Ukraine War – humanity’s sunset or freedom’s Spring?

As the Anglophone – EUNATO response to the Ukraine invasion gains both ground and mendacious clarity (with no small level of dark hilarity) it is relatively easy to evidence the existence of the New World Order axis that so plagues our lives…and now threatens to destroy much if not all of the species Homo sapiens. But who’s on which side and why continues to be unfathomable much of the time. The Slog offers some quiet reflection, a little optimism and some light humour at the expense of media Hate Speech.

In last Monday’s post here, I made overt reference to the ‘Davos/Green/Military Intelligence/Media/Diplomacy/Banking/Neocon’s emergence as a globally dystopian alliance’. Although at first sight that reads like an injudicious mixture of paranoia, oil and water, recent events – especially those pertaining to the Russian occupation of Ukraine – show this loose NWO group very obviously acting in unison.

In reality, the axis acts on the much more simple basis of senior movers and shakers feeding poppycock to useful idiots – that’s to say, banking, intelligence and the media preaching a consistently mendacious sermon to Greens, diplomats, Davos Schwabites, globalist business….and in so doing, influencing soft and hard Leftist chimps ranging from Antifa to the UK Labour Party.

You will note the omission of Big Pharma from the alliance. Although many people disagree with me, I do not include global pharmaceutical concerns in the NWO axis. The Modernas, Sanofis, Pfizers and GSKs of this world have simply been co-opted – ‘temporarily recruited’ if you like – as a means to an end: they have a long track record of despicable psychopathy and profiteering dishonesty, they have their tentacles into the “good guys” of medical research bureaucracy, plus – when they get it right – they sell stuff that improves quality of life and stops folks dying young. They therefore represented the perfect public health “front” for what mRNA and graphene have always been about: not a vaccine against a virus, but a weapon of War on Humanity.

The Intelligence community, hitech billionaires and geopolitical ideologues have long had an unhealthy relationship with seemingly “philanthropic medicine” as represented by public health bureaucrats. President Trump (as a genuine patriot) was quick to grasp just how compromised the CDC and FDA are by monied Pharma in the United States; and on the opposing NWO team in the UK, the omnipresent unelected blocist spook “Sir” Mark Sedwill was nimble-footed when it came to grasping the potential for creating a fear-fog about 21st century plague as a distractive route to hegemony for the NATO powers. (Lest we forget, he was El Supremo in the process of putting forward the three-times-wrong modelling fearmonger Neil Ferguson, and promoting the naive “world guided by medicine” narrative of Sir Chris Whitty).

Notably, Trump has now been relegated to the role of formentor on the sidelines, whereas Sedwill enjoys a senior NATO intelligence position….and a huge “advisory” job with our old friends at Rothschild Bank.

While a tragic travesty in many ways, the situation in the Ukraine has acted as a catalyst for clarification in this farrago of hidden agendas. To take each member of the Nightmare Club in turn:

  • Both the WEF in Davos and the MI6 HQ in London are joyously flying the Ukrainian national flag at the moment
  • The MSM rag USA Today devoted an inordinate amount of space to rubbishing The Slog’s Pentagon Ukraine biolabs post yesterday. Shame they didn’t consult the Pentagonistas who admitted funding the labs a week ago
  • The ignorant jingoism of UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has left even her vegetable-life Defence Secretary Ben Wallace distancing himself from her remarks
  • The existential financial attack on Putin’s Russia has been swift and effective: huge interest rate rises among Russian banks and the isolation of the RF from BIS contracts have been the result….plus, important Russian banks will be excluded from the SWIFT system. EU President von der Leyen also confirmed that the EU will “ban the transactions of Russia’s central bank and freeze all its assets, to prevent it from financing Putin’s war, and target the assets of Russian oligarchs”. Eurodollar diplomacy rules OK, but don’t expect Vlad the Lad to shed a tear about the loss of oligarchic power.
  • Just when you thought the tabloid presstitutes couldn’t limbo under an ever lower bar, they prove that it’s possible. From the Daily Mail yesterday: ‘Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking to the EU parliament in Brussels today, urged them to accept Ukraine as a member while giving a defiant one-fisted salute and declaring ‘glory to Ukraine’ – sparking a long round of applause. The Ukrainian president, who has become a symbol of courageous defiance in recent days, said his countrymen are sacrificing their lives ‘for values, for rights, for freedom’ that Europe represents – adding that he ‘would like to hear you say that Ukraine’s choice to be part of Europe is also your choice.’ Zelensky spoke via videolink from Kyiv, a city which is facing down a 40-mile Russian convoy of tanks and artillery seemingly intent on besieging it and bombing it into submission.’ He’s a rum sort of cove, Zelensky: a month ago, he denied EU membership was his goal. Back in the day, he seemed happy to cooperate with Donald Trump on the subject of naughtiness by Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine. This bulletin from a US citizen in Kiev (Kyiv) – watch after 11 minute point in – shows how Zelensky has played the classic Hamas card by putting heavy weaponry targets around schools and hospitals. Volodymyr Zelensky is Ukrainian duplicity writ large.
  • Finally (and most improbably) the Green agenda is on Russia’s case. The Economist no less would have us believe that a nuclear exchange may be on the cards (a nonsense repeated by the Daily Smellynaff) while the Conflict & Environment Observatory asserts ’48 hours in, we are already seeing a pattern of environmental harm in Ukraine’. The “long term” damage quoted there includes ‘fires releasing harmful air pollution. Large smoke plumes spread over civilian areas…substantial soil and water contamination, while burned out tanks, transportation vehicles, downed aircraft, and other remnants of fighting are also sources of pollution. Attacks on shipping, whether deliberate or accidental, can threaten the marine environment’.

