Fear & loathing in the Bowling Alley

The less-than-quiet campaign to blame everything on national leader puppets is well under way: on an almost daily basis now, another ball rolls down the alley and picks off some skittles. Boris has been ousted, it’s open season on Sleepy Joe, the Dutch government is facing a farmers’ revolt, Jacinda Ardern is being called “stubborn and naive” for landing New Zealand in a mega slump, and now it seems Macrony is facing calls to resign.

His “Assembly majority” remains out of sight, there are leaks about him doing a secret deal with the much-despised Uber, and Marine LePen is promising “sensational revelations” about a Big Fix in the recent Presidentielle.

Dutch farmers are blocking the border with Germany – whose own farmers are joining the protest against bonkers policies designed to conserve nitrogen use. Berlin is already flat on its economic back thanks to Russian retaliation against EUNATO, so the Plucky Little Ukraine caper is proving to be something of a disaster.

But then, disaster is precisely what the NWO boys and girls want.

The confusion and complexity being created and conflated is – even at this early stage – already so complicated it will become even harder to get decent people united behind anything or anyone perceived as a common enemy.

And yet, at the same time I cannot help thinking that any violent resistance (such as we’ve already seen in Sri Lanka) capable of being dubbed “ungovernable” will play into the hands of those pulling the strings on hyperinflation, invented energy shortages, false vaccines, digitalisation of money, Climate emergency drivel and endless variants riding on pandemic waves.

At times, one must allow oneself a wry smile. In his bid for Number Ten, for example, Rishi Sunak has vowed “to cut taxes once inflation has abated”. And in other news, King Herod has vowed to stop slaying all firstborn once the Baby Jesus has been located.

The continuing heatwave conditions are already being recruited for use in a new ‘tough on climate’ crackdown: the Times this morning has ‘UK railway lines bursting into flame’ (it makes a change from Italian coffins) but I doubt if things could be any tougher in the Tory Party, where support for the leftover dross candidate Liz Truss is growing. I’d say that a firm commitment to invade Russia via the Black Sea should clinch it for her.

A tad more seriously, these “local” politics are only relevant because of where they’re leading: BoJo has thrown his support behind Truss, so the Conservatives face a split of Grand Canyon proportions, with no Evel Knievel in sight. The so-called northern Red Wall is crumbling, and thus any General Election will only produce (in my estimation) a Hung Parliament. This will create the mood for a National Government – led (as I’ve been predicting for some time) by Jeremy Stunt. Such a government would be Globalist neoliberal NWO from top to bottom, and include Keir Starmer. They will both be in their element.

The main ‘directly causal’ moves leading to outrage and then repression are predictable: bonkers Warmist diktats screwing up farmers’ livelihoods, cut-off Russian energy producing out and out slumps and further job losses, plus of course – above all – hyperinflation destroying the value of money. Within that last diabolical outcome, the most important sub plots are rising energy prices and borrowing rates, which will cause a massive house-price collapse in short order.

Take away people’s raw materials, wealth, income and home ownership, and desperation will be the result. Here too my penchant for dark humour spotted the new Macron line, “the right to consume”, and French tabloids have been having a field day with “laws” being passed by a National Assembly in disarray guaranteeing to control prices. This will only produce more sovereign debt and therefore more inflation; but setting that aside, it is both hilarious and puerile to confirm with cows that they have a right to eat grass so you can continue to drink milk.

But fear not for, as always it is the EU’s firm attention to tackle all these issues in an open and honest manner…

The article goes on to stress that the bunker will ensure ‘European Union leaders can hold secret talks over dinner without the Russians listening in….Crucially for Europe’s leaders, who have come to expect a certain quality of food, wine and other refreshments, the chamber will ensure a “suitable level of comfort for VIPs” under plans seen by the EUObserver website…..The new chamber will be enclosed in a military-grade insulation cage certified by Nato to militate against the risk of “compromising emanations”’.

Isn’t it odd how blasé the media are about what the EUnuchs have “come to expect”? And how unconsciously they slip in “compromising” as an adjective of expected guilt: wasn’t it these people who told us, “If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear”?

Perhaps we can be sure going forward that “spoof” is in fact an abbreviation of “spy-proof”.

And finally, I note yet another blah-blah blog elsewhere continues to demand, “You’ve got free will – use it”. As I know from bitter experience, the hardest advice to take is one’s own. On the whole, it is a sign of cowardice: “You hit him, and I’ll hold your coat”.

Who’s next?