ANALYSIS: A Bought Prime Minister is selling us down the river

What follows is far from being “wild conspiracy theory”. There is multivariate chicanery at the highest level in the majority of First World States today. The elected are bent, and the unelected are jubilant. Conspiracy analysis based on behavioural evidence is a very different thing to bonkers conspiracy theory based on carelessly joined dots. The message to those who hide behind ludicrous “fake news” claims must be as follows: you stop conspiring, and we’ll stop analysing. We used to be on the same side, and now we’re not. You have a war on your hands.

It would be hard to exaggerate my anger at the casual display of knowing mendacity, put on for the benefit of those of us who are awake, by “Prime Minister” Boris Johnson on Tuesday evening.

I won’t drag you through all of it – the use of “absolutely safe” in relation to a partially approved fake-vaccine by his ‘Beautiful Assistant’ Top nursey Nickie was a particularly low-point – because a few bullet-points alone suffice to establish the depravity on display:

  • Boris announced that a “worldwide search” was to begin for “new drugs” that would “maybe one day” produce “a pill to act as an anti-viral” medicine once future infections with Coronavirus are discovered. At no time did he acknowledge the value of cheap, out of copyright drugs like HCQ/zinc and Ivermectin that do precisely that already. Oxford’s Peter Horby faked an HCQ failure and plastered the lie all over Twitter. When are the media going to skewer BoJo on this, and why haven’t they already?
  • Johnson then compounded the crime of omission by corruptly dropping the brand name Remdesevir (also much beloved of Horby) as an example of such drugs. That is complete tosh: Remdesevir is less than 50% as effective in trials as HCQ, and near worthless compared to Ivermectin. If Bojo and his retinue don’t know that, they should be fired. (They know it, alright)
  • Silly I know, but this servant of the Reset being unable to resist yet another plug for Build Back Better absolutely infuriates me. To watch the alleged national leader of my birth country behaving as if he might be a sponsored football shirt is more than a pacifist can bear. He plugs Astrazeneca in the Commons – literally, a half-baked, incompetently developed and falsely presented “vaccine” – bigs up a rubbish drug like Remdesevir, blocks any discussion of inexpensive formulations that work, and covers up every turpitude that stands in the way of his goal.

Boris is not following the science, he is following two other things: money, and orders.

Yesterday came leaked emails to show what a sheister Johnson is – promising Sir James Dyson he would ‘fix’ a tax rule so the tycoon’s staff could help make ventilators for the NHS….without any recourse to the medical ifs and buts surrounding their use in the treatment of Coronavirus.

By following orders, Boris makes money for the 99.9% who are not us. And by following money, he puts lives at risk – and good social policy to one side – in favour of self-enrichment.

Manonthemake Hancock is made of the same brittle yet harmful social asbestos. But Parliament, Opposition leaders and Tory Bigbeasts are staring up their backsides while Sir Humphreys, spooks, bankers and globalist pharma take back every civil right we have ripped from the grasp of tyrants over a millennium. They are thus complicit in the destruction of democratic liberty – and deserve no repect from us until such time as worms start to turn: and really mean it.

It’s an almighty mess; and of course, part of a global hegemonist agenda. But at times, accepting that conclusion evokes the response, “What on earth can little old we do about that?”
And the answer is, “Sabotage at all levels until even the smallest vessel we sink spells the failure of the Armada”.

Enough brave words and rhetoric: two days ago, I sensed that both the econo-fiscal clues and the renewed media fear build-up were spelling out that the time for organised action is at hand. Perhaps I’m wrong: but better to be ready early than despairing too late.

My view is that we have no more than 9-10 weeks to put something together; and as things stand, this isn’t the medium in which to scope things out. Peaceful resistance now needs to go from public national complaint to private grassroots plans….and I have no doubt at all that the same applies in the US, in Australasia, and much of mainland Europe.

To help in this endeavour, you need to do two things: first, get yourself a protonmail account to ensure that the surveillance State can’t see the content; and second, write to me on

The push-back starts here.