At the End of the Day

It’s a mixed bag of informed speculation, thank yooz, optimistic pessimism and occasionally entertaining horror tonight. Nothing of any great importance was revealed by the mainstream news media today (this is the New Normal we must learn to love) and so it is left to myself and a million other sites to write outrageously conspiranoid nonsense as defined and defamed by the Fakefinders General at The Blue York Slimes, The Whitewashington Ghost and all points south to Reuters Interruptus.

I wonder tonight, for example, if Homo sapiens has already evolved, but those of us who remain sapiens just haven’t noticed that Homo tardum [brainless] is here and among us. In jocular mode, some years back I did propose that, from here on, our progress will go into a reverse thrust involving prehensile tails, four legs and zero discernment. Sevral years later, I am at last starting to take myself seriously. Thus it could well be that Billy the Billionaire Gates is ahead of the game re this one, and his vaccine depopulation plans involve wiping out the sapiens in favour of the more malleable tardum.

This is unlikely, but not entirely daft: in just sixty years, evolution has all but eradicated those wisdom teeth required to chew hard on raw meat. Perhaps it’s only a small step to vapourising the wisdom thing too.

My own little bit of surviving wisdom in favour of elegant simplicity has driven me in recent days to attempt a strategy of signing up Sloggers direct, rather than via the censorious armies of anti-social media. I am pleased to tell you that the results have been spectacular, and the day may soon dawn when I can poke the pinched goblins in the eye, having freed myself from the dependence they so love to inflict upon us. The big thank you I offer here is for all the wonderful messages of support I received from those equally keen to receive the analysis they want, as opposed to the forced gavrage they get from the MSM.

Here’s some optimism: Coronavirus 7, Sars Covid 2 or Covid19 or whatever else the opportunists are calling it this week is nothing more or less than a new seasonal virus that doesn’t add to global death rates and largely culls antiquities like me who have enjoyed seven decades of unrestrained bacchanalia. This is normal, and part of the natural way of living.

Now for the pessimism: the oily rag Manflu Halfcock is incapable of taking this information on board.

Now for the extreme pessimism: our Prime Sinister understands this perfectly well….and is busy working for his paymasters in the bancassurance>Reset>Pharma binge>State Control space.

Across the House of Commons corridor kneels Britain’s envoy to AntifaBLM, Sir Clearly Starkers, with his New Message of Hope to a citizenry largely confused as to his identity. This was the opening part of his keynote message on Thursday this week:M

‘I went to one of our brilliant vaccine centres a few weeks ago. I saw something extraordinary. People arriving – by the dozen – with anxiety etched across their face. Many hadn’t been out of the house for months, but as our brilliant NHS vaccinated them, I saw their anxiety drain away. And they left with smiles – broad smiles – on their faces.’

It was an admirable overture in one overriding sense. For without fear or dissembling, Kire Royal made something crystal clear, with an uncompromisingly searing honesty, to all thinking Brits: he is going to be about as much use in the resistance to blocist mendacity as a chocolate penknife thrusting against the unwanted sexual intentions of Lucifer.

Other critiques: uncertainty about plural or singular faces; bzzzz…repetition of ‘brilliant’.

Further musing……I wonder how many Sloggers are beginning to suspect that inscrutable Beijing peeps are in fact firmly on board with the Covid>Reset>0.1% hegemony scam….especially in the light of the quite extraordinarily close ties the Family Biden enjoys with election hacking designed by Chinese persons to oust ‘Troublemaker’ Trump.

And finally, this from a lady writing for the Telegraph:

Words almost fail me re this one. If prioritising the health of the vulnerable old was achieved by dumping highly infectious Covid victims into care homes not just in one but in two lockdowns on the trot, then I’d hate to see what Plan B was. Further, I am unaware of any madcap schemes to expose schoolkids to the 1 in 10 million chance of them dying from Covid19.

This morning, I wrote an excoriating response to the Torygraph editor’s request for me to offer an opinion about recent coverage at this once proud masthead. I suspect he gave it about as much attention as he did to Molly’s extremely odd column.