SCARE, “PROTECT” & STEAL: the final Act approaches


The darker the economic and bourse signs get, the more moves to “normalise” terror start popping up. We are getting close to the stage where fear of Armageddon has to be multivariate for two reasons: first, to excuse the sudden severity of multinational coups d’état and bourse failure; but also second, to help build the eventual myth that life before the Reset was far too dangerous…but “now”, our new guardians have made everything so much better.


When a government issues a piece of truly awful and unease-inducing news (and shows no sign at all of trying to wriggle-spin or distract) then it’s near-certain they were the ones who put it out there. There are few times more dangerous and pernicious than those when the “political” élite seems to be willingly shooting at its feet.

At the last count, there were allegedly 18,700 known Islamist nutjobs at large in Britain. That count was yesterday morning updated to read 46,000. Hard to imagine exactly how that happens under closed borders, when the country has been on anti-terrorist red-alert for over a decade. But then, we know, do we not, that boatloads of largely bull-male “refugees” are being picked up from floating dinghies in the Channel, and housed on the British mainland, every day.

Much easier, however, to imagine what a great excuse that is for strict curfews, armed soldiers patrolling streets – and posters about spotting suspicious activity. In yesterday’s Slogpost, I warned of the new wind-up of climate “emergencies”. As you’d expect, The MI6Times went Full Monty with burning forests, cascading oceanic plastic, carbon dioxide and Britain’s Green Wave into a Zero-riddled future.

Sea levels swamping London and deadly killer invisible mutants not enough for you? No? How about a football crowd of Scimitar-wielding zealots careering about from one head-severing fest to another…..

If you like (just in case you’re made of far sterner stuff than that) we could always slip in “horrific” evidence that new Covid19 leveller-of-mankind variants look like they’re more than capable of spitting on Astrazeneca vaccine as they leap in the manner of Olympic level Brazilian swamp frogs from one innocent mask-wearing teenager to another. It’s nothing more than a virus mutating on steroids in the face of delayed herd immunity (it’s what they do – you read it here nine months ago) but City AM made the most of it on Monday morning. No doubt by next weekend it’ll be called the South African Slamdunk. Raab will be summoning SA diplomats by the limo-full to complain about this disgraceful traffic in illegal viruses.

Meanwhile across the Pond, Uncle Joe the inappropriate Hollowman is shooting for a distraction so potentially nuclear, serial bourse meltdown across the planet will seem as nothing by comparison. Every week – perhaps every day – that slippery Vlad Putin seeks another dastardly way to break out from the prison he so richly deserves. Why? Well, because he meddles of course – I mean, he doesn’t just meddle, right? He meddles in an expansionist way. It’s expansionist, do you see, to push back against encirclement, and want to keep Crimean ports that were Russian long before there was a United States of America.

Sometimes, his meddling is so expansionist, it takes place on American soil….in the shape of a diabolical plan to steal back elections being reclaimed from the closet Commie homosexual Trump by the Biden’s better back-building. Read this excerpt from Bloomberg and marvel at the mentality:

‘The US is determined to fight back against Putin for hacking and election interference, Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border, the health of imprisoned dissident Alexey Navalny, Russia’s worsening involvement in the conflict in Ukraine and the poisoning of former Russian agent Sergei Skripal in the U.K…..’

You have to hand it to Vladimir, he puts in a full day’s work. He masses things, he worsens involvements, he conflicts Ukrainians and he poisons traitors. The bastard.

“This wild-eyed monk Rasputin,” Nine-star General Newton Q. Napalm told CNN tomorrow, “uses evil powers to protect himself from poisoners, multiple bullet wounds and being thrown into icy rivers by brave Russian freedom-fighters who favour Tsar Nicholas. It thus follows that nothing less than a nuclear response to this provocation will suffice”.

Putin….latest picture

Be reassured that this latest photoscoop (left) from the New York Times pulls no punches when it comes to the Russian Threat. In today’s lead story there, Zach Germstein concludes, “We now know that this deadly Russian impaler of babies single-handedly developed Novochok and its half-brother NovoCovid19, unless after next week we conclude that all viruses come from Wuhan thanks to the fiendish cunning of those slant-eyed yellow reds and their despicable experiments on educationally subnormal bats”.

So now you know: these facts are based on carefully gathered evidence all of which must remain Top Secret, and all deniers of such facts will be declared insane and/or menopausal.

