A traveller’s travails in the world of the New Normal

It’s possible that I’ve set a world record for mishaps over the last week. In turn, you can be certain that every nonsense, mega-stress, twist and turn I’ve been through was caused by one or more of State incompetence, state organ corruption, dotcom greed, thinly-disguised tax collection and criminals on the edge of those outer élites scrambling to earn points for a place at the Trougher’s Table.

To set the record straight, I’ve been trying in one way or another to be flown at enormous cost to Gambia via Casablanca since the 18th of July, when I went to the gp to pick up antimalarial meds and was given a stern lecture as to what a foolish, dangerous and altogether pointless jaunt this was. He’s a big wheel at the Préfecture level and connected by a “charity” to vaccination work in the Third World, said charity being a WHO jabberwocky front. The test cost €35, the hospital jabs €187. Kerr-ching.

On the Friday, I arrived at the airport to be told that, without a PCR test for Covid, I couldn’t travel. This had come out of nowhere. I had to stay with friends at the weekend, get the test and rebook the flight for last Monday.

Take Two: I pitched up yet again at Bordeaux airport, the proud possessor of a test saying ‘NEGATIVE’, and the smiley lady on baggage drop said, “Zat will not be necessary M’sieur Wahhrrd, we ‘ave dropped zees requirement at our errn discretion”.

This was the same carrier that swore blind three short days before how the requirement was not their fault and I must “take it up with the authorities”. Ah, the globalists, eh? – quick to claim good news, quick to blame bad news.

I nearly exploded, but didn’t quite. This is the amusing bit. When baggage bint saw the steam coming out of my ears, she remarked, “Seems some big cheese business traveller made a fuss last Friday, so we backed down”.

At last, I had finally achieved Big Cheese status.

Oh how we laughed – but it isn’t funny: airlines are going bust thanks to fewer fliers, sky-high gasoline costs and unusually superbly hot weather “at home”. Slowly but surely, every public, social, health and locomotion business is being destroyed thanks to the global killer that never was. Rates are rising, house values will soon fall, and banks will soon be in trouble.
The NWO is not going to let a good crisis go to waste….having caused most of it, why would they?

I caught the flight. None of the bits of paper I’d been told to print out and fill in were asked for either in Morocco or Gambia. But at Banjul Airport I was asked four times in the space of fifteen minutes for money. For airport taxes. For immigration admin. For a longer visa. And for help from three shady characters pulling my umpteen heavy cases off the belt. These last people moved freely through one portal and another, very obviously with the full cooperation of the functionnaries taking money at various windows.

My booked taxi was there on time, and the three goblins shovelled cases into the vehicle while smiling a lot. After nineteen hours, my brain battery was flat. I got into the back of the car and fell asleep. What didn’t go into the taxi was my shoulder bag containing €2500 in cash and a new laptop. Its absence wasn’t discovered until we got to the AirBNB I’d rented.

After a sleepless night, with help from two well-connected (and very fine) men, I got the bag back. Thanks are due to Alfa and Lamin for their astute intervention. The rest of it must remain under a discreetly drawn veil. As White Africans are wont to say, “Thees is Ifrika, mon”.

Thankfully, this is also Gambia: the sympathy and shame expressed across a spectrum of people I dealt with over the next 24 hours was overwhelming. It was all genuine, greatly appreciated and much needed. Everywhere we went, however, drivers were stopped and casually asked for money; but the police work for the State, and the State pretends not to notice it.

I say “much needed” because by this time, another problem had become painfully obvious: the Air BNB property was not exactly as advertised.

It was situated at the end of a long, bomb-cratered sand road among what was effectively a shanty town. Above the rusty old gate and the Berlin walls of the ‘compound’ was enough barbed wire to restage the First World War.

Inside the house, crockery and cutlery were minimal, there was no kettle, every mug had a broken handle, the drinking glasses had seen better days, neither of the showers worked, the furniture was tatty, I never did find any hot water, the bedding was ancient and scruffy, and the endless locks almost impossible to fathom. (Before any fluffy folks accuse me of puerile racism, I should make it clear that the property belongs to a north European, and without endless help from black neighbours I could easily have slumped into a slough of despond).

Things that come easy, I have often found, are rarely of real importance. Looking ahead (and having moved out of Stalag Luft XXI) I am that man repeating the mantra to myself.

However, all such micro-horror is as nothing compared to the unholy macro mess Mario Dragonfly has left behind in Italy. Billed as a miracle worker at the outset of 2021 (not elected by anyone, but we musn’t quibble) it’s clear that the old bloodsucker’s sole aim was to impose the most brutal vax regime in the EU, including utterly unnecessary child vax, near 100% lockdown, and relentless hate speech against those unwilling to subject their bodies to bioweaponry. So having started out ’21 flat on its back, the Italian economy has fallen flat on its face during Supermario’s disgraceful display of wilful sabotage.

Draghi is a man of enormous intellect, so we can’t let him off on an incompetence charge: he knows perfectly well what he’s done, and it will ensure his place at the top table should the Davosite alliance have its way. The Great Reset is about to turn into the Great Cull….and some early results are upon us.

For example, the Canadian authorities have added a new “mystery” death cause that didn’t exist until now. It’s called ‘Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality’. This category has, since vaccines became available, overtaken the former Number Two death definition, organic dementia.

Thus, the top 10 ranked leading causes of death in 2021 in Alberta show that Organic dementia has been ousted in favour of The Unknown, thanks to a 57% increase in death reports from Killer X. Full story and all sources at Jessica Rose’s excellent substack.

But fear not; after all this is just a lunatic fringe creating silly conspiracy theories. So there.