AAAARG! We are one positive Covid19 test away from Nancy Pelosi as President

If God is a Republican, then now is the time to declare his interest.

Something I omitted to point out earlier: we need to wrap Mike Pence up in cotton wool, really effective masks and if necessary sneeze-proof limousines as of right now.

Here’s why.

Were Pence to fall ill with Covid (or frankly, anything) while Trump is either incapacitated or dead, then the 1947 Presidential Succession Act would be triggered.

And said amendment places the Speaker of the House of Representatives next in the line of succession. This is how we wound up with Gerald Ford after Tricky Dicky in 1974.

Gerald Ford was a bloke who could fall over anything from his own speech to a sub-atomic particle on the White House lawn. But the current House Speaker is Nancy Pelosi. And compared to her, Ford was a Mustang doing 0-60 in four seconds.

If Mike Pence winds up testing positive for Covid, I’m declaring a bona fide 24-carat conspiracy.

Message ends.