Yet in the midst of this, the not entirely as yet unbalanced Daily Telegraph ignores much of the claptrap; here and there, it suggests other things might be afoot:

He has a point, does our Mr Stevenson. Still too cautious – but fair warning nevertheless. Now for the reality.


It is obviously very important that those terrified by lies are protected from the Truth. So the truth of an economic system fleeced by bankers, bourse bubbles and fiscal incontinence must remain a closely guarded secret.

Frightened folks ask fewer questions. Quivering scared-to-death people accept more patsy rationales, however unfeasible, and are very easily distracted. Angry persons aren’t, and if they knew the Truth, alot of citizens would get very angry indeed. We need belief right now. Anger is bad and leads to unpleasantness. We must spare The People as much unpleasantness as possible.

There’s a lot of excrement queuing up for the ventilating machine at the minute. We need military distraction – see earlier. But above all, we need everyone to believe in Random Accident Theory (RAT).

Herewith some brown solids to be going on with. Regular Sloggers will recognise some of them as hobbyhorses so old they’re close to being glue.

The US stock market is currently trading at more than twice the level of underlying economic growth. Corporate profits are expected, but will not be forthcoming. This is a massive risk signal.

Price-earnings ratios are well over 20. That’s back to 1980’s silly stuff.

That infamous eyrie of Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase, has just issued data proving (to my mind, at least) that banks are stockpiling bulwarks against panic, nervous of intrabank lending, and highly unlikely to lend to traders desperate for margin-call cash. This is a heretical view based on my distrust of modern monetary theory (MMT) – you can take it or leave it: but it remains true in margin-call land that margin debt jumped by another $9 billion to $823 billion in March, having soared by $163 billion in five months, and having exploded by 72% from March 2020 and by 51% from February 2020 – ie, it’s growing and accelerating.

Last but not least, commodity prices have been rising over the last year – especially in grain crops, energy, and metals. Again, this is in anticipation of the predicted resurgence in growth. It isn’t going to happen, because the 0.1% are determined to ensure zero escape from Covid19 lockdown, mask and distancing policy. So determined, in fact, there’s no data the élite won’t ignore in order to keep the narrative vaguely intact.

For example, over the winter eleven US states ignored the Federal stay-at-home order and left people at liberty to leave their homes whenever they wished. Four – Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and South Dakota – dropped all restrictions. Observing deaths in the four states which imposed no restrictions at all over the winter, the average was 1,716 deaths per million – below that of those which imposed lockdowns (1,736). Florida reopened in the autumn, Georgia and South Carolina in the spring of 2020, and South Dakota never closed. Yet overall they have suffered fewer Covid deaths per million than the states which imposed stay-at-home lockdowns.

All lockdown produces is an excuse to slow down economies to dangerous levels of inactivity. It creates a patsy for Crash2. It will be blamed “on Covid”, but the immediate cause of disaster is a ludicrous overreaction to the virus…and the long term cause – serial financialised rape – will be forgotten once the media pile in with The Great Covid Crash requiring The Great Reset.

There is nothing random or accidental about any of it….merely the usual RATs scuttling the overladen ship.

This is no time to hide under the duvet. There are still many overconfidently psychopathic errors these loons might make. Macron, for example, is running out of time. The European soccer power-grab engineered by Jamie Dimon is based on arrogant ignorance and will evoke a fan backlash. Brussels continues to have no answer at all to either its vaccination incompetence (perhaps a lucky bounce, all things conidered) or its sluggish economies starved of investment….a situation – whatever the Remain fanatics suggest – that has been exacerbated by the loss of cash-cow Britain as an EU member. And of course, at the ECB, we have (in the shape of sunlounge season-ticket holder Frufru LaGarde) a helmsperson somewhat vague on the port, starboard, buttock and elbow stuff.

Mismanagement of the economic impoverishment process (through left field events or overconfidence) is still a reasonable bet. Pacifist legal, underground and unexpected grassroots crowd action can act as a catalyst for the removal of emperors’ clothes.

What we lack now is the will to organise effectively. I remain convinced that localised fleet-of-foot action is the best approach, and others are coming round to that view. Others still are developing ideas involving market research to ensure that the silent masses are both heard and encouraged.

Bon courage.

Perhaps this too is relevant