A D, I, V, O, R, C, EEEE.

Divorcegate…..what can it mean?

Millions of Anglophone and European countries are waking up this morning to the news that the Gates are divorcing. Perhaps Bill’s friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein opened his eyes to other possiblities. Or maybe there’s a lot more to it than that. Divorce, after all, comes in all the sizes and all the colours.

Last January, I noted in a post here that “breaking free” in one form or another was a trend at the top end of the gigarich. Elon Musk and then Jeff Bezos left their respective foundlings among hints of fondling elsewhere – Musk to focus on climate change, and Bezos to devote himself to Artificial Intelligence. Also notable was the departure of The World Economic Forum’s Robert Greenhill to join Trudeau’s Intruders alongside Resetter Mark Carney.

Eric Schmidt then split with Google to become Green alongside Musk. And before breaking up with Melinda yesterday, Bill Ionaire resigned from his last corporate positions with Microsoft and Buffet to devote himself to replacing travellers’ virus-threatened lives with captive depopulating vaccines.

Mark Zuckerberg is the one exception, although in his latest “outlook” crystal ball effort he does hint at spending a lot more time on Augmented and Virtual reality – AR & VR. It could be he figures that real reality will be so unpalateable, many people will turn to escapism. The idea of Zuckerberg as the Busby Berkeley of our time is a surreal one, but not entirely daft.

For myself, I have a strong sense that the Gates split has been long in gestation: the couple no longer live together, and in a very real sense (typical of the icy nature of his inner self) Bill has been “planning” how to change the world through LAS surveillance and population control for at least ten years. Like the others described above, he has now made the last shift out of clutter into a Big Focus – the Great Reset, and his role in it.

I do now think it entirely possible that all this desk-clearing by the Davos set is connected. As connected, in fact, as Build Back Better as a slogan, MSM defections to the State around the world, and the systematic anti-management drug smear/censorship campaign that gave a free ride to Big Pharma in general and vaccine vacuity in particular. Like so many Hitler henchmen and Gauleiters, the BSDs are preparing to have their own portfolios in the New Order – AI/Transhuman technology, control through Climate hype, Health-danger hype, digitalised and satellite ID….as well as the ultimate goals: final wealth seizure followed by a digital currency fascism that results in Global Hegemony.

The coloured folks in this pile of loosely-arranged wood are Islam, China, Russia and dissent. The neocon loons around Biden, the CIA, NATO, the euroarmy and bourse-based banking think they have factored all this in. But have they really?

I have my doubts. Islam, China and Russia are all also highly controlling top-down dictatorships presiding over a largely hidden fragmentation of competing sects, cultures and languages. Biden is trying to build the same in the US, as are the federalists of Brussels. It’s all counter-cultural for a pack species like Homo sapiens…..and swivel-eyed Jihadism is equally unpredictable.

The fiscal and financial Left Field is complex and crowded: the scheme to hide further wealth transfer and control behind climate emergency and viral pandemic sounds very neat on paper, but in real life the chronic debt, rising inflation, precious metals, EU bankruptcy, French faillite and increasingly wobbly Covid19 narrative point to a potential swarm of chaos.

Divorcees have a habit of forming seemingly unlikely new relationships. No option for alliance – good or bad – should be dismissed out of hand…..nor, I suspect, will it be.