Taken across the piece, we have Graphene as an essential ingredient in Davos transhuman madness, financially bourse-weaponised Green drivel, Intelligence with zero proof (WOMD), media distortion on steroids, braindead diplomacy, financialised blackmail of a sovereign State daring to protect itself from creeping NATO incursion, and pathetic hegemonous accusations suggesting Vladimir Putin (himself far from perfect) to be an irrational madman with ambitions to rule the world.

It looks like the full set of complete bollocks to me. But that’s because – of course – I’m a wild conspiracy theorist. Well, as I’ve written many times before of the NWO, “You stop conspiring, and we’ll stop theorising”.

That said, the riddle remains: who are the real instigators, who are the Useful Idiots, and who the lickspittle functionaries here?

In a broad sense, one can observe that the money and power to pull off a caper of such megalomanic proportions resides with the banking/bourse community, and the alternative Intel States whose budgets and ambitions have led them to fill the vacuum created by political nonentities. I would argue that Silicone Valley tech media and surveillance (plus its billionaires) are willing to knowingly control and censor mass electorates (because they have no moral compass), Pharma is driven by greed, and the “old” media fall into line because hitech has left owners short of a business model, and many of the hacks are yet more leftist ‘pc’ ideologues. The political class is where the lickspittles of low quality start – alongside the “on message” diplomats. The result of their cooperation in return for “power” is woodentops like Liz Truss and Ben Wallace saying silly things and confirming the Putin view of the West as merely sham democracies.

Nevertheless, I’m coming round to the view that we need something of a higher order than just cui bono when it comes to solving this enigma of who “they” really are. For one thing, some junior diplomats, journalists or legislators may not have sawdust between their ears: they may simply be young, but seen by the alliance fathers as ‘tips for the top’. Appearances can be very deceptive.

I think the only consideration that matters is this: who are those most likely to sail through the Pearly Gates into the twisted NWO Paradise of the post depopulated world?

Judging by those who are surviving this stage of the Great Reset, who do we see as the bombproof survivors?

For example, the cui bono today is the billions being made by Big Pharma. But it’s clear already that the banker/Wall Street/crooked legislator/military intelligence hegemonists are more than happy to hang Pharma out to dry as the Patsies…if that distracts attention from where the ultimate guilt lies.

Equally, you may think that the gargoyle Anthony Fauci is bombproof. But his recent effort at Davos – “If we all pull together as a society, we will be much better off” – received a tepid reception. By comparison, observe the slippery escape of British Health Minister Matt Hancock (using a staged naughty cuddle with his lover) from any responsibility for what was quite clearly an act of unconscionable genocide in killing off thousands of Covid19 wrinklies in UK Aged Care homes.

Hancock was an early student at Davos alongside Justin Trudeau. Fauci wasn’t. Hancock is already planning a “political” comeback. Fauci looks more and more like a tough-meat morsel to be thrown to the wolves.

Even more a propos of this moment, yes – OK – Putin attended Young Fuhrer courses at Davos. But in his last appearance at Schloss von Schlaphead (after an absence of thirteen years) he was scathing in his dismissal of “the New World Order Dream” as an irrelevant fantasy.

