WANTED: heroic antidotes to evil State mendacity

I wonder, has there ever been a greater lying bureaucrat than Anthony Fauci? Yesterday, he pulled every tired stunt in the book to answer a question on ABCNews with these words:

The fact is, if you get infected, even if you are without symptoms, you very well may infect another person who may be vulnerable … So in essence, you are encroaching on their individual rights.”

The question was about Republican governers in states like Florida and Arizona refusing to mandate the gaining of vaccination or the wearing of masks. Predictably, Nosforatu fell back on the often-used abuse of John Locke’s definition of “self-regarding and other-regarding” actions – about as big a philosophical deceit as one could imagine, given that thinker’s views on individual liberty – which had a huge influence on the Republic’s founding fathers.

Locke’s point was that tyrants would always exaggerate the seriousness of any socio-political situation in order to suspend Civil Rights. This is precisely what Faustus then proceeded to do: he talked of “surging cases” and the “unique ability of this virus to keep on mutating”, the “very serious public health threat we now face”…all adding up to the “let’s not kill granny” accusation. Lord Anthony of Pharmafia knows perfectly well that with every mutation, infectiousness is increasing and deaths are falling; that the masks most people wear are pointless; that the vaccines don’t stop spread, aren’t vaccines at all in the accepted sense – but do have the most shocking side-effects, mortality rates and long term Cytokinic risks of any drug in American medical history.

Fauci is a greedy little fanatic who wants permission to do stuff from here on without asking permission any more. That is, almost to the letter, precisely what Locke feared.

Yesterday, Arizona had 2,306 new cases and five deaths.

Yesterday, Florida had no new cases. The New York Times called this outcome, ‘a Delta variant disaster in the name of freedom’.

“Doh…er…. hey, Herbie…this yer know this Delta stuff sounds like bad shit, whaddya think?”

“Look Danny, this is a war, right? Freedom, shmeedom, you wanna be dead and free?”

The continuing central theme of admin>politico>media whores in this disgraceful farce is, “In the light of this uniquely deadly threat, we reserve the right to do stuff whether you like it or not – with or without your permission”.

In the wider sense, this tactic has been creeping into our lives for many years. Six years ago, while I was in Spain EDF turned up unannounced at my French property, trashed a stretch of hedging and replaced an old telegraph pole with a giant concrete monstrosity. They made no attempt at repair, and when I complained – guess what – it was all in the interests of a more reliable electricity service for everyone. (“So stop being so selfish”)

Six weeks ago, I drew out a cash sum at an ATM, and suddenly found a 5% surcharge. It’s now universal across France. Did you see that debated anywhere? Do you remember voting for it? By what right do they pocket five euros without explanation….that’s stealing isn’t it?

Last year, every householder in our area was given a unique key to the food waste bins. I went along with it as some sort of ‘progress’, until the end of the year came and I got a bill for €82.90 on top of my refuse collection facture..refuse the State doesn’t collect at all here, by the way – we have to take the stuff to the bins ourselves.

The key had been used to monitor how many food refuse visits I made. Nobody asked in advance whether I was OK with the surveillance element. So I threw the key away; what I do these days is burn the ordures. What I’d like to do is find the author of this stealth tax and make him eat the ordures. While I watch.

Now – in both France and Britain – care workers in the State sector have been told they must be vaccinated. With an experimental vaccine that seems to be better at killing people than building herd immunity. This is to control a virus described by the CDC as follows

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

Even that anodyne description isn’t accurate – 99.7% will survive, and SarsCov2 is not “newly discovered” for the simple reason that its complete RNA profile has never been isolated, and cases with exactly known symptomology were around as early as 2017. Somebody or something then helped in the mutation process.

I don’t get pinged and ordered to self-isolate, because I don’t have (or want) a Smartphone. But the pinging, NHS strangulation, demolition of the holiday/airline business and compromised national infrastructure are all too obvious. Apart from being a paid tyrant, Boris Johnson is too lazy to think about minor details like cancer, expired driving licences and so forth….and so any service the citizens were getting has now been cut to shreds by notices that begin “Due to Covid19”. These remind one of life following Thatcher’s 1979 victory, during which all SNAFU was explained away by “Issacutsinnit?”

