We’re all suckers now

Every morning when I fire up my hip-hop happening State-surveillance apparatus aka Smartphone, a panel appears saying that it wants to pinpoint my location in order to improve my user experience. It is my considered belief that they don’t give a monkey’s chuff about my user experience.

On my bank’s website for online usage is a message saying “our first concern is for the safety of your money”. I don’t believe that one either – not least because we’ve been arguing the toss about a mysterious standing order on my account that shovels €45 euros every month into the coffers of a company I’ve never heard of, and wasn’t authorised by me, and in which they’ve shown very little interest beyond a sort of half-hearted, “Nuffin ter do wiv me, Guv”. When I Google the company, I am redirected to another outfit who investigate “inexplicable standing orders”. Curiouser and curiouser.

It’s now clear (following forced release under Congressional pressure) that Pfizer’s testing procedures for developing their Covid19 “vaccine” used a lot of blind eyes, cut corners, data sins of omission, and downright lies. Further, FOIs put to the CDC in the US show without any doubt that Fauci’s little plaything casually ignored all VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data that should have resulted in product recall immediately. We have also known for some eighteen months that PHE (Public Health England) did exactly the same thing under the even more shambolic system that pertains in my homeland.

It is often said that the early bird catches the worm. When it comes to the viruvax plot, the early adopter was rewarded with a can of worms.

Here’s a fact (and a comparison from the recent past) that might between them – you never know – wake a few people up.

First of all, the three examples I choose aren’t “conspiracy theory”: they represent compelling empirical data that demand the need for at least serious investigation of the how and why of the macro and micro events described.

Secondly, it is only eleven years since – based on far less evidence than I’ve presented – the UK media set beyond Murdoch’s empire demanded retribution against the dozens of journalists who had very obviously engaged in illegal phone hacking in order to run scurrilous tabloid stories against celebrities in general and the Digger’s enemies in particular.

This is but one of the miscreants involved: Piers Morgan. He (and pretty much most of the hackers) got away with it. I’m very happy to name Smears Pogrom, because he doesn’t want a day anywhere near a Court to clear his name: you see, the flaw in Morgan’s defence is that he’s guilty.

The do-gooding Guardianistas and Mirror Groupies were quick on the draw when it came to nailing Rupert’s Illegally Hacked News of the Screws…..but look at them now: poodles working for filth like Grant Shapps and Liz Truss.

As for catching White Collar villains, the judicial class has always been cockeyed when it comes to social demography, money and media power. The only thing that’s happened in the ensuing years after Hackgate is that the Rule of Law has gone from being bent to non-existent. Jeremy Hunt should be a pariah on the basis of his misuse of ministerial power to favour Murdoch; now he’s running to be Prime Minister.

Without a legal system blind to influence, in the long term any semblance of civilised culture must meet its doom. Equality before the Law is the potting compost without which creative and humane endeavour simply cannot take root and flourish.

I find myself pondering more and more, as this brainlessly amoral ragbag of a century thunders on, just what the resultant culture might be. One thing is for sure: when the dry-ice has cleared and the mirrors are restored to reflection rather than deflection, we shall enter a world in which all trust in doctors, health bureaucrats, medical science and pharmaceuticals has been at best diluted and at worst vapourised. Everyone belonging to that spectrum will – at least for a while – play the role of Germans from 1945-65: evoking a degree of hatred, suspicion and resentment. That is bound to have appalling repercussions for the effective use of relief from the varietal pain that will always accompany a human lifespan.

Ultimately, there has to be both decisive justice alongside an understanding of the fear, blackmail and blind ambition that might stalk (and haunt) any one of us were we to be exposed to public life. But before even that stage is reached, there is the urgent need for a search: where are the detectives and the 7th Cavalry, who are the exemplary judges, and what are the limits of the prosecution that should ensue?

A fully fastened seatbelt and auto-airbag should be considered as de rigeur.

PS I made a Whatsapp call to my daughter in Australia this morning. Halfway through, Wapp cut the call off and demanded I update the software. I pressed ‘NOT NOW’ and nothing happened. Only after I’d gone through the update was I “allowed” to redial my call.

These gargoyles will not take no for an answer.