URGENT: the NWO is ‘turning’ everyone, service is getting risible as more people are fired, and the real power is hiding deeper underground

There are several actions taking place online in banking and social media etc at the moment:

  1. ISP hysteria about one signing into an account from a different location or on a new android/PC. This provides a golden excuse to send active web participants round in ever-decreasing circles in search of some form of contact….which always turns out to be a mirage
  2. Every bank in all the sizes and colours being bullied into line on the replacement of human or email contact by bots. I am very sad to report that my favourite Scandinavian bank Wise has been

And there the post ends. Wiped.

Wiped like my Twitter complaints against Wise.

I’m sorry folks, but there really is no longer any point to this.

This is my fourth day in Gambia, and those I escaped from simply won’t let go.

Time for a fresh start….again.

The fight goes on.

I’ll be in touch.