Why we need something to replace religion

Calling the global situation “complicated” at the moment is akin to saying that infantile narcissistic onanism can be slightly misleading at times. Our multifaceted macro-enigmas are, for most of us who bother to think at all, almost indecipherable, obviously based on mendacity and using a form of reasoning ‘spin’ that is little more than alchemic nonsense from the sorcerer’s deputy-apprentice. The aware minority needs to stop seeing resistance as an exercise, and embrace the idea of saving a better metaphysical future for its grandchildren.

As Amy Boone’s fine essay from Monday here made so clear, the American alt State now running the White House hologram is reverting to Phlogiston thinking in its risible efforts to suggest that Vladimir Putin is dangerously suicidal and therefore certain to invade the Ukraine imminently. The missing element is of course motivation, but it can be explained in terms of Phlogiston, and so when the ethereal Big P goes critical, Vlad the Impaler will be revealed as the Cloven Hoofed One and start bombing Kyiv with blood transfusion bottles. (Today’s new development is that – still in search of electoral glory – Emmanuel Macron has arranged a “breakthrough” in the “stalled peace plan”, which is nifty of Manny given that there’s no war, as such. There’s going to be a Summit in Berlin tomorrow [maybe] and then, um, something or nothing might happen).

At home, Macron is looking safer than he was a fortnight ago. This is not least because his rivals seem either indistinguishable from him (Pécresse) or too extreme – as in Melanchon, Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. The soft Left is miles behind everyone, and faces the same existential crisis as the Labour Party in the UK. Zemmour managed a brief mini-surge in the polls last week, but has stalled and then gone backwards since. Eric’s problem is that he looks a little like Peter Lorre after a crash diet – not entirely cuddly, or indeed safe with your children. Le Pen has promised much in recent elections, but achieved little. Her occupation as a cat breeder is something she enjoys, and many think she’ll retire to become a full-time kitty raiser if she fails this time. Yesterday’s new poll showed Macron opening up his lead at 26 per cent. Either Pécresse or Le Pen could be his rivals. Still, sudden revelations about mRNA could destroy El Presidente: but none of the candidates have the bottle to raise it now….and if not now, then when?

The real nature of mRNA messenger injections in their own right (or wrong) could well be absolutely pivotal to some kind of cultural outcome. Having blogged about this so many times now, I’m suffering from both mental and metal fatigue: it is gobstoppingly obvious that these completely unnecessary experimental jabs are outrageously dangerous – and quite rightly attract accusations of genocidal motives. The death-count is already horrific, but the Jabberwockies simply bat it all away, and the Smuggies remain loyal to the political micro-Führers and media whores who vill be obeyink ze ordass at all timess. There is an urgent need for a medico-media defection here. But the who and where remain elusive.

Over in Canada, Prime Sinister Intrudeau was self-isolating after a “positive Covid test”, and the strain was so infectious, he allegedly had to go to the US. But the Toronto Star says it’s clear he didn’t. Didn’t what? remains a State Secret, but cutting edge miracle medical technology did its work and by last Thursday he was able to roll back the stone. He joined a Commons debate two days ago and said he was “leaving it up to law enforcement to do its job”. All very Pontius Pilate.

In Ottawa meanwhile, the situation vis à vis Truckers is complex. That bastion of Truth The New York Times decided ten hours ago that the entire convoy comprises fundamentalist antivaxx fanatics and the Far Right, which means the Amisch community is at least forty times bigger than was previously thought, and Intrudeau’s ‘fringe’ is bigger than his mainstream: I couldn’t possibly comment. Predictably, the cops say there’s violence, and the inaccurately named Ottawa Citizen insists that children are making the situation more unstable ‘now that the Truckers have changed their tactics’. Presumably the angle is that the kids will be used as Hamas-style human shields. In Quebec, the authorities are steaming ahead enthusiastically along the same lines as Austria and Greece by taxing the unvaxxed in the usual non-mandatory way.

