THE SATURDAY ESSAY: believing the State will damage your health and your wealth

Don’t smoke the dope

Why the Resistance to compulsion needs a Plan B to combat the Big Switch-off

Some readers may have noticed that last night, Wikileaks dumped a huge file collection onto the internet. It’s another step forward on the long trek towards educating the citizenry on the subject of what all governments do behind your back on behalf of the Giga rich.

It comes hot on the heels of David Malone’s documentary about the origins of Covid19 in the Wuhan context last weekend on Channel4 UK.

I was a little disappointed by some of the ex cathedra comments at The Slog trying to position Malone as some kind of Establishment “useful idiot” in the Leninist sense. Having admired him from afar for many years, I can only suspect that the reason we get on so easily (while often disagreeing here and there) is that he’s very close to being the incarnation of my ideal “the Radical Realist”. David would never be a member of any Establishment that would offer him membership – and while he is de jure culturally useful, he is as far from being an idiot as Boris Johnson is from being George Washington.

In getting this documentary to air – especially via Channel4, the home of slavishly correct Lord Jon Snowdon – Malone scored a major success. And in the teeth of lawyers laying eggs and suffering vapourous attacks at the content, although he himself is disappointed that more liars were not nailed, major punches were landed during the broadcast.

For example, despite the multivariate facedness of Anthony Fauci the Moving Truth Target, for my money the film established once and for all the very clear NIH involvement in the Wuhan team’s alleged “gain of function” research into what one might call – for want of anything more exact – the original Covid Batmobile.

Equally, however, some of David’s witnesses – most notably, I think, Nicolai Petrovsky the immunologist (despite his name, a card-carrying American) – asked very awkward questions about what the aim of that “function game” might have been.

Petrovsky talked persuasively about why SarsCov developments were used on “genetically humanised mice”. His clear pronouncement below was, to say the least, suggestive:

“Covid19 does not attack any other species like it does Homo sapiens, and that is most abnormal”

Thus, the two great services the documentary performed were (1) to make it highly likely that Covid19 was engineered in a lab; and (2) the resultant escapee had all the elements within it required for something to be used as a geopolitical bio-weapon.

Any and all motives beyond that are up for debate. It might be a good idea to ask Sir Mark Sedwill what he makes of it; but of course, one couldn’t place much faith in the answer – if any.

Every journey begins with a single step. Malone’s film takes two – it exposes the original “natural occurence” narrative as a knowing fake; and it rightly asks what the gain of function was – socially preparative medicine, or weaponisation.

That we still have at least some media access is a blessing. But those who are awake – the empirical antithesis of woke – remain concerned that, when the Great Reset is ready to rock n roll, things are going to move beyond casual everyday censorship disguised as “fact checking” (or the odd deplatforming here and there) into full-on repression as the 0.001% make cover for their little disappearing trick. That is, the conjuring of absent money substances into “Really – we were only protecting you from nasty cyber attacks….scout’s honour”.

This is an extract from an email I sent to one or two close friends earlier this week:

‘….a sense of imminent doom will be essential to rationalise the [web shutdown]. I’m not sure ‘financial collapse’ alone will be enough. Equally, eco-disaster (even for the woodentops out there) won’t be credible given the timescale. An old-fashioned shooting war might be – but that’s like juggling radioactive isotopes: difficult to control. My money at the moment is on two things – perhaps both, probably just one. A new virus, and an invented cyber-threat…..On balance, if I was Them, I’d go the cyber threat route. Notable in last week’s investment/financial media was blather about “cyber attacks being the major threat we face” – Jerome Powell and others. The attraction of this route is obvious: 1. Much scope for demonisation of Russia and China  2. Ace excuse for switching off the Internet – “we have to block the attacks” 3. ‘Enemies’ take the rap to let bankers off the hook 4. Potential (not sure about this) to actually say there was no bailin, your money was stolen by the Cybernauts. Probably better to say, “We had to put the money somewhere else to protect you the customer because we’re by your side and blah blah blah”‘.

In the same way that today one needs only a few access points to get the social and news media into line, switching off the internet beyond Russia and China in 2021 would be a breeze. Plus, of course, the “traditional” media would still be there to “explain” to everyone what had happened and why. For the suspicious internet sphere, however – the fulcrum of potential resistance – the event would be a disaster.

Thus far, unmasking of the global psy-op has been 95% achieved in digital, non-MSM spaces. By and large, the route used has been to take the more bonkers end of “science” and debunk it. While I believe this has been effective in toughening the spines of the One in Eight, I doubt if many beyond that minority have been swayed away from lockdowns, masks, distancing, “vaccination” and all the rest of the paraphernalia. As all former admen know only too well, he who starts the narrative with very heavy funding will always have a near-unassailable advantage: and that reality is not made any easier by the fact that genocidal notions (like paedophilia) are so obnoxious for most people, they can’t even bring themselves to think about it.

