A Better Way

Winter Blues

In this brief essay, The Slog argues that analysis of current ‘directionalised’ political events can only ever get the real Resistance entangled in Clickbait “news”. There are far better ways to get a ground-up view of what’s required to save Homo sapiens from itself.

How often the “news” these days seems a jumble of random events intermingled with blatantly ‘placed’ content. In the light of the 13-month old Christmas parties molehill, senior pols are falling over their knickers to be killjoys: Keir Starmer says he had one beer with the staff, and he didn’t inhale. Iain Duncan-Smith says he was “horrified” to read the news of people getting tipsy and cavorting around the dance-floor; in his case, I suspect he really is just a miserable old bugger.

It now looks like the Telegraph is gunning further for Prince Andrew by linking him with Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Maxwell is becoming the default guilt by association person: she knew the ghastly Epstein so she must be awful, and Andy used to shag her, so obviously he’s appalling too.

US authorities last night named the “Synagogue terrorist” as Malik Faisal Akram,44, from Blackburn in Lancashire. He held four hostages including the rabbi at the Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas before being shot dead. It’s a long way from Blackburn to Texas – nudge, nudge…International Islamist terrorism OMG OMG.

All these events have substance, all of them are connected, and all of them represent the consequences of cultures which have had brainless policies applied to them. Even the weekend’s Pacific Tsunami (while clearly a natural event) has globalist history given the sociopathic way in which General Electric handled the original construction of the Fukushima nuclear reactor (with disastrous results) and then got clean away with it.

The connections are very clear. As predicted here and elsewhere months ago, Boris Johnson has fulfilled his role as Shambolic Incompetent Nasty Patsy, and must now begone. Useful idiots on the Left are delighted but irrelevant: the chaps from NWO want an economic star in his place – probably Dishy Rishi – and so that’s how it shall be. Or else. Forty years ago, “Randy Andy” was the nation’s pilot hero, but now he’s been tried by media and found guilty of biblical shenanigens with jailbait a quarter of a century ago. The ruthless speed with which the Queen has moved to make her son an Unperson tells you just how organised this all is: the blocists grasp how important the Windsors still are to many people, and as such they’re In The Way. Somehow, a Pakistani from Blackburn wound up in the Texas synagogue after a hare-brained caper that saw him shot many times from close range – and thus forever silenced. Cue more fear about serious atrocities, more controls and passes, plus of course more money for MI6….and pressure on the Brits from Langley Virginia.

Bear in mind that the first two case histories concern things that happened in the previous century, and the third 7,000 miles away on another continent for no apparent reason. Scroll back up to the header shot for this piece, and you’ll see unretouched evidence that the temperature here in southern France has not risen above 6°C for five days – and will not do so for at least another six. Last night, overnight temps fell to -7°C. But the coldest winter for 60 years (after the coolest summer of all time) is off-message, because it suggests quite strongly that the world isn’t on fire after all. Naughty world, bad world, down world. Sit. Sit.

So much for the connections. The reason all these events are consequences (unforeseen or otherwise) is equally apparent: the Pharma-to-Davos-via-geopolitics alliance launched a virus whose genome, it now transpires, has a one in ten billion chance of having occurred naturally. They then talked a world of bedwetters into believing it was dangerous, with mRNA messaging rebranded as ‘vaccine’ and put forward as the only alternative to death. To achieve this result – and bankrupt every nation State on the planet – an enormous amount of policy incompetence was required. Davos devotee Matt Hancock jumped ship just before the iceberg hit. BoJo suddenly finds himself in the Lee Harvey Oswald role.

In turn, globalist corporatism bankrolled by central bankers, the NSA and Soros the “philanthropist” (among others) dislikes Royal houses as much as it loves oil….and keeping its nose clean about what Jeffrey Epstein really was….viz, an agent for the CIA in cooperation with Mossad – the latter also having recruited Ghislaine’s dad Robert. US Middle East policy has produced a great many consequences of course….not least being that of the radicalisation of confused young kids from Blackburn. The UK head desk in the region for much of the period (including Pakistan itself) was our old Friend Sir Mark Sedwill….now back in London and working for the bank that got Macron elected…Sedders having introduced and championed Neil Ferguson, the man who thinks Wills’s wife has just turned 40,000.

