The ignorant equality that is ‘one size fits all’

The nightmare goal of The New World Order is a few hundred thousand clone-slaves all equally capable of believing a daily diet of tosh, doing everything the Global State asks of them – and being kept docile and obedient by access to a Smartphone. Active participants in the black economy will be the social group most likely to stop the depopulators; but along the way, a lot of people will die needlessly.

The first really dopey pc term I remember coming across was ‘differently intelligent’, a phrase the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) used to describe kids who were difficult to teach and/or unwilling to learn. What they meant was ‘thick and disruptive’, and it was applied overwhelmingly to young Caribbean origin black boys. But any suggestion that a large minority of such kids gave off an air of truculently crass stupidity, and were in and out of trouble all the time, was simply dismissed by the fanatics at the ILEA as racist.

This would have been about thirty eight years ago when my elder daughter came of school age, and my first wife and I were doing the tour of State schools. The headmaster who showed us round the school didn’t inspire us in any way. We walked into one class that looked to me like a reenactment of the Zuly Wars. I asked what was going on, and was told, “This is a free expression time-out in which the children discover how to cope with the reality of similarity regardless of social class or race”.

“Er,” I began – with what I hoped was an encouraging smile – “there’s nobody in charge here”. I received a withering look in return.
“Of course not,” he said, “that’s the point”.

Another class followed, this one a year higher with the pupils learning to spell and add up. The teacher (an earnest young white woman with orange Afro hair, long floral print dress and the sort of boots I’d only ever previously seen on a Squaddy) asked “OK?” a lot – as if she needed the kids’ approval for everything to come in the lesson and asked various specific questions about numbers and letters. Most of the answers were right, and a few were wrong. The teacher smiled equally at all the answers given, regardless of validity. My largely privately educated wife looked puzzled.

“How do the children know if they’re right or wrong?” she asked.
The headmaster’s face gave off the kind of signals that suggested he might be sucking on an over-heavily salted Chinese dried prune, and replied, “They learn conversationally by talking to their colleagues in a naturally collegiate manner. Here, we believe firmly that confidence in authority will be diluted if it is too directly aimed at students. Under-5s can be scarred for life by being told they are wrong”.
The words this ‘educator’ used – colleagues, collegiate, authority, students and Under-5s – never once strayed into emotionally everyday words like best friends, learning, kids, confident, talent, discovery…and happy smiles as a result of it.

So it was that I – a lucky product of a free, highly-selective and commonsense mid 20th century State education – opted for private education for my kids. Leftist bourgeois friends barracked me for “selling out”. I developed a standard reply along the lines of “If you want to force your half-baked, busted-flush equality, one-size-fits-all unreality onto your kids, feel free”.
As Mark Twain said, “Some ideas are so crazy, only the highly intelligent would ever entertain them”.

Multiculturalism is one of them.

It was clear to both of us that the school was engaged in churning out undisciplined, inexact and yet herd-like kids with little or no motivation to discover anything off-syllabus or think for themselves. Since then, Left-leaning propagandists have managed fairly easily to persuade that generation to act and decide on the basis of duty, glitz, fame, and appearance rather than data, track record or content. Educators, the media and the security services have been able, with minimal opposition, to shift the fulcrum of liberty and independence firmly towards a major State-control advantage.

Now there are naturally herding rentagobs and those who avoid “the wisdom of crowds” on almost every issue: there’s nothing new in that. What’s changed is the blatant ease with which the Herd can now be panicked into aiming for sillier and siller goals that manage to be both unscientific and unnatural at one and the same time. They are the inheritors of what I have termed post-empirical analysis.

The dominance of politicised unthinking education, central banking, financial control over media opinions and the creeping privacy-invasion of telecoms and secret services met this amorphous mass, and spotted early (around the time of WOMD) that calls for “doing duty and working together against” bogey-men from Gadaffi via Sadam to Putin and Covid19 were both easy to organise and devoid of much in the way of noisy opposition from open-minded free thinkers.
“We’re all going to lose loved ones before their time”, “unifié contre le virus”, “your liberty is my millstone”, “anti-vaxx means anti-social”, “global threats call for global solutions”, “we’re all in the same boat”, “nobody is safe until everyone is vaccinated”….on and on went the ever more ludicrous drivel, and louder and louder came the aggressive calls from the Mob and the media for the isolation and vilification of those who stop, think and quietly choose not to comply.

There’s a very simple principle in play here.

As populations rise and State welfare goals fall by the wayside thanks to the selfish greed that underpins globalist neoliberalism, ideologues, spooks, other civil servants, pharmaceutical companies, Treasuries and health bureaucrats have gone off – more and more at a dizzying rate – in search of one size fits all.