The globally based media combines are now so visceral in their coverage of copycat Trucker movements worldwide, it is almost impossible to say what the real situation on that front is. No headline can be framed without the words ‘Far Right’, ‘Violence’, ‘Insurrection, ‘Antivaxxers’ etc ad nauseam. I’m not antivaxx, I’m anti Nazi Mengele-Think. But looking at those tediously repeated words afresh, I am bound to wonder where all of this goes without a real live insurrection. I’m not sure many citizens are up for that yet, and the 0.01% are all-too aware of this. It feels to me like early 1789 (I’m talking history books now – I wasn’t there) when there was some jostling of nervous aristos in the provinces…but in 2022, there’s no flashpoint as yet to bring out the tumbrils and Madame La Guillotine: those getting their knitting ready should hold hard for now. As my dear old Dad used to say, “Revolutions happen when you’ve no food or money, and not before”. There are of course military coups d’état, but they’re a different thing entirely.

The econo-fiscal situation for Earth-based humanity is a nefarious Hall of Mirrors in which absolutely nothing is as it seems. Financial markets no longer deserve that nomenclature, the Gold price at $1825.7 per oz is a farce, and bourse valuations have been engorged by ridiculously lax and cheap credit. None of it – including gas and oil prices, no matter what IABATO you’ve been fed – bears the slightest relation to national Covid-borrowing around the world alongside a struggling economic model that cannot any longer keep going on the ground without thinly-veiled QE.

Some pundits say hyper-inflation is now inevitable, others that we’re heading for the all-time stagdeflation. It’s so indecisive out there, I’m returning to my 2012 invention, the term ‘indeflation’.

At one point last Monday, the situation was perfectly encapsulated by a hugely successful independent trader in Asia who, when I asked him whether something was or was not likely, replied “I think there very well might be some possibility of that at some point”. I laughed my backside off and so did he. Similarly, the Motley Fool (always interesting) headlines this morning, ‘2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About a Stock Market Crash — and 2 Reasons You Should’. This isn’t so much even-handed advice as evenly-nailed buttocks on a fence. The Moscow stock market has crashed, the Dow is rallying, the FTSE is at a post-shamdemic high, pork belly futures are no longer kosher, Uganda’s outlook is +++- inlooking – – – +?+, and the upside in the tech space is downsided by the idea of Jeff Bezos in metaphysically Eternal Space. It’s as clear as a window facing directly into daily shitstorms that hasn’t been cleaned since 1988.

To complicate is to obfuscate, and to obfuscate is to distract. Those on the ball worked that out by June 2020 at the latest. The Global Raubritter techniques have become more insistent, but the style hasn’t changed a jot: these hobgoblins are, by nature, process rather than creatively driven.

Above all, their Weltanschauung is essentially physical. They use the pathetic concept of settled science to back this limited perspective up, but real metaphysical science is way ahead of them.

As of today, the Robber Barons like Gates, Fauci, Whitty and Schwab present themselves as bona fide Masters of the Universal Future. It’s an auto-sick joke.

Jeff Bezos, for example, wants to extend his “life” via bodily elixirs. That’s like a chimp seeing the zookeeper as God.

Klaus Schwab opines, “After the reset, you will have nothing and you will be happy”. It’s the opinion of a sad old bloke who skipped Page One of the Readers Digest social anthropology special in 1964.

By all means, recognise their power…for to do so will control the default (but misguided) optimism reflex.

But do not under any circumstances crawl away in fear of their seeming invincibility. The asylums for the criminally insane are packed to the gunnels with prisoners still convinced that they’re more clever than the rest of us.

I never wanted to get stuck in the mud of a literary trench in which neither side’s soldiers have a healthy perspective on the Great Unexpected. The infantry in this, our undeclared Third World War, are hampered by a two-dimensional medium: the allegedly all-conquering Internet.

For all kinds of reasons, I’ve come to the firm conclusion over the last three months that hitech in general and the internet in particular are a pestilence – not because they are quintessentially evil, but because of the dystopian opportunities they offer to the amoral and damaged people in our midst. Human beings wired to take advantage of five primary senses can be hopelessly misled, manipulated and convinced about what is or isn’t real (in the already limited sense that our species has of ‘real’) when three aspects of the material Universe are missing.

This is doubly dangerous because, whatever the Davos depopulators tell you, science is not settled, and the future is not transhuman. I mean – ask yourselves – looking to your left here, what kind of sad fantasist walks about at the age of 90 trying to look like Darth Vader out of a comic-strip movie from 35 years ago? Be very clear: this guy is dangerous – but the danger lies in his arrogant ignorance, not superhuman power. Artificial Intelligence sucks because it has been designed and marketed by artificial human beings who lack the vision to grasp what the rest of this so far troubled century is really going to be about.