This is all, of course, wild conspiracy theory that just happens to have been a far better predictor of exactly how messed up the World would become than any modeller, MSM title or political leader over time. But taking the clubfoot off the irony pedal for a minute, my point today is to open up the new regular column here, A Better Way. [ABW]

Because to be frank, anything would be better than the globalist, financialised, surveillance nightmare that began its Pogrom’s Progress in 1963, achieved a staggering success of spin to create the second Iraq War, and then began its final bid for depopulated permanent power after 2019.

“A better way” was the braindead gubernatorial campaign slogan foisted upon rookie Robert Redford in the 1971 movie The Candidate. I pinch the title for two reasons. First, the film is a near-perfect depiction of how Good can be diluted and then tossed away in politics; and second, there really is a crucial need going forward to be both grounded but ruthless in kicking out the old ways of the world. Yes, there is a better way, but it won’t come from corrupt media soundbites: rather, it must be born out of what I first called Radical Realism in 2011 – devoid of ideological systemics, and focused solely on the greatest personal potential for every citizen, high or low.

Anyone who thinks me off with the fairies and going all Imagine is clearly misunderstanding my message. It was the American Adman Leo Burnett who once said, “If you don’t aim for the stars, you won’t make it beyond the mediocre”. This isn’t about dreaming the generalities of schmalzy ballads and yelling lockstep slogans, it’s about accepting the size and complexity of the mistakes our species has so obviously made over the last 150 years.

It’s about eclectic, depoliticised education dealing with good health, concern for the space of others and the importance of an open mind about whether something is or isn’t progress. The separation of judicial and political power alongside the rule of Law and proper civil police devoid of secrets, hidden interests and tactical blind eyes. Sabre-toothed control of State power, and media ownership devolved into carefully monitored tolerance – what the former Sunday Telegraph editor Mark Law once called an editorial policy of being “all over the place”. (It got him fired)

It’s about culpability, accountability and equality before the Law. The removal of all monied influence in national politics, and the deconstruction of globalism in favour of localised mutual entrepreneurs. (The internet was, literally, made for such a cultural reversal….an opinion by the way I share with Rupert Murdoch: something that might explain why he gives some of his editors free rein with regard to contrarianism)

It’s about the end for good and all of the Central Banking mentality – surely built down to every last brick on the basis of disastrously falling dominoes – and the definancialising of fascist AI capitalism in favour of a fulfilling return to manufactured quality performed by human beings.

But above all, it’s about reversing the retreat from the natural order of things. In tribal primate species, 3% of the pack does not own 75% of the wealth. Individual early Homo sapiens packs traded only their excess production….not their souls for money; free trade that pauperises two thirds of the population is slavery in the name of neoconservatism; globalist mercantilism is a recipe for Constant War in the Orwellian sense.

Tolerance has to be at the centre of everything – but not Weimar Republic appeasement of those whose brutal ideology would snuff out any and all tolerance. Big Statists, Blocists, inflexible ideologues and religious fundamentalists are not wanted on voyage: they all see themselves as Deities in the making. The human being as soi-disant demigod has been a constant factor in our fall from grace.

It’s time for a return to scientific humility that puts 7.8 billion humans on one tiny planet into perspective – as we finally grow an understanding of metaphysical connection, the relativity of Time, and our very limited spectrum of primary sense awareness. What we’re witnessing at the moment is the triumph of secular Ostrogothic materialism over profound meditative consciousness.

Our task is to refuse to comply with the knuckle-draggers on every level. It’s an onerous task: but shirking it will condemn the fruit of our loins to centuries of servitude.