Those blurring the Present are out to vapourise the Past

Tony Blurr at work


At the heart of what the Dystopians want is to convince this and future generations that an abnormal level of control over others is in fact perfectly normal. Indeed, they refer to what’s coming as the New Normal. But still, to make it fly as an idea among the populace they need to be able to convince them that it is better than how things use to be.

In the early days of Schwab-Speak – before Covid was gifted to us – Onkel Klaus drivelled on about this quite a lot; equally, fifteen months ago The Slog investigated the bizarre case history of a poem that went viral round the world whose theme (aimed very much at children) was of a father of the future telling his syrupy-sweet daughter that “before the great pandemic, life was hard for all but a few, but once the great leaders of the world worked together to rid us of the pestilence, things became idyllic – as we see today”. Allegedly written by the actor in the video, it turned out to have been penned by a NWO freak in Australia. Rather than having been made on a shoestring by climate activists, it was written, filmed and then heavily merchandised in social media with Gates and Soros cash.

It was and remains a classic example of reinventing the past in order to absolve the future….and is based on one of Josef Stalin’s more infamous aphorisms:

“He who controls the past controls the future.

Every Soros-bankrolled group of anarchist loons is already at it: statues deemed to be “offensive” are judged in the unreal context of a past in which every Englishman was a slave trader (and whites everywhere were racist). Stonewall revels in the idea that the Gay lifestyle is a fine example for society as a whole. It’s just one more dimension of the headlong rush away from all things natural.

The unbelievable scale and coordination of totalitarian propaganda in the 21st century is only visible if you’re prepared to see it for what it is, discern from whence it came, and then seek out the Truth. Even more pernicious, however, is the real nature of the overall mentality at large in this tiny group of Resetters. There are many genuinely philanthropic Mega-rich folks out there; but the Giga-rich are more often owners of the complete set of dangerous dysfunctionality. So horrific is their complexity of delusion, most of the population in and around the “middle” classes simply refuse to face it….in precisely the same way they wear blinkers about the nature of paedophilia.

It would take an expression longer than the name of a Welsh village to put the whole mental nightmare into focus. The best I can offer is to report that they are – to greater and lesser extents – megalomanic narcissists with a level of murderous psychopathy that would leave the Nazi butcher Reinhard Heydrich fairly low down in the Second Division of killing machines.


There are two reasons why it’s necessary for more people in the Resistance to give the lie to myriad attempts by these maniacs to rewrite history. First of all, young adults coming through now have an appreciation of history so weak as to make them, effectively, suckers for mendacious hypnosis. And secondly, it is already evident – both in the media and beyond in everyday life – that a majority are already willing not just to accept a sociopathic behavioural norm, but also to ape the narcissism at the top….. as part of a compulsive drive to gain a controlling, material advantage in their own lives.

I am increasingly drawn to a hypothesis that says ethics-free behaviour increased following the collapse of the Soviet empire just over thirty years ago. In 2010, the former Economist correspondent in Moscow A.D. Miller wrote Snowdrops – a brilliant novel that follows the course of one Moscow winter during which “a thirty-something Englishman’s moral compass is spun by the seductive opportunities revealed to him by a new Russia: a land of hedonism and desperation, corruption and kindness, magical dachas and debauched sexuality”.

Totalitarianism – under which the State both dictates and accepts responsibility for moral values (“We care so that you don’t have to”) – always leaves a moral hole when it implodes. I have seen this creepy syndrome among some Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Vietnamese and Slovaks over the last seven years; and after Greece became a failed country in 2012, I had a couple of relationship experiences suggesting that the same thing is happening there too. The common outlook they all seem to share is one of acute anxiety once the all-powerful ‘protection’ of the State has been removed. This shows itself in a thought process that values control over their lives at all costs…a goal in and of itself not in any way subject to compassion or principles as most of us would understand such concepts

In short, the New World Order Big Swinging Dicks have many unwitting allies out there: such people lie casually to gain what they see as the Upper Hand – and when others object, dismiss them as “petty”. Control, dictatorial insistence, arrogant claims for superiority and the obsessive pursuit of a long life with certainty of material independence mark them out for those paying attention. They are, despite this, not at all naive about State power: if anything, they see it coming long before Western fatheaded smuggies do. But the bottom line is, their micro selfishness will be copied in turn by others.

Any culture is ultimately the sum of what form of socialisation – good or bad – the majority of citizens have been through. Simply ignoring the individual’s wayward moral compass can only make the NWO fanatics’ task that much more achievable.

OK, end of Part II. The takeout I’d like you to hold is this: ‘don’t comply, complain’ is applicable at all levels of social intercourse. Don’t walk away – create a fuss that makes the perpetrators feel uncomfortable. Trust me, they don’t like it: they turn, at both governmental and domestic levels, to infantile propaganda and risible “explanations”. And once they start doing that, they’ll start to lose more and more battles.

Rewriting and ‘disappearing’ the Past is absolutely central to the Global Corporacratic State’s success or failure over the next few years. Part III looks at my own blogging emphases from here on, given that arena in which to perform.


There are two phrases that, I think, sum up quite well what makes for a powerful weapon in the War against villain cast as hero on the one hand and the pinched goblins in the Ministry of Truth on the other.

The first is French: ‘pour encourager les autres’. The second is English: ‘nostalgia ain’t wot it used ter be’.

Both are intentionally focused and ironic. The Gallic observation that something is being done ‘to encourage the others’ is simply a polite way of saying “watch your manners and behaviour, or you’ll be next”. The English gag is a common cockney observation about how “the old days” were often bad….but more often, community solidarity and mutual help did make life a lot more pleasing to the soul than today’s world built on neoliberal materialism and its “do whatever you have to but don’t get caught” meme.

So I propose to introduce two new headings/collections/pages with links based on these two hard-headed observations: first, the investigation of gargoyles at every level has a far bigger opinion-forming effect than any other form of journalism…and our increasingly lapdog mainstream media aren’t doing it any more – despite its eternal appeal to readers; and second, my generation of Baby Boomers – extended to anyone born before 1970 – has an inexhaustible hunger for engaging nostalgia that makes a valid point.

Those crooks engaged in the torrent of lies surrounding the soi-disant “development” of vaccines that aren’t vaccines have been gonged so disgracefully, they deserve some serious investigation – as do those spineless hacks in the MSM churning out unutterable garbage about Ukraine, Putin, booster jabs, and the Canadian Truckers. Kate Bingham and Con Coughlin are two names that spring immediately to mind. The global media aren’t going to do it any time soon, so its down to us pro-am chaps and girlies to do it online. The same is true of those useful Leftlib idiots slagging off the Past….but I’m strongly of the view that the warmth and gentle humour of accurate nostalgia is a better ‘show not tell’ approach.

In the end, it’s down to one simple objective: not to hand over ownership of what happened either last year or 200 years ago to the Dystopian Depopulators, because they will either erase it or pervert it.

Thanks for persevering with this piece.

When not acting as some sort of human dyno-rod to stop his Gite plumbing from blocking up, John Ward writes sardonic blogs about mass mendacity, and at other times can be very rude to and about those whose behaviour he finds unspeakable. Apart from that he is really just a pussy cat trying to make the talk-talk online classes more walk-walk by nature, and still cleaves to his Great Aunt Lizzie’s insistence that fine words do not put butter on the parsnips.