Trump’s positive Covid 19 test – the Gamechanger?

As the President and First lady go into isolation, the 2020 US election could go wide open – or be stopped

In perhaps their dumbest move to date, the US MSM and Democrats have done little but condemn Donald Trump for “bringing this infection upon himself”. They’re being dumb because the most likely short-term outcome for the President is a wave of sympathy in many segments of the electorate.

For others in the Unelected State, however, this is manna from Heaven. If Trump recovers before November 3rd, he will have missed out on several key weeks of campaigning. Also, the Biden debates will now be cancelled….which will make the DNC extremely happy.

But if he gets worse (and a wave of sympathy cuts Biden’s lead) then Mike Pence will take over….so Democrat calls for the election to be cancelled could be deafening. Worse still, if a Trump survival is unclear, constitutionally the election would have to be stopped.

On balance, it feels like a win-win for the Fat Controllers.

The convenience of this infection is bound to raise eyebrows. In fact, Donald Trump failed, from Day 1, to understand exactly what HCQ is. The President has been taking it as a prophylactic, but there is no proof at all of its efficacy in that role. Hydroxychlorocine works best as part of a tried and trusted cocktail immediately following confirmed infection. It is a management drug, not a warder-off of evil spirits.

That said, the wilful ignorance of the media around the world in relation to HCQ is surpassed only by their utter detestation of the President. This is a clip from today’s Sydney Morning Herald site that spells out the script with venomous clarity:

‘Since the earliest days of the pandemic, Trump and other members of his administration have taken a cavalier approach to the pandemic. He said it would “miraculously” disappear and compared it favourably to the seasonal flu. He shunned mask-wearing for months and ridiculed his Democratic opponent Biden for wearing one. He held packed rallies, some of them indoors, against the advice of health experts and local officials. He sidelined top scientists like Dr Anthony Fauci and hyped up unproven miracle cures. He questioned the usefulness of widespread testing on the grounds that more tests produce more cases….’

It’s utterly propagandised rubbish from start to finish: Trump has been more accurate on the death toll than any of the “experts”. As a virus, Covid19 it is now obviously a seasonal cull and nothing more – and Trump is on the money about masks: good masks can work, but 95+% of those on sale quite obviously don’t.

Further, although he’s held packed rallies, he was socially distanced from the crowds. The idea of HCQ as an “unproven miracle cure” is an outright lie. And finally, Trump is quite correct to say that more testing produces more cases.

Donald Trump is not my favourite person, and he never was. But all the Dems do in terms of deconstructing the guy is tell whoppers. Is this the way the good guys behave now?

With media reports like this pathetic SMH article around, it’s not hard to understand the ludicrous élite hysteria in Australia and the blasé way in which citizen rights and economic realities are being ignored. There is an increasing sense of cordination about the Covid19 narrative – as indeed there has been from the outset.

The Herald specifically is a typical example of media concentration in fewer and fewer hands. It’s owned by Nine Entertainment, an omnivore that operates brands across news, business and finance, lifestyle, entertainment and sport. Its segments include Broadcasting, Digital and Publishing.

Its Broadcasting includes free to air television activities and metropolitan radio networks in Australia. The digital and publishing segment includes Nine Digital, including Nine Digital Pty Limited and other digital activities and Metropolitan Media, metropolitan news, sport, lifestyle and business media across various platforms. Its ‘prestige’ assets include the Nine Television Network, video on demand platform 9Now, and mastheads such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and Australian Financial Review, Domain and Future Women.

But this is the monster with which we must deal. The mayor of Middlesbrough has taken a stand against the Gates-lickers in Downing Street by refusing to implement the lockdown in his city, dismissing Manflu Halfcock’s decree and telling the media that the Health Secrtary’s decision was based on “ignorance, unreality and failure to define what a ‘case’ repesents”.

And he is, of course, correct. I wonder how long it will be before he too goes down with Covid19….