Raise Good money, extract confessions from the Bad, and defect from the Ugly

As the last offering before we celebrate the Christmas season in a traditionally unchristian manner – through eating to excess and materialistic exchange of largely unwanted presents – The Slog offers some Yuletide advice in the fight against the diabolical.

Much fanfare in Washington as Ukrainian CIA puppet Vlodomore Zelenskyy gives passionate speeches and makes impassioned pleas to establish just how real is his passion for having lots of money and power. The red carpet was rolled out in full, Congress rolled up en masse and no doubt, before he returns to the battle that nobody in the media seems able to find, dopey money will start rolling in for Vlodo the Plucky and the defence of democracy against the Rasputin the Mad Beast.

But the Truth is, Vlodo Zealouskyyyy is in Washington to have his arm comprehensively twisted on the issue of peace talks. What began as a plot to distract one and all with the provision of a reason to launch bioweapons against Russia (after eight years of blatant attacks on Russian speakers in The Ukraine) has angered American allies, left EU diplomats divided and strengthened Putin’s position. So now – despite an ocean of lies from the Unelected US State – there will be peace with honour and much climbing down from high horses. Russia claims such is not possible: ignore the BS….and remember that both sides are “at it” as Liverpudlians are won’t to say.

I was thinking of this macro-scale symptom of the Global heist yesterday as I emerged dazed from a meeting with Gambian mobile calls supplier Qcell, second in the market here to Africell. I had over several months invested nearly 1200 Dalassie (about sixteen Pounds Sterling) in local non-Whatsapp calls with at best pretty pathetic connectivity using Africell. Innately suspicious by nature, I called into the Number Two brand’s service centre and asked if, either in English or French as opposed to techiegobbledy confusabrit, they could help me.

To my astonishment, I learned the following:

  1. I had been given a sleight of hand trick three times in a row whereby, instead of giving me a new SIM card, the old Reglomobile French SIM had remained in place
  2. The third trickster must have known what the first two did, as they complied with the initial fraud
  3. My local number had to be changed as the one I’d been given was invalid. That says to me there is no way AfriCell management are unaware of the scam.

The guy at Qcell (refreshingly devoid of IABATO*) showed me the new card and insisted I witness it being inserted, also giving me the French SIM card as evidence with which to have a poke at AfriCell should I decide to. On every dimension imaginable, he was the epitome of openness, professionalism and easily understood customer service.

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official

These may appear to be random fragments, but they aren’t. In this next one, we mix both the macro monopolous mindset of global business with the micro user infuriation at having to deal with it.

Needless to say, Bill Gates stars in the documentary.

There’s no easy, euphemistic way to put this: he is a very odd individual who dropped out of his Ivy League degree course, and has a history of (1) screwing his business partners (2) force-selling his products to both trade and consumer alike (3) being involved in at best controversial uses of medication in the Third World (4) cosying up to sexual psychopaths with a long record of foul pimping (5) lying casually about his ‘innocent’ involvement in totalitarian approaches to Covid19 and (6) using his media power to assert a right to the term “philanthropist” alongside George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

As a blogger of nearly twenty years standing, my sole experience of Gatesism is that of a concerned individual trying to stop William Gates from raping my privacy – and hiding the violation behind a sandstorm of endless false testimony.

Microsoft has a search engine/browser called Edge. About five times a year, some geek somewhere comes up with another clever way of getting rid of Edge off the pc…millions of users having asked politely for such banishment. It takes Bill’s Sturmers about a fortnight on average to fight back and Gates-crash the party: you thought you kicked him out the scullery door, but then he emerges from the upstairs loo with that goofy grin on his wrinkly face. He looks as always like the very epitome of degradation.