Thus, the uphill climb we face is bad enough as it is; imagine if our resistance was transformed – by a plausibly ‘good idea’ – into one where our ability to transmit, share and investigate information was, at a stroke, removed totally. The climb involved would turn into an assault on the Eiger’s North Face armed only with hemp string and a garden trowel.

Some of you may recall a Slogpost from April 2019 in which I suggested that an eclectic range of visionaries around the world were engaged in what I called Personal Destiny Control or PDC. In that blog, I wrote:

‘Good has already come from the political irresponsibility, calumny and arrogance that have typified The Brexit Years: if nothing else, millions of ordinary Britons have woken up to the fact that they no longer live in a free-speech democracy….and that reality has also infected thinkers in other EU member States, who have finally had confirmed what they had long suspected: while the European Union was an excellent economic solution to regional wars as an idea, as a wannabe federal superstate in practice it has become yet another facet of human existence annexed by a ruthless and unaccountable corporacratic élite. The EU is no longer a force for good. It is merely a club driven by the belief in force.’

Of course, I didn’t see Covid19 coming. But what the astonishing success of this world masterclass in turning turning fear into mass psychosis has shown is just how centrally important the development of freedom from controlled media is. Yes, we do need a Mayflower2: but no, the place it takes us to can no longer be a physical territory.

This presents us with a very serious challenge – and precious little time in which to pull it off. Although the relatively small-scale Slog extra-digital movement UnderFire works offgrid, it is a slowburn idea about giving support to the unvaxed bullied, while discreetly persuading the ‘uncertain’ segment to read medical data, and thus convert to being a Covid19 sceptic.

Unfortunately, events are accelerating as the virus/vaccination meme begins to crumble. The rule-by-decree forces in the US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand appear (to me, anyway) to have decided the public will isn’t there to stop them – and if and when it appears, resistance should be dealt with brutally.

The time to organise more seriously is now – better late than never – but the movement’s starting assumptions from here on must include the essential ingredient, A Safe Haven comms network over which the goblins have no control. Last year, I felt this could well be Web3; but further enquiry into that flat p2p construct has left me unconvinced: too many gobbledygeek pointy-heads weebling on in fluent techie-speak – as yet unable you show why the idea would ever really be watertight against State infiltration.

Once again, we are back at PDC: the quest to control a vital medium of opposition. And it has to be off-grid from the digital internet. Yes, I know – in the timescale concerned, it’s a gigantic ask…but if code breakers in World War II could do it, so can we. Out there somewhere there must be an Alan Turing.

The difference this time is that we’re building an Enigma movement, not trying to crack an Enigma code.

What would be the role and mission of such an organisation? In all honesty, the one-word answer is sabotage….albeit on two levels:

  1. Against the means by which Resetters can drive the narrative of totalitarian takeover without any media-based contradiction; and
  2. direct frustration of the “switchgear” they use – that is to say, in one way or another, making the administration goals impossible to reach.

If we are smart about this, there is no reason for anyone on either ‘side’ to get hurt. But if that happens, then I for one will be unwilling to feel guilty about such an outcome: we the One in Eight have stood by thus far and watched in horror as, in all countries and blocs concerned, the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Bureaucratic, Police, Media and Intelligence players have gone for the Money and Power….so who the hell is looking out for the taxpaying citizens?

The answer is – as it probably always was – “Nobody – so it’s up to We The People”.

As always, it would be self-defeating to discuss tactics and targets online. But areas worthy of development would include:

Ambient media – that is, ‘outdoor’ advertising : fly posting at schools and vaccination centres and on trains/tubes, defacing official vehicles, Pharma offices and government posters constructively etc etc

Stunts – sides of buildings, airborne, occupations, key figure harrassment, vax-pass pub boycotts, traffic chaos

Banking – Concerted wihdrawals

Treasury – Organised delayed payment

Politicians – Constituency properties, MP surgeries etc

What I’m appealing for at this stage is for volunteers to do the following:

Audit all the Free speech/Liberty/anti-compulsion groups in a national setting

Hiring professional help to create one identity for all of them

Ideas for making State/Government life uncomfortable

Focus on a drive to all get ALL the laws, codicils and legal instruments tied to the 2020 Coronavirus Act repealed immediately

Suggestions as to which existing organisation would be the best coordinator.

Above all, everyone with ideas and technical experience in developing off grid/underground non-digital media to come forward. What one might call The 10-4 Project, nudge-nudge.

I know this has been a long read, and may seem at times to be vague and airy-fairy. But there really isn’t any other way to get this off the ground without hampering it from Day One….we should not give The Enemy any warning.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend