I’m a little concerned about the heroic Canadian and US truckers tonight. I am completely in awe of their guts and No Surrender stance. But I was offered some advice earlier this evening – not from Ottawa or Washington, but New York. And given the source’s track record, I think a sense of fully prepared realism is required here.

The bozos around Joe Hologram see the Canadian activism as not just a nuisance, but something that must be strangled at birth. They’re already busy pumping out agitprop about the Department of Homeland Security yesterday warning police about US protests similar to those in Canada disrupting the Super Bowl – Heaven forfend! – or the State of the Union address. This would also threaten [document quoted] ‘vaccine mandates as the administration works to combat supply chain disruptions, vaccinate more Americans and strengthen the U.S. economy’. The term ‘diaphanous’ springs to mind here at the idea that these hobgoblins give a monkey’s about the economy and the food supply to the proles. The Bidenites are spending America into a near future where only a Reset Jubilee could save the Union from de facto default.

The guidance I have is that there’s a debate going on at a very high pay grade across the State Dept – Pentagon – CIA – NSA – media phalanx about what sort and nature of US intervention in Canada would have “sustainable credibility going forward”.

One balloon has already been floated – notably, that Putin is provoking the Truckers into action. A White House survey has been conducted to ascertain belief in that ridiculous idea, but it hasn’t as yet reported. In the interim, “Far Right” elements – and Trump himself – are being looked upon as potential show-trial victims.

Unbelievably, a tractor displaying a ‘Make Canada Great Again’ slogan in Toronto has been picked up by several US media sources as evidence that The Donald is involved in seditious Unamerican activities.

The fact that Republican legislators like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Senator Ted Cruz want GoFundMe investigated (after it froze roughly $9 million in donations earmarked for the ongoing Ottawa protest) is also being seen as potential headliner stuff to “prove” to the braindead element in the US that rogue elements in the GOP are planning to invade the US and restore the “Pretender” Donald J Trump despite the ‘obvious reality that Joe Biden is the legally and duly elected POTUS’.

So the bottom line is this: I’m told – hard to believe, but it’s the world we inhabit – that these nutjobs could intervene in Canada to help Just Intrudeau be restored to his Throne as the best means of thwarting a coup d’état attempt by the Trumpets to create a Washington dictatorship.

I think that – at long last – I have now seen it all.