For years, Bill Gates has lied to endless congressional committees about his tyrannical view of anyone with a pc daring to try and get rid of his 24/7 spy Edge and its predecessors….but nobody has yet nailed the lie. Given its existence is blindingly obvious, one is forced to conclude that puffing Billy has the resources to eliminate anyone who gets in his way. [The complete and copiously devious attempts by Microsoft to evade prosecution can be viewed in detail here]

But to most people’s surprise, the presiding Judge Jackson on November 5, 1999, issued Findings of Fact in one seminal case. His 207-page list of findings sided almost totally with the government. He found that Microsoft was a “predatory monopoly using unfair tactics against rival companies to crush competition”.

By contrast, what always surprises me about US “consumerist” law is that there is nothing at all to stop fraudulent forced choice upon consumers. Many American friends – good friends I might add – tell me I’m wrong, but I am sceptical: if they’re right, Microsoft’s evasion of responsibility via the blatant use of service-blocking software for over thirty years would surely have seen the company at the very least the subject of a criminal Class Act prosecution- or more justly, broken up in disgrace with its founder declared a social pariah.

What does it all mean?

The preceding items are, if you like, a roundup of what qualifies as ‘Hot Injustice’ in our lives in the near past and present. Before you get over-optimistic, I beg you to see what each of them – in various forms – represents as at least one symptom of where we are headed:

  1. Corruption by the unelected using taxpayers’ money
  2. Mainstream news media displaying indolence, neglect and State compliance
  3. Service employees cheating the consumer with the full approval of their bosses
  4. Gross monopolism exploiting the citizen
  5. Judicial bias ensuring zero redress for the citizen
  6. A solid front of military, surveillance, police, legislature, banks, bureaucrats, Big Pharma, Health researchers and Davos brats ignoring the concerns of The People.

It adds up to one gigantic global corporatocracy where profit, efficiency, valuation and media driven insistence on one or another form of invented absolute necessity squash any and all considerations of socially mutual, culturally creative personal privacy and individual philosophy that might add up to an alternative solution of greater value to all.

It’s a very small step from there to not only eternal top-down dictatorship, but in turn (given Silicon Valley’s obsession with Alternative Intelligence) the narrow and nonsensical idea that Homo sapiens’ future lies in transhumanism.

After a relatively short time of exposure to the cliched ideas, Star Trek costumes and repetitive assertions about happy nuzzignness of Klaus Schwab, one recognises why his disciples are almost exclusively the half-baked fantasists of Hollywood. None of this reality does any good for his cause, and so one is left wondering why the World’s mainstream media give him such a high profile.

If have felt for a long time that dear old Onkel Klaus is destined to take on a Fall Guy role….as indeed may Zelenskyy and Gates – should such wolf-feeding suit their book at any particular point.

The same cannot be said of the Infernal Smartphone, and the reason for that is simple: it will be used, at one and same time, as a form of mindless distraction, source of mendacious propaganda, repository for social points, controller of digitalised money and giver of orders once we are all ‘short’ of energy and food. Getting this particular vessel back into the bottle is a non-starter.

Further, a combination of ten years of twitter – alongside totalitarian dictatorial moves that barely cause either whimper or ripple among the vox populi – have persuaded me to accept (albeit reluctantly) that serious rioting is at best a long way off, and perhaps already too late to have a telling effect. Certainly, my own homeland is a lost cause; only a fierce personal patriotic memory keeps me nibbling at the ankles of Whitehall, GCHQ, perfidious NATO and the Beelzebubs of Brussels.

So all in all, it seems to me there are only three ways forward – and they are not mutually exclusive:

*The attraction of serious money to create an alternative to the internet that is completely unconnected to the monstrosity that currently exists

*The defection of all liberty-loving democrats to those benign Brics who are wary of, or actively oppose, the unipolar megalomania of the unelected US State complex

*Getting a full confession – complete with names and dates – out of one of the key players in the depopulation plot.

My inclination is also to step up the ‘DON’T COMPLY, COMPLAIN’ slogan because this is, at least, doing something that – having practised it and beaten the globalists – I can with personal experience and without question testify that it raises personal morale.

And so it goes on…..