How the lockstep order-takers are weaponising cancer research “success”

The thing with megalomania is, it has no shame and no limits. It will signal every unearned virtue, excuse every evil, explain every holocaust and claim ownership of every victory. It is the Satanic marriage of narcissism and psychopathy. Disabling cancer care and visiting Mengele-style mRNA death upon us still isn’t enough for them: they want to be heroes too. But multivariate data is now pouring forth from indisputable sources. The Slog offers an exhaustive update plus stunning new revelations.

Information from Healthcare data around the world about neglected cancer treatment is now being joined by both military and actuarial evidence to reveal the Covid/mRNA damage not just to our health infrastructures, but also to so-called ‘vaccinated’ human beings

Taking the CANCER NEGLECT first: OK, fair enough, I know there’s a World Cancer Action fest at the moment. But look around at the world’s media, and you can see how the event’s been hijacked by those desperate to signal virtue…although it’s clear their substance-free Covid19 hype created the cancer-care tragedy with which we’re now living. This nonsense appeared yesterday:

If ever there was a bona fide case of strangling criticism at birth, then this is it. It seems that Ministers “hope” the ten year plan will work. I’d quite like one that hasn’t being sabotaged already.

Have a read of these self-exculpatory excerpts:

+ The Department of Health and Social Care said the plan would aim to boost the cancer-care workforce and increase research into technology that helps to detect the disease in its early stages. That won’t help my close friend Richard, now dead because a hyped man-made flu virus left him with a disgracefully late cancer detection for which there was no excuse…and no reprieve. I’d also like to know how that fits in with firing valuable staff.

+ “This plan will show how we are learning the lessons from the pandemic, and apply them to improving cancer services over the next decade”. There never was a pandemic (go to the global deaths figures for 2020 v 2019) and good policy decisions would have put cancer way ahead of Covid as a “threat” if muunnneeeeee hadn’t done the talking after January 2020.

+ “It will take a far-reaching look at how we want cancer care to be in 2032 — 10 years from now — looking at all stages, from prevention, to diagnosis, to treatment and vaccines”. Screw 2032, let’s take apart what happened in 2020, 2021 and 2022. (But note the reference to vaccines)

There were 50,000 fewer cancer diagnoses across the UK after the start of the panpanic, all of which meant an increase in advanced cases that were harder to treat. Since then, the ONS has chosen to break from any comparable YOY data……but adding it up by hand, the researcher concludes that there were 150,865 cancer deaths in 2019 with little change in 2020 – whereas the projected (soon to be confirmed) figure for 2021 is 176,000. That’s an increase of 13.3%: but like I say, every attempt is made to dissuade one from YOY comparisons.

The main thing on offer in Savage Jabber’s speech today was hyped hope….some of which, needless to stay, is the idea of a cure-all anti-cancer vaccine. Such a thing is close to impossible – but compare and contrast that hope hype with this La Dépêche headline in France today:

The paper calls this a World Exclusive, but on examination the two further pages devoted to the scoop turn out to be generalistic woffle about immunotherapy and a bog-standard summary of the current medical thinking on the subject. ‘Everest not climbed just yet’ and all that.

But is this really that much of an “exclusive”? Er…..not particularly, because five hours ago in Australia, a new cancer development has also been headlined on Channel9….and knock me down with a stethoscope, it’s all about immunotherapy.

It’s a surprising development, alright…two identical discoveries on the same day 9,400 miles apart. That’s almost as big a coincidence as….I dunno – 79 footballers collapsing in half a season.

So, um, what about another Health Minister promising major future progress on the fight against Big C? Well, just 11 hours ago in Oz, we see this:

Across the Pacific to the US, and there are yet more sunny uphills:

Yes, in the nick of time two days ago the FDA “hailed” this breakthrough. So don’t panic people – soon there’ll be so little cancer, why – hey – we can take everything Wuhan can throw at us. We are saved!

Just one teensy problemette: the therapy was discovered in 2010. But it’s headline news today, because the first volunteer is still alive. And Fauci is running out of PR opportunities.

