There is an old saying, in the unprepossessing circles I frequent, that goes, “When things get tricky, whip out your organ”. Clearly, President Biden – a man rumoured to have a track record of inappropriate genital displays – is taking this advice to heart. When asked an awkward Presser question on Afghanistan a couple of days ago, Joe suddenly said, “listen to this” and promptly went down on the lectern. I use that expression accurately, because his face slumped, made contact with a mouth organ and launched into the theme music from Titanic.

It wasn’t so much inappropriate as irrelevant and cringe-inducing surreality. As the cameras switched nervously from the baffled journalist to Biden, then to a woman looking at her shoes and then back to the Presidential blow job, Joe stuck mercilessly to his task. Obviously – because some musical accompaniment chimed in once he got going – the stunt had been planned in advance; that is, the asylum medical staff who follow him around knew he was going to do it.

The reaction of most people to that fact would probably be, “What were they thinking of?”, but for me (a seasoned commentator on élite duplicity) it once more confirmed what I first blogged back in March – that Biden is only understandable in the context of tragic-comic self parody….and the corporacrats would soon shuffle him quietly off to a place where life is beautiful all the time.

For a time shortly after his inauguration, I was seriously wondering whether the new President was in fact a triumph of the taxidermist’s art combined with miniaturised hitech locomotion. But closer examination showed me to be in error: there was in fact life in the old dog yet – just not as we know it, Jim.

My conclusion after this latest tableau – most of which has already been unhappened on YouTube – is that President Harris (of the worst ever rankings) may be coming soon. This is not an outcome I welcome: faced with a choice between that and Joe’s mouth to organ act, I’d obviously prefer the latter. In fact, I’d settle for just the mouth organ.

Still, it sets the theme for today’s piece, which is all about expendability.

Yesterday’s Sunday qualities had one major missing element: Covid19. There are, I think, varietal reasons for this, so let’s get to it.

On the broader globalscam scale, it’s been evident for a couple of months now that the Coronavirus/they’re vaccines really nonsense is running out of road – or, more accurately, running out of diversions about mutants, variants, cases and so forth. C19 is not due to bats flapping about in wet markets, nor are the “vaccines” able to render people fully immune or non-infective, nor are the tests even remotely reliable….and crucially, a virus that could no more cull a new-born baby seal let alone wipe out the human race isn’t going to cut it longterm as an excuse for digitally controlling the movements of mass populaces. Well, to be precise – it can for many, but a sizeable minority will resist.

The woodentop denialists will continue on their insouciant wander up the garden path anyway, but a new set of horror themes are sorely needed by the Frighteneers. Three weeks ago, it became obvious that the ‘Global warming is turning the Earth into flames from Hell’ campaign was under way – indeed, it still is. Some bizarre reporting from the Reuters-to-Bloomberg BS machine only yesterday, for example, included that ‘sizzling hot 31° Europe’ is now a reality. In south European terms, 31° at this time of year is fairly normal, but what really poked my crap-sensors very hard was a piece of fiction from Microsoft “news” asserting that ‘in South West France, temperatures have been so far above normal, the prunes are being harvested early’.

This isn’t just wrong, it’s the antithesis of the problem: Aquitaine has had the wettest Spring and coolest summer since records began. I live there; the temperature has rarely been above 27°, not a single one of my neighbours is harvesting soft fruit yet, and my pool remains stubbornly cold. Now fair enough, I do realise that nobody ever launched a global charity to raise money for a heated swimming pool, but that’s not really the point: naked, jet-black lies like that are being featured alongside pictures of Aquitaine fires with Macron flying to the scene to thank our brave pompiers. So there’s one clue as to what it’s about. Every major medium on the planet is now running Earth-on-fire stories that either don’t add up and/or bear no relation whatsoever to climate changes.

Scaredycat Phase 1 is moving onto Phase 2, and the emergency this time is OMG OMG, we’re all going to be barbecued (aka, lots of dumb ESG rules to wipe out yet more competition and keep those levitating markets walking on air like a cartoon coyote).

However, word reaches me that some initial surveys have been conducted by the Sprouts of Brussels, and the early signs are that Phase 2 is bogged down in a muddy trench of indifference. Meanwhile, across the Channel in merrie olde England, new Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been doing some due diligence and discovered why Mad Halfcock may well have been very glad to make a discreet retreat out of the limelight.

The issue (as you’d expect) is with the usual suspects involved on the Oxford Recovery-Astrazeneca hoax, sorry, development. Javid is a wizard with the numbers (so was Hancock, by the way) and has known the full dossier of potential dynamite surrounding death and injury from their vaccine for some time. Among the contents is the now published horror of 93 birth defects as a result of being jabbed while pregnant with the AstraZeneca jab, and very same jab responsible for adverse reactions now totalling 816,393 – both numbers far higher than any other formulation.

This is why our Sajid has been busy cancelling AZ orders and switching rapidly to the Pfizer product.

In short, the ‘British Oxford Miracle’ packaged for the ever-compliant MSM is shaping up to be finally revealed as a can of wriggling tapeworms. Germany, meanwhile, has once again stopped all vaxxing, as has Denmark.

With the Covid narrative turning toxic and the Climate thing largely evoking yawns, the new scare-story of choice has become Afghanistan. This involves throwing Biden to the wolves, and adds further to the evidence of his expendability via mouth organ fellatio demonstrations. But for the Brits, a very important further element is now being put under the spotlight: the high chances of a terrorist backlash in Blighty itself. More guns, bigger bombs and guess what, more security. I would venture to suggest that, in Europe as a whole, this will be grabbed tactically as an excuse when the money-grabbing digital bank robbery starts to hit the fan.

In the States, this is more likely to play out as Russian/Chinese cyber attacks – see last weekend’s Slogpost. In the UK and EU, the threats will be conflated together….to potentially very powerful effect.

This may not be simply catastrophic for personal freedoms, it could very easily turn into hot wars involving heavily armed civil strife in the US – and NATO v Russia in the European theatre. And lest we forget, do bear in mind: these people are psychopathic megalomaniacs suffering from acute over-confidence in their ability to retain control of potentially uncontrolable futures.

More than ever, the active organisation of a counterforce is turning one of naked survival for all of us.

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