This is an obvious goal for the Unelected – albeit utterly anti-social – in that they have tended for at least forty years now in the First World to see We The People as a nuisance ‘in the way’ of what they want to do – cut investment costs, raise taxes, reduce information gathering outgoings, hide from after-sales responsibilities, bully distributors and increase rates of sale via easy credit to hide the ever-falling real value of cash.

Modern history since 1970 has consisted of nonstop force-fitting of diverse populations into Supra-national blocs, dominant opinion groups and monopoly supplies of tech systemics:

*The European Union
*Permanent CIA-inspired War
*The NSA
*Severe legislature Party discipline
*Social media
*Mobile internet Smartphones

What we are engaged in at the moment is a barely hidden war on Homo sapiens citizens (who value the “sapiens” element and hold it dear) by propaganda-driven wolf packs manipulated by those who don’t actually like people that much.

The manipulators hide their genocidal insanity behind invented global problems – overpopulation, climate change, deadly viruses, demonic expansionists, divisive gender orientation, and human dead-end stupidity.

Hence the trans-humanism of Schwab, the idiocies of LGBTQ, the body language of Bill Gates, the half-baked distractions of Elon Musk, the New World Order insistence of the Blair Institute, the growing power of the WHO and the constant desire to post-rationalise control and surveillance of citizen movement.
Observe Zuckerberg’s robotic features, the shifty darting eyes of Zlenskyy, the empty robot that is Chris Whitty, the pouty-pervy boyish feminitity of Musk, the dictator complex of banker-President Macron, the dead expressions of the German Health minister Karl Lauterbach and the bogus blubbing of serial liar Matt Hancock.

All these power-crazed horrors are the natural enemy of individual creativity, discovery and liberty….because what they want is the self-interested myth of settled science and permanent monopoly in a world free from awkward Truths. One size fits all, and those that can’t find the Hutnummer they want must begone. Until, by sheer maths, one size does at last fit all. The self-fulfilling prophecy that genocide offers is once more within the Alchemists’ grasp.

But they are going to fail. It’s far too late now to stop millions of innocent deaths, but they are bound to fail because the garbage they churn out to protect themselves will be found out – not by the media, not by corrupt politicians, and not by confessions at first.
The clever conjuring trick will be shown up by what the 1950s Prime Minister Harold Macmillan called, “Events dear boy, events”.
There are manifold examples to support that view:

*The fake vaccines and make-believe boosters have largely been embraced by obedient idiots. One would’ve thought they’d be the very gullible sheep the new Master Race would like to be left behind when the smart folks are all dead.

*There will be very few non-materialist profound thinkers among those that Schwab insists “will have nothing and be happy”. Take away their miserable pittance on offer for the privilege of doing nothing, and you take away their trainers, telly-footie, pub and (irony of ironies) latest-gizmo Smartphone. They won’t be at all happy with any of it.

*The digitalisation of cash may try hard to be the one solution for all, but it can’t be. The Flying Red Carpets in charge of this caper don’t get out enough among the lower orders. In France (where the new euphemism is ‘informal economy’) the tax-evasion cash only travail sur noir is 15%, in Italy it’s 23%, and in Greece the stat is a whopping 37%. Absolute power depends on keeping around 85% of the electorate happy with the system. Digitalisation gets nowhere near that.

*Conversely, if genocidal removal of all “useless” opponents is the goal, surely someone needs to point out to those demanding we Build Back Better that, on a planet where those most likely to reject the bioweapons are the very same people who think the Old Normal is real and the New Normal isn’t, after all the culling has been effected the lunatics will still wind up with the same number of erudite critics….only their percentage of the New Normal Population will be much higher.

Furthermore, the Top Table will squabble: they will denounce each other, they will start to slag off each other’s belief systems…but if we do nothing, their internecine strife could wind up making the Earth uninhabitable for most species.
Overconfidence among the Resistance will increase the numbers who die innocent of any crime.
To keep those deaths to a minimum, our focus from here on should be to remind the cash workforce, at every opportunity, how they will be wiped out by the rich….and then become surplus to requirements.

Reducing this brief essay to its nutshell, this is a war between those happy to indulge in convenient blindness and genuine ignorance at the whim of the slave traders, and those who get exactly what the wannabe Demigods want – and aren’t having it at any price.
My own experiences of late suggest to me that the easiest group to wake up out there is the hand to mouth cash dealers….for want of a better phrase, the circumspect proles.