With a little luck (and a tad more sanity from the Western media) the collateral damage to New World Order BSDs from Putin’s swiftly managed intelligence-gathering occupation of Ukraine could be considerable. The Slog updates a rapidly developing situation

The theme of yesterday’s post here about bioweaponry and graphene output in Ukraine had two central themes running through it.

The first was that Putin’s occupation forces had caused only limited damage, and clearly had highly focused objectives – the most interesting of which were the 11 biolabs working in the pro-NATO sector of the country, and a concerted push towards Kharkiv in the North West region….named by The Slog as a hotbed of graphene development. The second was that – in New World Order terms – the Ukraine “crisis” has revealed an amazing degree of related activities from Covid “vaccine” lies, via mRNA graphene content through to transhumanism as espoused by the Bond villain of Davos.

Subsequent events in the last eighteen hours have pretty well confirmed these themes:

  • A week ago today, Vladimir Putin told the Russian Human Rights council that “certain people have been collecting the DNA of Caucasian Russians”. The harvesters seem to be NGOs with links to NATO and the Pentagon, and the operation is being seen by the Russian military as the start of a final stage in testing the efficacy of different toxic mixtures among the mainstream population. (This may indeed have been the intelligence that persuaded the President he could no longer just sit on the sidelines. The fear would have been a “disguised” bioweapon attack being prepared by NATO.)
  • A fishbowl-lens shot of the Kiev skyline taken yesterday shows very limited bombing damage there.
  • Although reports are conflicting, the balance of evidence shows that the Russians now hold all eleven biolabs, and the “graphene centre” of Kharkiv has fallen.
  • A series of smartphone videos and stills show Ukrainian armed forces voluntarily handing in their weapons.
  • NATO/Washington told the Ukraine leader Zelensky not to talk to the Russians, that they’d carry out this onerous duty themselves. Zelensky ignored them and agreed a peace conference that will take place today at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.
  • The MI6 HQ in London and the WEF building in Davos were flying the Ukrainian flag yesterday, with UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss supporting an EU People’s Army to fight against the Russian invaders. So there’s a clue in there of where our spooks and “leaders” sit re the dispute. Somewhere in Italy, NATO call-girl Federica Mogherini is enjoying a lengthy multiple orgasm.
  • Trading in the Pfizer and Moderna stocks has produced huge collapses in the valuation of both companies since the Russian occupation.

This last point is, to my mind, the most sensational element in this war to date. Last December, a Forbes’ headline read, “The Vaccine Maker [Moderna] Can Dominate The Covid Market For Years to Come”. In addition to the enormously profitable mRNA vaccines, Pfizer in turn is producing potent antivirals like Paxlovid, which could earn $22 billion in 2022 alone. But as the Ukraine sabre-rattling agitprop coverage began, Pfizer and its rival Moderna have seen stockholders rushing for the fire exits.

Moderna is down 70 percent from its high, while Pfizer is off 19 percent. Former Blackrock Executive and investment adviser Ed Dowd is predicting that “Moderna will go to bankrupt zero, and Pfizer will end up under ten dollars a share.

So where’s the fire? NYSE insiders are saying that gossip at the highest echelons of Wall Street NWO fans pointed the fickle finger of fate at these two “vaccine” front-runners because (quote) “What the Russians find in the Ukraine labs is likely to blow the whole mRNA scam sky-high”. Interestingly, a telling cartoon appears on Dowd’s Twitter feed this morning:

As the Buddhists are wont to say, “Separation is an illusion….everything is connected”.

An increasing number of New York based traders are now making sanguine predictions about “a gruesome year” and a “major correction” for stock markets around the World.

From the early doors of Davos/Green/Intelligence/Media/Diplomacy/Banking/Neocon’s emergence as a globally dystopian alliance, The Slog has suggested on several occasions that such a cynical alignment is bound to reach a point at some stage where conflicting motives and goals cause squabbling, scales falling from eyes and the NWO’s loss of control over its own avaricious creation.

Dangerous days lie ahead. But the 1in8 should see this developing mess as a major (albeit painful) opportunity to fight back….despite what the now fully signed-up mad jingoist Daily Smellynaff has to say about the situation:

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