Only Sunak has put down a gauntlet in the shape of a sharply-worded letter to the PM saying, as good as, “we’re broke”. But then, that’s the idea. Biden and Harris in the US are in a similar boat – as is the Boy King here. The two things they all have in common are first, a willingness to take orders that will doom citizen power and free speech in their respective countries; and second, a top tier line-up that gives away the Alliance in play: Boris the Nazi has his Green partner, Joe the Hologram has his Red-Black VP, and Italy has its banker Draghi as the unelected Prime Minister.

A key factor in the success thus far of the Global Grab has been the heroic status afforded to all those in the frontline tackling this “deadly pandemic”. First of all, we were asked to clap for an NHS based on hospital overcrowding figures that turned out to be nothing more than media fearmongering. Then we were told that responses to Covid were all about “protecting the NHS”, but within a few months the government had blown three NHS budgets without breaking into a sweat…and cut off all access for longterm cancer patients.

Next came the dramatic “breakthrough” at Oxford Recovery (also a lie) and so we clapped all the self-enriching researchers there, while the law looked the other way on two bent-trial scandals, but everyone got a gong except Chris Whitty…an exception that still, I’m convinced, bears some serious investigation. Wherever these fanatics go – be it posh eateries or Wimbledon finals – others clap spontaneously.

In the US, Fauci the Fibber is lauded wherever he goes, as are his sidekicks who regularly demonise the unvaxxed and go on CNN et al to tell barefaced lies about what the real correlation is (or isn’t) between vaccination and reduced case numbers.

But among the contrarian realists, the true heroism of those that are standing up to the State never gets much traction, because the media lackeys dismiss them as dangerous cranks. This might seem to you a strange analogy, but what 6/7ths of citizens are doing is to applaud Rommel – with no interest in giving some oxygen to up-and-coming Montgomeries.

The analogy works, I think, because what the shadowy Gradgrinds in charge of this planetary contrick are aiming for is an unshakeable image of invincibility. And that was exactly what the Nazi armies had until Monty “knocked Rommel for six” – to use his own words.

Our Side badly needs a victory the media can no longer ignore. Because to my mind, a recurring feature of the Covid Trojan Horse has been a blurring of the line that usually exists between the elected Government and the State. But only 1 in 7 have spotted this.

Allow me to expand on that. I have caught myself more and more over the last eighteen months referring to Government actions as State actions….that is to say, the unelected bureaucratic view trying to win the day at the expense of the will of the electorate’s representatives. In a historical context, the difference is between the fate of Franz Kafka’s Mr K at the hands of a secretive clique of ethereal goblins in the novel The Trial on the one hand; and on the other, the central role of an independent magazine (Private Eye) in toppling a Tory Government crippled by dissolute scandal in 1963.

Today, the secretive clique that surrounds MI6/NATO/Banker apparatchik Sir Mark Sedwill is perilously Kafkaesque. In trying to block a citizen’s vote to leave the EU, Sedwill and his rabid blocist creature Olly Robbins conspired during 2018 to marginalise the elected David Davis. In effect, it was an attempted coup d’état that narrowly failed…but is building up its counter-attack. Lest we forget, Robbins went to Goldman Sachs, and Sedwill to Rothschild Bank.

Three years on, we are in the slippery, icy grip of régimes where the bureaucracy is calling the shots by using the power it has attained thanks to a revolving doors relationship with globalist banking and business; but the elected Executive of the State simply take orders from the moneymen, and the elected legislatures dutifully rubber-stamp those commands.

Ergo, there is no longer a sovereign elected Government: there is only a dictatorial State. The two have merged, the Government is a sham, and The People come last.

We need some high-profile heroes to begin the long process of pushing back the State (with its cynical adoption of Red, Green, Black and Grey rationales for Blue fascism) and all the ideologues with their settled this and post-empirical that.

Reiner Fullmich is one, Sherelle Jacobs another. We have been let down too often by gutless celebrities, and “rebel” politicians who fail over and over again to live up to their early promise. Enough of gobby nine-bob forgeries: our freedom quest is crying out for a genuine million Pound note.