Enormous thanks to a Zambian Slogger for sending in this old Private Eye cover, which we have taken the liberty of updating slightly for contemporary audiences.

Yet more plaudits must go to Hislop’s Harassers, for in a 1986 Dear Bill letter – following the Westland Debacle – the fake Denis wrote:

‘Dear Bill,

Has the old girl finally lost
her grip, you ask. From where I’m
sitting I’d say the answer was un-
questionably yes, but don’t say I
said so. First she lets Tarzan go
rogue without lifting a pair of
secateurs to stop him, then she
throws herself across the body of
Lean Brittan when it’s been per-
fectly obvious all along that the
fellow was a wingeing arsecreeper
of the worst kind….’

Well, um. Yes, quite.

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