The Truman show will continue without Boris

From early on in his tenure at Number 10, Boris Johnson knew he was the star of The Truman Show. Quickly infected with Covid19 (probably deliberately during a Downing Street session that included Neil Ferguson) he ended up – thanks to his obesity – as a serious hospital case that attracted enormous public sympathy. Many among the cognoscenti suspect that he was made aware of his true position during that treatment, and I’m one of them. Numerous lifelong colleagues (most notably Toby Young) noticed a new Boris immediately afterwards. The PM soon confided in a few close journo buddies that he was “simply obeying orders”. Almost overnight, his initial well-judged scepticism about Contrick19 turned into incredible appeals to the spirit of 1940, and the duty of all of us to pray for deliverance from this slayer of mankind via the heroic efforts of the globalist Pharma sector.

As the Jim Carrey film posited, his character Truman Burbank was ‘chosen out of six unwanted pregnancies to be the first child legally adopted by a corporation’. We all deserve a sly giggle at that plot overture, given BoJo’s tendency throughout adult life to impregnate conquests to such an extent, we all began to wonder if his plan was to breed his own electors. But the truth is that Johnson was adopted by the corporacrats – albeit a desperation, high-risk choice for the likes of Top Spook Mark Sedwill and his employers Rothschild Bank – following the failures of Cameron and May to keep Britain a minor colony of the EUNATO Empire.

Whereas Truman Burbank was an innocent not allowed abroad who finally grasped his life was nothing but a stage set – rejecting all caution to be a free man at last – Boris Johnson embraced his role as the Great Reset’s von Ribbentrop apologist for all things totalitarian. To add another movie reference, there is Jason Robard’s insistence throughout All the President’s Men that Woodward and Bernstein should ask, “What did they know and when did they know it?” For way back then when the US Constitution was still in force, there was still a sense that the attempt by Nixon and his entourage to subvert democracy would surely collide with retribution.

I deem it to be self-evident that for at least two years BoJo knew the nature of the fictional Soap show that has been Viruvaxukraine….a Globe Theatre Production that will seamlessly morph into Climafoodwaterpox as and when needs dictate. There is but one one way that he could redeem himself; and that would be to spill the beans about the jailers in charge of his Open Prison.

He won’t do that, because like his erstwhile chum Zelenskyy he has been enriched by his Satanic desertion of true humanity in favour of material deals with the self-styled demi-Gods secretly presenting The Truman Show. Nor will Sunak, Javid, Hancock, Truss or any other of the calumnous collaborators.

The contemporary “politics” of my homeland are of no relevance whatsoever until such time as there are clear signs of lackey defectors, and a broad electoral recognition of one simple fact: the New World Order is a didactically scripted and crudely directed dialogue designed to scorn the past and idealise the future.

If you find that too far through the Looking Glass, think on this: I know from the horse’s mouth that the BBC and Sky knew the Prime Minister was to be fired before he did. And let’s face it, the social media timelines confirm my source in full. If you can’t recognise that as a coup d’état against elected officers in which the two key British broadcasting leviathans are fully complicit, then please don’t ask me to kiss your elbow, as I don’t trust your ability to tell it from your arse.

Here’s something else I know from a time when some of my contacts were influential as opposed to either gaga or dead: David Cameron embarked during the 2011-13 period on a Grand Tour of the major EU capitals in a bid to warn them that, without democratisation of the EU’s Fourth Reich directives bias, he could not guarantee to resist the UKip drive towards departure. To the last man and woman, they told him to go forth and multiply.

At the end of this stint, a good and respected senior Tory told me, “David, for all his hopelessly amoral pragmatism, was genuinely horrified by their arrogance.” The infinite EUNATO inability to sniff the public mood resulted in a Brexit vote to Leave.

Cameron said, unequivocally, the day after the vote, that he would “of course” (as promised) stay in place to steer the Will of the People through Parliament. But the real power-brokers had other ideas. By the following Tuesday, the PM was mysteriously gone.

“They” preferred the stool-pigeon May…whose opponent Leadsome was blatantly threatened by British Security. Theresa May was installed without a single vote being passed as the new Prime Minister. Her abject failure to get beyond whore status with Brussels-am-Berlin (Merkel saw the iniquitous deal before the UK Parliament did) led to the rise of Boris the Spider….a man who became an at best very late convert to British Independence – who then sold it without losing a wink of sleep to the high rollers of Rothschild-sur-Davos.

Two days ago, I posted as follows on Twitter:

It sank without trace. The real soft Soap on offer out there is still way beyond the ken of the electorates….starved of real news as they are by the mediamorlocks. If Steve Baker were to become Tory Leader, there might be a ray of hope. I’m not holding my breath.

The Truman Show is all set for another long run….