A British physicist of the 1950s pronounced as follows: “The one fact that has been unequivocally established in this century is that the Universe is merely what humans perceive; it does not represent any kind of true reality”.

In fact, metaphysics in 2022 can prove beyond doubt that nothing is real, everything is connected, separation is an illusion, Time is a relative continuum, at the speed of light there is no Time, e = MC2 can be overcome if mass is reduced to near zero, and quantum mechanics discovery will sooner rather than later show how we can go anywhere almost instantaneously at any speed we choose, and never age more than one year in five hundred.

The mega step-changes in the 21st century are going to come from neuroscience, genetics and the confluence of that knowledge in the light of developments that let us reduce (but also restore) physicality as and when it suits us.

When that is achieved, we will at last comprehend and partake in Multiverses with infinite outcomes, and finally grasp the mathematical certainty of teeming intelligent life on a billion different levels.

The history of manned space flight, the fossil fuel projection of great metal lumps into the void, the idea of Homo sapiens as demigods and potty ideas about humans mating with machines will, within fifty years, seem to our ageing great grandchildren like something from the nightmare infernos of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poetry.

The megalomaniacs “directing” our current horror movie are not supermen, they are poor sick deluded tramline thinkers demanding that science unfolds purely in their image. They are doomed in the long term.

Our task now is to make their future as short-term as possible.

Bizarre as the idea might seem, the Internet is only going to get in the way of that objective. There are many reasons for this:

  • The mad folks control the switchgear
  • It is a great enabler for neocon military strategists
  • It’s emphasis is on kneejerk speed, not considered thought
  • It is the élites’ primary medium for falsehood – a practice made easier by its two-dimensional mass technology
  • It is an addictive distraction
  • It promotes the narcissism of dysfunctional Aspergers as somehow a form of progressive genius
  • It holds the key to irresistible surveillance
  • It eases the diabolical marriage between Silicon valley and the State
  • It creates billionaires almost completely lacking in emotional intelligence.

When I retired 22 years ago, I not only discovered that life on the red carpet had kept me in ignorance of the decline in professional ethics, I also looked more closely at my own flaws. This in turn got me into Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, secular Buddhism, neuroscience, complementary medicine and natural wildlife. My writing changed direction, by coincidence embracing Rosemary’s Baby- aka blogging – and before long, the pursuit of good causes swallowed my philosophical investigation. Story of my life – I’ve been blessed with a knack of being in the right place at the right time, and if that turns out to be a curse now and then, so be it: that’s how we learn.

I’m probably near the end of my useful literary output now, but I’ll continue up to the point where some close friend somewhere says to me, “Wardy, it’s gibberish”.

We all live far too bloody long anyway; the goal of State medicine should be to improve the quality of a citizen’s life, not play God and try to extend it up to the familial dilemma of the life-support machine. Organised religion’s failure to maintain its role as a joyous discipline for some has resulted in zero-application of self control by the many.

So in a way – approaching my end conclusion perhaps a little too elliptically – what I’m suggesting this afternoon is that what ought to be the next stage for humanity is perhaps the best thing to use as a powerful motive for getting rid of the material bank robbers still stuck in a neoliberal past. Not depraved religion in any sense, but rather a reinvention and revival of Good vs Evil. Did it ever really go away, or did we just forget it? The latter, I suspect.

“Religion is the opiate of The People,” wrote Karl Marx in the 1830s. In his own time, he was right. But for a million reasons both cultural and dictatorial, that judgement is wrong, wrong, wrong today. It lacks vision and hope, and is stiflingly systemic rather than humane.

In corporate life, I had an abiding rule: ‘Don’t leave a job because of the scent of money – do it because you see something better to do’.

So this is my plea on a cold but sunny Wednesday in Aquitaine: ‘Don’t just fight Davos thinking to signal virtue – fight all of these thugs with every weapon at your disposal….or die in the knowledge that you flunked the salvation of a species, 98% of whom were really not that bad’.

I don’t see that as just another opiate: rather, I see it as striving for light not dark.