty of our planet must do more than cheer on the high-profile opponents of Globalist Resetters from the touchlines. They must show more willingness to complain – and a more overt refusal to comply. Neither hyped virus nor horrific vaccine evil is anywhere near the end of the struggle: we need victories. In the UK, repeal of the Emergency Powers should be a prime focus; in France, tactical voting pressure on Macron.

Escaping to relative safe havens – the better to continue functioning as an effective Resistance – is one thing. To run away and continue with underachieving avoidance is another thing entirely. This New World Order isn’t just going to go away: either make sacrifices, or get out of the way.

Slow-burning winter sunset