There are no White Hats and Black Hats any more. There are no leaders of whom a German might say, “Sie sind mein Hutnummer”. There is, in reality, little more than Deep Throat’s advice to Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward as the Watergate scandal developed: “Ask yourselves – what did they know, and when did they know it?”

It remains instructive advice: ‘the earlier they knew, the more megalomanically accepting they are of the idea’. That might involve Mengele experiments on Polish Jews, Australian experiments on Aborigines, US 1930s experiments on African Americans, exposing UK and US soldiers to atomic tests, contemporary mRNA formulations being tested on fearfully unsuspecting citizens, or the covert collection of Caucasion Russian DNA samples with a view to targeting “enemy” soldiers in a future war.

There is an infamous piece of medical advice that lingers still: “This won’t hurt a bit”.

As often as not, it’s a lie. The best way to decide if the pain’s worth it is to investigate the practitioner’s motives as best you can. Is he or she gaining material or career advantage in the act of persuasion? What’s the evidence (if any) that a “gain of function” will be in my favour?

I can’t offer a cure-all. Nobody can. But the more people who question what they’re being ordered to believe, the more likely it is that a cultural Spring of investigation – rather than a sunset on civilisation – is what lies ahead.

Why the optimism? Because there are far too many conflicts of interest on the Evil Rainbow spetrum I outline in this post. Once fingered, Pharma will blow the gaff rather than go to jail. If the sanctions against Russia drag on, the bourse valuations will collapse before the transhumanists are “ready”, and the banking firms will kick up against central banking. If the astronomical inflation in energy prices is neglected for much longer, not only will electorates have second thoughts about who their governments really work for: globalist fat cats are unlikely to simply sit there in contented silence….least of all the Texas oil barons.

Taking to the streets in a riotous fashion is unlikely to happen – especially if mRNA poison and graphene are busily destroying their key organs and infection defences. As always, We The People put far too much trust in leaders whose behaviour suggests they are untrustworthy. Just as I say “Don’t comply, complain”, so I also advise, “Don’t blindly accept, clinically examine”.

Meanwhile, puerile Janet and John media coverage adds some much-needed humour in such dark times. The Smellynaff says that by bombing a target close to a Jewish cemetery In Kyiv, the Russians prove once again their innate anti-Semitism. Russian troops are so afraid, they’re crying all the time. And Victoria Ward (no relation, thank God) reveals the wicked lawyers pressurising websites to say nice things about Vlad Rasputin. Oh – and GOP congressmen are cheering Joe Biden “because they despise Putin so much”. It’s an interesting win-double way of proving you’re a clown I suppose.

‘Is desperate Putin arresting PRIMARY SCHOOL children for waving anti-war placards?’ asks the Daily Mail. We don’t know, so there. ‘Despite the Kremlin having no tolerance for dissent, protesters have defied Moscow and taken to the streets against President Vladimir Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine, risking jail and even treason charges.’ We have yet to see the streets full of protesters, probably because there aren’t any.

In the Express, ‘barefoot Russian soldiers are walking back home and deserting Putin’s invasion’. That was two world wars ago, sweetie. ‘Unhinged Putin threatening to drop bomb near Britain’. ‘Near’ is good, ‘on’ is bad, neither are true, so don’t panic mister Mannerin’. More Russian soldiers are crying and Putin is arresting babies for holding anti-war placards. He’ll be eating them by next week. The babies, not the placards.

In the Sun, we finally cotton on to the “news handouts” trend, because the Dirty Digger’s organ has all of ’em – bawling barefoot soldiers, brutally arrested babies, blown up dead Jews and the entire population arrested on treason charges.

There’s a fair amount of cognitive dissonance in the agitprop space, where Russia’s invasion is crumbling…but still – just to be extra nasty – the Ruskies are hanging round and doing unspeakable things. Never a newspaper that adopts the light touch, this is the currant bun’s screamer today:

Listen, if you wanna eat babies, first you godda do some butchery, right?

PS Those Republicans apparently cheering Joe Biden yesterday were a little taken aback when he referred (his eyes glistening with tender emotion) to “the terrible plight of the Iranian People“.

‘It’s a long way to plucky Tehran,

it’s a long way to go.

But old Putin is such a madman,

he wants to see the planet glow

with all of his nuclear mushrooms

from New Zealand to Bejing

he just wants lots of boom-booms

cos they make his black heart sing.

See y’all at the Hate Rally later…