Newspapers in Germany are also carrying the same optimistic message (‘German Cancer Breakthrough’ is one of the best-selling pulp pop-science books at the moment), but this lead in the Brussels inhouse propaganda rag Politico in particular caught my attention:

If you want to get a flavour (something akin to eating excrement) of the nature of this IABATO*, have the sick bag ready, and thrill to the body copy below:

I’ll just leave these classics out there: ‘runaway success of mRNA vaccines’; ‘the future of these vaccines has never looked brighter’; ‘phase 2 trials for mRNA vaccines proven safe in earlier studies’; and my favourite, ‘hundreds of millions of people around the world safely dosed with mRNA jabs’.

It’s breathtaking, bare-faced, bigged-up ballyhoo bollocks.

Now it’s time to examine the VACCINE-RELATED KILLING FIELDS. A month ago, the OneAmerica insurance CEO Scott Davison revealed that they had witnessed ‘the highest death rates in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica’ with a jump of ‘40% over what they were pre-pandemic.‘ Davison was keen to note specifically that the majority of deaths are NOT classified as due to Covid-19.

Now a whole new slurry of information is pouring out. It isn’t pretty, but it is pretty irrefutable….and it goes beyond just insurance actuaries and into funeral homes. Mortality worsened in 2021 vs. 2020 (despite widespread vaccinations), but the BIG SPIKE among the younger, working-age individuals coincided with vaccine mandates….in these peaked during July, August and September 2021 when Covid deaths were extremely low.

Further, the financial insurance company Unum reveals that their Life insurance business suffered not just an increase of 9% in their ratio of payouts vs. premiums, but also a 17.4% increase in 2021 vs. 2020 , and a 13.3% increase over 2019 among younger age segments.

Noted online analyst Edward Dowd (@DowdEdward on Twitter) points out how funeral home company Carriage Services (now there’s a lulu of a name) saw a 28% increase in September 2021 vs. 2020, and a 13% increase in August vs. the same period. Funerals and cremations are up 12% and 13% respectively on the quarter. He also pointed out last Thursday that ‘Lincoln National’s death claims are up 13.7% YOY, and up 57% in Q4 vs. 2019′.

These are seriously big numbers.

Five days ago, I pointed out here how the ‘cover-story’ for young and midlife death increases is already being test-marketed by the media whores. In that same piece, I also locked onto the emerging US military information that shows massive post-jab increases in serious (potentially deadly) illnesses and mishaps among such personnel – the most heavily jabbed social group in America.

One of my abiding rules of life in general and written commentary in particular is ‘show not tell‘. Having extensively shown what’s going on in this post, however, I cannot resist some summated telling at the end:

  1. The ‘brighter future’ for cancer suffers is Re-run N° 548 of the Davos promise: life voss a bitch before, but ze great reset vill be better
  2. The State is making it as difficult as possible to compare the effect of cancer treatment before and after the Covid bioweapon…..and is clearly lying and/or covering up the rising death rates from the mRNA ‘Jabboree’
  3. There is a lockstep media narrative developing around the world saying “cancer treatment dereliction doesn’t really matter, because we’ve got it licked and we’re going to do whatever it takes, comme il faut…..Wir werden alles tun, was nötig ist. Because as always, Big Brother is on your side”
  4. Bureaucrats and media ‘flak checkers’ are going to have to stop calling the mRNA problem a conspiracy theory, and start recognising it as a conspiracy. The sports, military, insurance, funereal and medical statistics can no longer be ignored
  5. The very hobgoblins who foisted the mRNA messenger killing spree on the world are out to pardon the poison by saying “it’s really all about eradicating cancer, and of course poor Pharma has been given a bad press by wild 1in8 conspiracy nutters, but actually we’re all dedicated philanthropists who deserve all the gongs and free Wimbledon tickets we get”.

*The Slog’s call sign – ‘IABATO…..It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official’ was invented in 2011. At last, its time may well have come.