Provenance: A book written in mirrors, wrapped in a conundrum and buried in a deep jungle of knots.

(With apologies to Winston Spencer Churchill)

It is almost impossible at times to investigate the compromises, motives, origination, tactical purpose and end objectives of mainstream media plantation. More and more, seekers after wisdom must simply take a step back and ask, “Does this opinion reflect the unmanipulated facts?”

This was the Home Page at the Daily Telegraph yesterday:

The stories therein were based on “US intelligence” (something of an oxymoron) with no further elucidation. Consider that this well-known source also gave us weapons of mass destruction, and then think twice. Always assuming that you think at all. The “analysis” (bottom left above) had a predictable effect on me (left) and was the work of an ESN gnat compared to last week’s analysis here from AJC Boone. Also we ‘learned’ that the Russian invasion of Ukraine (much advertised but as yet absent) could come as early as Wednesday if we are to believe the testimony of a Russian wolf that defected to Langley Virginia yesterday. Or maybe Thursday, if the dangerous bestial paedophile Rasputin is too busy rogering lambs that day.

Today’s Tontograph has the same meaningless picture but with further categorically infantile tosh about false flags, (“Why Now?” from retired spook Con Coughlin – why ever?) and the assertion that ‘Russia’s border offensive is unprecedented’…..what offensive?

Meanwhile, our Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says the attitude of Western powers doing nothing at all to ‘control’ Putin is “appeasement” and has the “Whiff of Munich” about it. So just mind your manners Ivan the Bear, and jolly well start doing something invasive you devious little Russkie, otherwise we shall have to bring forth even more upside-down parallels about Florence Nightingale, the Zinoviev Letter and plucky little Belgium.

Big Ben

Until 2019, Mr Wallace (left) was Minister of State for Security of the United Kingdom. As in, a spook. In his former role as MoSSUK, he caused a great deal of hilarity in the Commons when he claimed (of Labour) that ‘‘Much of the mess we are having to clean up today is because of your illegal wars”. As the Opposition has been out of power for twelve years now (and hasn’t started a war since the halcyon days of Tony Blair) he’s clearly a chap with a different Time continuum perspective to the rest of us. This probably explains why he’s expecting an invasion this coming Wednesday, he being a enormously fat Cee U next Tuesday. (PS – he supported the Iraq War)

Canada is a long way from Russia, but only if you turn left: turn right, and they can eventually wave to each other across the Bering Strait. So it’s pretty clear to the fully vaccinated classes that Vlad Putin is the wicked mastermind behind the Very Far Right antivaxx Kropotkyns in the Truckers’ Convoy what illegally invaded yer Ottawa a while back, innit? Prime Minister Intrudeau is quite right when he says ‘other forces’ are behind the Convoy: they include the US Convoy, the French convoy, and most EU citizens who long ago decided that the Canadian PM is a Cee U next Thursday.

Staying with this ineluctable Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday conspiracy logic, we might as well conclude that the only working day left in the coming week for the inevitable CIA backlash to contain the anti-Semitic Nazi Trucker filth is next Friday. One of Canada’s foremost online commentators Amazing Polly maintains that those in charge of the ‘Feed Me’ bank balance supporting Truckers are in fact Fifth Columnist CIA, and when she tried insistently to contact them last week, she was immediately banned for life by Twitter. This has not so much the ring of Truth about it as the tintinabulation of alarming bells from Hell. Add that to Pastor Hildebrandt’s brilliant observations about NWO ruthlessness in Canada, and Friday’s looking pretty good: most hacks are suffering from C2H5OH mind rearrangement from 1.30 pm onwards that day, and the market movers and shakers start drifting home at about the same time.

It is therefore perfectly possible that a CIA false flag in Ukraine will signal an American retaliation, and within forty-eight hours CIA false truckers will start beating up cops and small children. All of this will serve to prove that Russians and truckers are hell-bent on taking over the world, and Creepy Joe therefore had no alternative but to reluctantly step in and thwart the wicked machinations of all those who represent the twisted selfishness of unvaccinated extremists.

Now you could observe here that I need to take my foot off the sardonic irony pedal, but rewind with me if you will to the narrative of legendary Davosi Master Obi-Schwab Klausobi – a noble man gifted in the ways of The Force… in “May the Vaccination Force be with you, so you can comply or die”. This is roughly how it goes:

“Over the last forty years, for you the nice People we represent, life has been a beschissene Welt nicht wahr? This of course was nothing to do with us as we worked tirelessly to protect your interests by penetrating everything with all our Holy Priests, destroying Greek infrastructure which represented an existential threat to our philanthropic Franco-German banks, while creating endless unelected opportunities for the employment of bountiful allies in the European Bunion, eg Mrs Ursula Van Lebensborn, Pratt Wankock, and Mario Draculi.

“But now these sad years are over and we the blessed paternalists will soon be in a position to give you infinite nothingness and thus make you happy”.

So you see, if you go along with that pile of stale tripe, it’s a piece of piss (if I might use the technical term there) to accept that a rapidly ageing Vladimir Putin wants to expand his empire – beset as he is by the wriggling snakes of his domestic oligarch mafia – or to believe that Canadian Truckers in search of Liberty and the restoration of sound medical science are really a diabolical Front for the destruction of unfairly treated minorities.

It seems to me that the authors of the neoliberal/neocon future History Book have made a major miscalculation; and that lies in their delusional grasp of thinking proletarians as worker ants who can be effortlessly blamed, blackmailed, tempted and crushed.

Ground-level commonsense logic comes naturally to the masses. Revisit the headline to this post, and remember that the irreplaceable artisans in our midst will in the end see through the density of provenance in order to arrive at their default conclusion: I don’t trust the State.