At the End of the Day

Two internet service agreements I cancelled during June this year announced in emails to me today that automatic renewal was about to happen. Two days ago, Fauci & Biden announced that the Pfizer vaccine now enjoyed “full aproval”; it was a lie.

I spent – that is to say, wasted – 25 minutes this morning blocking hookers on my Skype, Facebook, WordPress and Twitter accounts. All of those virtue-signalling “service providers” take prurient positions on web ‘predators’, fake news peddlers, rape gangs and paedophile rings – announcing at full volume that they have a “zero tolerance” approach to such unthinkable ghastliness. But if enough pimp money is made available, they dive into the cesspit with alacrity.

This afternoon, the London Times posted this (left) utter nonsense in support of the Climate Emergency fear-scare. The summer down in South West France has been the coolest and most cloudy for 90 years. Farmers in that region are worried that their soft fruit simply won’t ripen. I should know about this stuff – I live here.

Casual petty digital crime, daily vaccine safety lies, blind eyes to vice, hypocritical condemnation alongside full acceptance of profitable depravity. So this is the New Normal, right?

Well, I have news for you: some of this ‘new’ was normalised a long time ago.

There were no weapons of mass destruction.

Tony Blair viciously abused the British Rule of Law about Arab arms corruption.

Peter Mandelson lied about thefts undertaken during the Easter Peace agreement.

Jeremy Hunt lied to the House about his role in the attempted Sky takeover of BSB.

David Cameron lied about what was discussed over Christmas Lunch with senior Newscorp management about that takeover.

Boris Johnson lied about Newscorp hacking of celebrity phones, and tried to pervert the Met Police enquiry into it.

Theresa May lied about how her EU Withdrawal Agreement had been negotiated.

Boris Johnson lied about pretty much everything in the Skripal “poisoning” case.

Matt Hancock lied to the House about the approval given to the Astrazenica “vaccine”.

It’s time we all got real. There is no New Normal Coming. There is only a feeble rebranding of the Existing Abhorrent.