Rothschild + Sedwill + Reuters = the continuing Covid19 enigma

Do global connections matter, or are they just random dots joined up by crazed conspiranoids? This is the story of an infamous senior UK civil servant, a bank with a track record of monied elections, and a news agency that creates fake news to smear leaks of information from the Resetters.

The Slog has probably done as much as anyone to alert the British public to the existence and activities of Sir Mark Sedwill. In the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, he conspired via his creature Olly Robbins to variously sideline elected UK negotiation officials and undermine the aims of Brexit. When Covid19 “appeared”, he wheeled out three-time loser Neil Ferguson to alarm everyone. As head of the Civil Service, Cabinet Secretary, and Chief Liaison with the UK security services, Sedwill was the most powerful bureaucrat in British history. He has a long and well-established track record of counter-intelligence effected while in the diplomatic service.

As Boris Johnson went down with Sars-Cov2, Sedwill’s attempts to derail Brexit became overt, and on his return, Johnson took the decision to shuffle him off to EUNATO….but Sir Mark insisted on keeping the watching brief on Covid in his role as Head of Biowarfare Intelligence. The clear suggestion there (that Covid was a weapon) went unremarked by the mainstream media.

But Sedwill was soon back in London, working as a Board Level adviser to Rothschilds Bank. An odd career move at first sight….but not when you look at the institution’s history. French President Emmanuel Macron rose rapidly through the ranks of Rothschilds and retained a very close relationship with them….just as he has with controversial Pharma giant, Sanofi. A relatively obscure socialist politician until seven years ago, Macron was chosen by his former employers to run for the Presidency.

The Bank’s influence among the leading French media (and the vast sums it funnelled into the Presidential campaign of Macron and his new Party France en Marche) ensured that the candidate and his photogenic wife Brigitte were plastered all over every news title and magazine in the run up to the election: I was in Paris throughout the period – the unstoppable snowball of laudatory profiles and photo-ops was absolutely blatant. It quickly became clear who Macron’s sugar-daddy was, but the revelations were buried in the landslide of image creation.

Emmanuel Macron worked harder than most to kill Brexit, because that was the job for which he had been selected – to become the EU’s hard man and resist all attempts to destabilise the Union; and in domestic politics, to strengthen the French economy through “neoliberal reform”. Covid19 dropped out of the sky and into his lap, allowing him to use lockdown regulations to blunt the growing power of the Gilets Jaunes – who objected to these reforms.

But did Covid19 simply drop out of blue-sky left field?

The online news site Silview Media last year dug up two lots of patents initially applied for by the Rothschilds in 2015 (Netherlands) and 2017 (United States). These were for the biometric testing of medical patients; in Spring 2020, the initial applications were then converted to name a specific virus…..Covid19. Rum sort of work for a bank to be involved in, you might think, no?

Enter the third element in this tale, the news agency Reuters. For more than six months now, The Slog has been monitoring Reuters as a default go-to when Establishments need to smear the leakage of awkward information – or monger fear in relation to….Covid19. A couple of weeks ago, Reuters published a “story” about coffins spilling over into the street outside a London funeral director. It was entirely false. A few of us began tweeting at top volume about the fakery. The next day, the Reuters post became an Unstory: gone, disappeared, no longer there, never existed, oops 404.

In December 2019, Reuters launched a journalism “course” in a joint venture called Deepfake with Facebook (that bastion of censored Truth and disappearing members) designed to offer guidance to hacks, given that “more than half (55 per cent) of people around the world are concerned about their ability to separate what is real and fake on the internet….Organisations around the world are increasingly alarmed by the spread and impact of misinformation on society, said Jess April from Reuters.”

Organisations like, you know, just at random, say – for instance – plucking this out of the air after running it up the flagpole – Rothschilds Bank. So Reuters went to town on the Silview post, tearing it limb from limb. There was just one problem: Silview rebutted it in detail. The case is now a legal issue. I do recognise that Silview is a relatively small operation, but its rebuttle is hard to fault

Before concluding, let’s just summarise what we’re looking into here. A senior corporacrat conspires to overturn a historic referendum, and give his country’s main negotiating rival an easy way to deliver an outrageously perverted version of Brexit. He is quietly banished but retains a biowarfare role. A large anti-Brexit bank that got EU anti-Brit vrai dur Macron elected President then shows signs of having had advance knowledge of planned potential biowarfare. Spooked by the news leak, it hires Reuters – a news agency with a track record of lying about Covid19 deaths – to smear a story about them taking out virus patents in 2015 and 2017. The Reuters ‘fact check’ turns out to be fake. At this point, the bank turns to a more skilled smear-merchant: the prodigal corporacrat banished to NATO – whom they hire as an adviser based close to the action of London’s response to biowarfare.

All of which brings us up to date: hugely powerful politically interfering bank hires hugely powerful NATO blocist alongside hugely powerful media agency smearing opponents of (go back to ‘All’ and begin again).

What on Earth could possibly be malign about what they’re up to?