Many of us were praying that the Ottawa Truckers’ determination might prove to be an El Alamein moment. It looks more like Dunkirk. Some expected an alliance of the Right against Macron. Instead they got Pécresse. Others hoped for pushback against vaccine mandation. Now we have onerous taxes in Austria, Greece, Italy and Quebec. British friends are hailing the “escape from Covid oppression” by Boris Johnson. They should study the small print. Only Putin stands firm against the dystopians. He will be branded the bad guy in the end. The Slog is finalising travel plans.

The word has gone out from Canada: the Trudeau State will arrest and viciously assault citizens without reference to the Law; other leaders of so-called democratic countries will not condemn that action, nor will they lift a finger to help ordinary people fighting for their right to turn down poison being injected into their bodies; and the average Canadian will not turn up at the barricades to fight alongside the frontline soldiers for freedom.

Regular internet media users will have seen Trudeau’s Copthugs kneeing pinned down protesters. CNN Zombies won’t. Brute force has crushed law abiding citizens in favour of a Davos-groomed madman.

‘The future is a foot stamping on a human face’ – George Orwell

The party line has gone out from France: the Macron State media will demonise anyone who stands against the Boy King… leaving only the tepid Pécresse to oppose him:

According to this “news” paper, every TV channel and social medium is giving ‘saturation coverage’ to Marine LePen and Eric Zemmour ‘and their predelictions which are far from what the French People want’. Coming from the Macronies of 2017, that’s a bit rich.

The vrai-dur homo-erotic yobs who surround the Petulant Prince aren’t taking any chances of anything getting in the way of the future Emmanuel I of Europe. But Wonderboy himself is barely campaigning at all: he is sure he cannot lose – and the poll numbers support his view fully.

The next knee you see in a groin is likely to be in Paris, as part of a campaign to pin the 1in8 to the ground while a needlefull of mRNA garbage is pumped into their veins.

“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilisation from destroying itself.”
― Albert Camus

The decree has been signed by the unelected banker in charge of Italy: Mario Draghi’s government has made vaccination mandatory for everyone over the age of 50 and for use of public transport and a range of other services….and is introducing an ever-increasing scale of taxes upon everyone not interested in being depopulated. Amnesty International the “human rights” group, said that mandatory vaccination could be justified, but needed to be limited in time and “proportionate” to a legitimate aim of public health protection. The organisation should change its name to Artificial Intelligence – or better still, grow a pair.

To apply the rules even to those unvaxxed carrying a negative Covid test is worse than insane – it is vindictive when judged in the context of huge swathes of data revealing the real and present danger involved in mRNA usage against spike proteins.

“The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, its functions, and its aims. For Fascism the State is absolute, individuals and groups relative” – Benito Mussolini

Another decree has gone out from Downing Street on Covid19: “the onus now shifts from state mandation to personal responsibility”. More IABATO* from the multivariate mouth of Boris Johnson.

*It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official

Excessive reading between the lines (and awareness of runes in the background) is required….along with the use of a large pillar of salt.

All temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act, which enforces legal restrictions on the public, will end from March 24. This is pure deckchair rearrangement: the Act itself will stay in force. It remains the most outrageously dictatorial peacetime legislation passed in modern history….and some definition of “temporary” would be useful.

Notably, Johnson refused to rule out reintroducing restrictions in the face of a new variant in the future, saying: “You’ve got to be humble in the face of nature”. Uh-huh. How humble should we be in the face of Sino-Anglophone unnatural HIV-related viruses developed in Wuhan aka Fort Kedrick?

The runes (pronounced loons) are still slithering around offstage. It’s interesting to go to Google this morning and read eleven straight news references in a row all saying that the PM is relaxing the rules “despite criticism”. Complete goosestep search engines repeating word for word media diktats….Alles in Ordnung, and we all know where the bucket of excrement is going to land as and when variant 101/Indonesia mutation 659 sub section 7 of Omacron arrives on March 25th.

Some 1,300 scientists and medics have sent an urgent message to England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Officer Professor Patrick Vallance, expressing concern about the government plans to end testing, surveillance surveys and legal isolation of Covid-19 cases. Whitty’s research budget is 100% funded by Big Pharma, and Vallance still holds shares in one of the main Pharma players. Vallance himself undercut Johnson at the knees during the presser by observing, “the pandemic is not over and the virus has got a lot of room to evolve, and there is no guarantee that the next variant will be of as reduced severity as Omicron”.

In short, the corporacratic State stands ready to smash the elected marionette at the first opportunity.

“A characteristic danger of great nations, like the Romans or the English which have a long history of continuous creation, is that they may at last fail from not comprehending the great institutions which they have created” – Walter Bagehot

It’s hard to avoid one conclusion at this point: there simply is no geopolitical, social, legislative or legal opposition of any note to the globalist, econo-fiscal and pharmaceutical depopulating dystopians.

As I’ve been insisting for some months now, the blasé acceptance of the 7/8ths and ludicrous over-confidence of online armchair virtue signallers is wholly misplaced. There is no organised “Resistance”…..with just one exception: Vladimir Putin. Yesterday the Russian leader recognised the independence of the pro-Moscow regions, shifting his troops to their borders.

And word has gone out from Washington, London and Paris: we shall have our Russian invasion of Ukraine, whether it exists or not…..and starting today, we’ll have our sanctions. Well fellas, good luck with that one.

Once again, energy comes into play. Vlad will play the gas card, and guess who’ll pick up the slack required by the EUNATOs? Why, the good ol’ US of A, that’s who. Just like they badgered the Aussies into cutting off Beijing’s coal supply in the name of global warming….and then picked up the spare supply from Oz for themselves.

“America does not have friends or enemies, it has only interests” – Henry Kissinger.